What is a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner you know of?

What is a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner you know of?

My hair is curly, coarse and dry and is protein sensitive.

Karina Terry: Purology it’s in a purple bottom it’s amazing I haven’t used it in a while cause it’s pricey but definitely worth the price

Gabriela Mann: Thank you! Is that the Hydrate one? I have heard good about it.

Karina Terry: Yessss girl it’s great if you get the shampoo and conditioner and the hair mask it’s heavenly

Alanna Moody: I use that now and LOVE it

Emely Dean: I love Redken Soft. But I keep hearing about Purology.

Gabriela Mann: I used to use Redken All Soft but I heard they changed the formula a feeand haven’t tried it

Gabriela Mann: sorry few years ago

Emely Dean: Gabriela Mann: I don’t know. I keep going back to it.

Gabriela Mann: its definitely worth a try anyways!

Heidi Frazier: You need a “no foam” shampoo. When a shampoo suds, it strips out some of the moisture. Because curly hair needs so much moisture, you shouldn’t use something that really suds. What a “no foam ” shampoo does is, it cleanses and clarifies, while leaving the moisture in the hair. Also, when you towel dry your hair, don’t use a regular towel. I would recommend using a microfiber towel or an old cotton t-shirt. 🙂

Gabriela Mann: yes i do find sulfate free much better but I do need sulfates once every week or two to get build up off. I do use a tiny bit of hair spray and i don’t think sulfate free gets that all off. Thanks for tip about the towel!

Karina Terry: All purology products are freakin Amazing

Emely Dean: Oh man. Just bought a liter of Redken. LOL that’s ok, I’m going to give it a try.

Karina Terry: Redken is great too I prefer the diamond oil line or I believe it’s the so soft or something like that

Emely Dean: Yes. There is a Diamond Oil line but I’ve never used it. I use the gold bottle I believe it’s called Soft. I like it but now I really want to try Pureology. Ugh I’m so easily tempted 🙂

Karina Terry: All soft is what it’s called but yes purology is top notch in my opinion

Emely Dean: Yep that’s the one I use. LOL so does my husband.

Karina Terry: It’s really good I only like certain shampoo and conditioners from redken and those are my faves

Luciana Barker: Deva curl!!

Gabriela Mann: I loved Deva Care products, I really haven’t tried any of the others!

Nicole Shelton: I just tried and like the loreal mega moisture shampoo and conditioner from Sally’s. Gets great reviews.

Rylan Dunn: Bumble and Bumble Curl Shampoo and Conditioner

Rylan Dunn: The conditioner can be used as conditioner, co-wash, or leave in and is amazing on both fine and coarse hair. It’s really moisturizing without being too heavy. The shampoo is sulfate free but has a beautifully rich, soft lather and isn’t drying. It also smells like some sort of hypnotic grapefruit punch. I might be a little obsessed with it haha.

Gabriela Mann: sounds nice, definitely would like to try!

Rylan Dunn: Sephora carries it, they might be able to give you samples!

Jeremy Mckinney: Monat shampoo. I suggest the balance line as it is the most hydrated one. Are rejuvenique oil is in all our products.

Gabriela Mann: Is it okay to ask where I could look into this?

Iris Vasquez::

Iris Vasquez: Jeremy Mckinney: please read the pinned post re Monat

Jeremy Mckinney: Melanie Hoffman I was doing nothing but try and give her information she was asking for ❤

Iris Vasquez: Jeremy Mckinney: send them to Sylvia’s Monat page…we don’t allow mlm/nm/solicitation in this website. Thx!

Jeremy Mckinney: I was not intending it to look that way. Sorry ?

Iris Vasquez: No prob. Thx for respecting rules of the group. We really do appreciate it 🙂

Gabriela Mann: thanks everyone! Lots of great options to try! Not all at once but this list will keep me going for a while! 🙂

Josie Dawson: Try adding Kendra healing oil after shampooing, it’s amazing stuff!

Lilly Porter: Monat is nothing to brag about. People talk about it because they try to sell it to you so they can make money.

Briana Farmer: I love this shampoo and conditioner called “Clear” it’s not safe for colored hair but it’s really nourishing

Briana Farmer: It also has a conditioner

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