Does anyone know of a clarifying shampoo that is colour safe and sulfate/paraben free that would help with buildup, itchy scalp and dandruff?

Does anyone know of a clarifying shampoo that is colour safe and sulfate/paraben free that would help with buildup, itchy scalp and dandruff?

I switched to paraben/sulfate free because of my hair being super damaged after coloring and bleaching it. My hair is better now but I know it’s still best to use products without those ingredients but so far I’m not finding any

Jayceon Wise: Pureology do one ?

Gloria Garcia: Loma! It’s an Organic Aloe based product line that is amazing and super affordable! It’s Sulfate free,Paraben free, and Gluten free. All the ingredients are plant based ? I would recommend the “daily” shampoo (I have fine hair but a lot of it…but only wash once a week)

Joel Mullins: I hate to ask this but is there a drugstore one? Also I heard baking soda does the same thing?

Knox Peterson: No

Jameson Conner: You can use a treatment on your scalp twice a week until the symptoms are gone. Then continue for another two weeks because it will take care of what’s left, but may not be visible to the eye. Then do a treatment once a month as a lifetime maintenance. The scalp issues may flare up when there’s a big seasonal change. ( Especially if you live somewhere that the weather jumps from 30 and snow to 60 and flowers within a two week period. ) Treating the scalp solves the problem without drying out the rest of your hair or stripping the color. I use a good quality tea tree oil. Put on fingertips and massage through the entire scalp thoroughly. Do this for a few minutes. Let it set for 10-15 minutes then shampoo out. Rinse very well. Then condition your lengths and ends. If tea tree gets too strong for you,you can dilute with lavender oil. You can try lavender instead of tea tree but it takes longer to see the results. You could cocktail it into a shampoo and apply in the way I described. You don’t need to work shampoo through the lengths of your hair. If you rinse well it will be clean enough.

Jameson Conner: Disclosure- I am a hairstylist. I do think over the counter/drugstore brands CAN be good…but I think it’s best to use higher quality professional brands. My reasoning is this- you have to try a lot of different drugstore brands to find the good ones….See more

Joel Mullins: What Tea Tree oil do you recommend? And my hair is usually pretty dry but lately it’s been oilier, itchy, and a little bit of dandruff. And the seasonal stuff definitely is a possibility as I live in Ohio and weather has been crazy here lately haha.

Jameson Conner: Sometimes people say that their hair is oilier but aren’t realizing that it’s possible for the scalp to be oily and the hair still be dry. So they complicate it by over moisturizing the scalp or depriving the ends of moisture by using clarifying shamp…See more

Millie Cohen: Joel Mullins: I love OGX Organics. I switch between that and Whole Blends Coconut or Avacodo. Both are drug store. But I did olaplex and Malibu once a week and only washing my hair once a week and let things “heal”

Viviana Walters: Vinegar will clean your scalp and preserve your color. After you condition the smell will subside as well.

Joel Mullins: Before or after shampoo?

Viviana Walters: Try it in your shampoo. It’s an acid that is clise to your Hair’s own ph despite it having good cleansing ability. Sulfate free is good to protect your damaged hair and color but not so good at cleaning your scalp.

Ava Fuller: Use ACV for dark hair… distilled white for light hair…dilute it…I put 3oz of vinegar with 5oz distilled water into an applicator bottle…apply 2oz after conditioner…rinse with cold water…your hair will shine

Ava Fuller: I honestly just use suave clarifying shampoo like once a week…on my scalp and let it rinse down…never had any issues and it’s only like $1-$2 bottle

Diego Poole: Kevin Murphy maxi wash

Victor Green: I use Apple cider vinegar.

Natalia Carr: Pretty sure the Soma one is all of that. Plus it doesn’t dry out your hair

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