Is it normal for purple shampoo to make your hair feel gross and instantly tangle?

Is it normal for purple shampoo to make your hair feel gross and instantly tangle?

I brush my hair right before and then it immediately feels awful after putting the shampoo on. Also is it normal for hair to be more tangled after bleaching or coloring it? I love how it looks but these tangles are killin me.

Rory Graves: it will definitely feel try from bleaching.

Rory Graves: dry

Bristol Ruiz: Does it do the same if I go with color instead and go darker?

Rory Graves: any process can effect the hair. Especially if you repeatedly process hair that has previous color or bleaching. you need a reconstructive and to find a look you like. then maintain addressing new growth only. Think about what happens to parts if cooked too long…same with the hair. Argan oil would help with tangling.

Rory Graves: reconstructor

Rory Graves: pasta too long

Bristol Ruiz: Thanks! I think I will stick with a darker color and avoid bleach from now on. My hair was so healthy before and I hate how it feels now

Charles Underwood: In my professional experience, Usually hair that is bleached will tangle more easily, colored hair shouldn’t tangle as easily, but tangle like ” normal hair” because color coats the hair shaft and really doesn’t strip the hair of all its natural oils like bleach does. Now, I have noticed that some purple shampoos do leave the hair feeling gross and it will tangle usually because the hair has been bleached. A purple shampoo I personally like is matrix total results so silver shampoo.

Beatrice Lamb: Yes. I found one I LOVE that does not strip or dry my hair…. and best part is it’s at Sallys for $8! Blond brilliance lathering toner

Christopher Swanson: Normal for purple shampoo. I use a good mask treatment and leave it on for a few minutes, Right now I am using Frutis conditioning mask and it just melts like butter. It comes in an orange jar. Love it!

Selena Walker: Yes purple shampoo is very drying it acts almost like a clarifying shampoo it strips oils and product build up out of your hair also pulls color out it would never be used but once every other week or so

Devin Mcbride: Malibu for blondes I get that feeling from all purple shampoos but they have a purple conditioner and this is what I leave on to tone.

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