What is the best purple shampoo?

What is the best purple shampoo?

Willa Johnston: Matrix brass off

Payton Beck: Are u trying to tone out yellow or orange tones?

Shelby Gomez: Mostly yellow.

Payton Beck: Any professional purple shampoo would be good..brass off is more for orange brassy tones and its blue

Payton Beck: My fav is matrix though

Kylie Alvarado: Fudge I swear by it it has turned my orange yellow brassy hair into a lovely shade of blonde

Evelynn Quinn: Pulp riot Barcelona

Samantha Stephens: Joico

Gage Knight: Pulp riot Barcelona

Savannah Rivera: Pravana it has duel ultra violet dyes to really fight brass. It also has lavender, coconut oil, and camomile to help nourish the hair. Most purple shampoos are super dying and make the hair brittle you won’t find that’s the case with The Perfect Blonde by Pravana

Lorelai Elliott: Fanola

Haven Owens: The Generic Brand one from Sally’s! I’ve tried a bunch and always go back to that one!

Ashlynn Holland: Redken makes one now with Vegetal Protein. A lot of purple shampoos are very drying.

Savanna Wright: Blond Brilliance Lathering Toner was the only one that ever worked for me.

Savanna Wright: I use Brass Off now though and I love that too, but it’s more for orange tones than yellow

Janelle Rios: Joico, they all do the job but this was the least drying of them all

Finn James: Blacklights

Sylvia Miles: Fanola No Yellow is my favorite.

Elias Massey: Matrix so silver or brass off

Preston Castillo: Lanza is one of the very few that are actually sulfate free

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