What are the benefits or advantages to not washing your hair?

What are the benefits or advantages to not washing your hair?

What are the benefits or advantages to going time without washing your hair? And how frequently does everyone actually shampoo and/or condition?

Daniella Grant: Everyone are saying different stuff… Ive heard that is better not to wash more then twice a week your hair and i also read that the best thing for your hair is to wash it every day.. The girl explaining why this is the best thing for your hair made this website 😀 and i like her thinking, so i stick with that

Willow Romero: Where is her explanation?

Daniella Grant: Yep, thats it

Juliet Wells: Elle bangs,????☝☝?we love her.

Mia Rodgers: Daniella Grant: these are not reputable facts. She’s a hairstylist not a dermatologist.

Daniella Grant: I said i like her thinking, so i stick with her… Also I’ve read a lot for this topic… And noone cant explain why you shall not wash every day… She explained why you should so ?

Juliet Wells: #Rivey I think u should ask Mag’s then….she a bomb on hair??

Jocelyn Pearson: You shouldn’t wash every day bc it strips all the good, natural oils from your hair making your body overcompensate and produce even more oil. Too much oil on the scalp can clog the pours and lead to irritation, acne, infection, etc. Hope this helps.

Brooklynn Perkins: It really depends on your hair and what it needs. People who produce a lot of sebum need to wash more frequently than people who don’t produce much sebum. I personally wash my hair once a month, but I use conditioning rinses almost daily

Brooklynn Perkins: The benefit for my hair is it is shiny, soft, and balanced. When I was washing every day or even every week my hair was always dry and frizzy

Willow Romero: Ah interesting. I may try to go longer times without shampooing and condition instead

Tristan Mcgee: Brooklynn Perkins: which conditioning rinses do you use?

Brooklynn Perkins: Rachel I cold brew Marshmallow Root Tea with soft water overnight and add Slippery Elm powder to it right before using it

Bella Perry: I wash twice a week!!

Kaylee Rose: Thin hair wash everyday. Thick hair don’t wash everyday.

Amanda Ramsey: I never condition because i don’t have good conditioner but when i do i use it twice a week and I WISH i could go longer without washing but my hair is blonde so it looks gross so quick 🙁 so i have to wash it before i go out everytime

Naomi Morris: I shampoo 1/2 Times a week. Everyone produces sebum (oil) shampoo is designed to get rid of oil and products, conditioner is designed to put the moisture back into the hair. The more you shampoo, it is stripping out all the oil good and bad, doing it too often can actually be drying your scalp out Because it’s stripping out the good oil also causing your body to produce more oil because your scalp is dry. In the long run then your are producing too much oil causing people to look like they have greasy hair. If you absolutely have to wet your hair just wet it and put a little conditioner on the ends. You can also use dry shampoo on your non shampoo days, it will help soak up the excessive oil with out soaking up all of it.

Vivienne Lynch: Shampoo and condition as often as your hair/scalp needs it. My scalp is dry and I have curly hair, so my hair is on the dry side. I only use professional products because I’m a professional. I shampoo once or twice a week.

Keira Larson: I shampoo twice a week.. #1 I’m 100% grey under this red, its dry and wiry. #2 this red needs to be babied so it doesn’t fade.

Axel Price: I co-wash 2-3 times a week

Mira Roy: I think it depends too on how much product you use in your hair….I co wash weekly and deep condition when I make time which isn’t as often as I should. When I go to salon and get my hair done they use shampoo/conditioner and my scalp hates it!

Damian Fletcher: I shampoo every other day-every 2 days depending.If I don’t my hair is super oily and I have tried waiting it out and it never improved even after months of trying that, so I gave up. Lol.

Alaina Riley: I only wash mine 1-2 a week I’ve got bleached hair so doesn’t get greasy

Damian Fletcher: Wish that worked for me. Lol.

Alaina Riley: Have u tried dry shampoos in between

Damian Fletcher: Yes. It doesn’t really help. On day 2-3 it does a LITTLE. After that I have no choice but to wash my hair or leave it up and it still look dirty.

Willow Romero: What do dry shampoos do for you? And what brands have you tried?

Damian Fletcher: It helps with a little of the oiliness at the roots. I have tried some from Sally’s and most recently Amika which was supposed to be really good. I wasn’t impressed.

Samara Wheeler: I wash my hair once a week and the benefits are my sanity. I have thick hair and lots of it.

Willow Romero: Ruby do you notice you lose a lot of hair after waiting to wash for so long and having so much hair?

Samara Wheeler: It’s hard to tell if I loose more by washing less because I’ve never washed more than twice a week. I have lots of hair to spare so I’m never worried about that. I’d rather just do what fits my lifestyle and focus more on nutrition to keep my hair healthy.

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