When showering how long does it take to shampoo and conditioner your hair?

When showering how long does it take to shampoo and conditioner your hair?

Rosalie Rhodes: 15 mins. I wash with purple shampoo so that sits for 5 mins and then I rinse in cold water and apply conditioner and comb through my hair and then I let that sit for 10 mins and rinse in cold water.

Carlos Mcgee: Way too long!!! I hate washing my hair cause I’m so thorough lol ?

Carlos Mcgee: So at least 10-15 mins

Isaiah May: Why so long? Not judging..just curious

Carlos Mcgee: Isaiah May: I don’t even know lol! I wash two times but like really good and I rinse really well and then I put conditioner on and untangle

Isaiah May: I feel like I take like maybe 5-7 mins to shamp and cond.. I only sometimes wash twice but I don’t use much product..and then leave conditioner on for like 2 mins or so. I have fine straight hair so I feel like that probably cuts down on time

Madeleine Bennett: 3 minutes. Maybe 4 if I have the patience to let the conditioner sit

Jackson Rogers: Like 8 minutes ? I have really thick hair so I shampoo twice and then condition and plus I have all this hair falling out after I shampoo

Camilla Santiago: 60 seconds or so to shampoo and rinse, then 30 seconds to apply conditioner but leave it on while I do the rest of the showering, usually about 5-10 minutes then 30 – 60 seconds to rinse.

Kamila Ryan: Around 20 minutes my hair is stupid thick

Rhett Barber: Roughly 2 mins to shampoo and 4 mins to condition. I’d say never more then 10 mins and I have very thick hair.

Madilynn Carlson: Like 10 to 20 minutes. I let the conditioner sit while I shave/wash. But I have thick wavy hair so when I rinse it it takes like 5 minutes (realistically like 3 minutes).

Marcus Newton: Not too long, 10 minutes maybe. I focus on the roots with my shampoo and try not to take it to the ends. And condition for 2-3 minutes

Kimberly Pena: 5min or so. First thing I do in the shower is shampoo the roots and rinse maybe 2 min then leave the conditioner on my hair for the rest of the shower. Last thing I do in the shower is turn it to cool and rinse the conditioner.

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