Are clarifying shampoos necessary?

Are clarifying shampoos necessary?

Let’s talk clarifying shampoos. Necessary or not? What do you use if you use them?

Payton Green: Necessary. You need to remove product buildup once a week if you’re a heavy product user. Especially hair spray. Kenra or Redken hair cleansing cream are my favorites. Or Malibu undo goo.

Joel Ortiz: Redken is discontinuing their cleansing milk- it was my fav! I hate the one they replaced it with

Joel Ortiz: This is the new one- I’m not a fan of it

Lyla Wagner: This is a great clarifying shampoo because it’s actually safe for color treated hair!!

Avery Brown: A must! This is my favorite by far! I use it at least once every two weeks, it’s kept my hair so fresh! I get really bad dry scalp in the winter, this exfoliates the scalp and takes care of the flakes instantly!

Zachary Mendoza: I have well water at home so for me it’s a must! Made my hair so much healthier

Grace Fernandez: If you use products, have well water or hard water, then yes. I use mine 1-2x a month because I use some hair spray, dry shampoo and a root booster.

Anthony Tran: Absolutley! I use Paul mitchell 2 and 3 about every 2 weeks.One is for the hard water deposits and the other to remove oil and buildup

Imani Norton: Necessary to remove any product/oil/hormone build up, I use either Paul Mitchell 2 or Tigi clarifying once a week

Matthew Reese: Been using this for years. Really removed buildup

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