Best purple shampoo?

Best purple shampoo?

Hadley Ray: Drybar Blonde ale conditioner!! The shampoo is ok, but the conditioner is better! I will wet my hair really throughly in the shower then apply this all over and let it sit for 5 minuets. Rinse and follow up with my regular shampoo. When I get out I then apply my Moroccanoil Light Treatment into my hair to add shine and moisture. I’ve tried soooo many purple shampoos and this conditioner and way to use it is my absolute favorite.

Paxton Malone: Matrix brass off

Helena Mathis: Fanola no yellow?

Ezekiel Vaughn: Where do you get it

Kaden Roberts:

Theodore Todd: Amazon I bought my bottles of Fanola from ??

Kennedi Cruz: Pulp riot Barcelona

Zachary Bryant: Matrix

Alison Cross: Fanola

Jennifer Baldwin: Is fanola damaging/drying?

Helena Mathis: Nope, it really should only be used once a week though

Corbin Stevenson: Yep,if I use it more than once a week it makes my scalp dry and itchy

Helena Mathis: Dont you think that depends on the texture and porosity of the hair….?

Corbin Stevenson: Huh,confused? Juarez saying about my experience

Corbin Stevenson: just

Alexis Morales: Matrix brass off

Harmony Chapman: Matrix brass off is definitely legit?Try the Pravana purple mask you will love it

Jada Rowe: Aveda, but right now I am using ‘Not your Mother’s Blonde Treatment Shampoo’. and I like it .

Zachary Bryant: Matrix brass off is a sure thing. I speak from experience. I am a student at sylvain. You can ask them… they’ve seen the difference.

Kaitlyn Miles: Fanola

Amari Walker: Fanola no yellow

Camilla Cross: Brass off by matrix!!! It gives a great tone but shine also. I have found the other really good ones leave the hair a bit dull.

Arianna George: I used the fanola no yellow and took away the yellow but made it more burgundy reddish..with my hair the matrix brass off works better..I think you should get fanola if your hair is really light with some yellow.

Arianna George: Right side is before and left is after

Corbin Stevenson: Fanola

Harmony Chapman: Ladies Pravana makes the most amazing purple hair maskSuper Rich ? extremely conditioningThe best tone action I’ve seen without drying yet

Cody Walsh: Framesi

Harmony Chapman: I like this one ?

Cody Walsh: Harmony Chapman: I’m SUPER picky about purple shampoo and I probably won’t ever use anything but Framesi. It’s amazing!

Skye Erickson: Loma!! ???

Elliot Brock: Fanola

Chase Cruz: Fudge!

Charleigh Greene: Everyone is different. It seems to be trial and error. What works great for some won’t work great for all. I suggest when you decide which one you want to try you buy a small size (trial if possible) first. It gets expensive trying to pin it down to what works for you.

Eva Glover: So true, I have used so many!

Miles Patterson: Osmo

Jonathan Flowers: No Yellow

Alice Kennedy: Barcelona! Beats anything I’ve ever seen

Alice Kennedy: You guys, try Pulp Riot Barcelona, its the best I’ve ever used and I’d love your feedback

Madilynn Lane: Where to ger that ?? I’m in UK and not everything you can get on amazon ?

Alice Kennedy: Madilynn Lane: I get it through Saloncentric but I’d try their website

Raegan Estrada: Nak!

Amari Quinn: Brass off by matrix!!!

Emmalyn Dawson: Matrix brass off

Liliana Norris: Fanola and you can buy it on amazon for 20 and get two bottles works wonders in under 5 minutes

Edward Delgado: Fanola. It’s the most pigmented I’ve ever used & I use it to pre-tone all my blondes.

Sadie Thomas: Fudge

Yaretzi Mcbride: Fanola no yellow

Aiden Bowers: Hadley Ray: Is this conditioner dark violet or light lavender? Just curious

Hadley Ray: It’s a lavender shade but it tones better than anything I’ve ever tried. The drybar shampoo is a really insanely purple but doesn’t tone my hair nearly as much as the conditioner. The conditioner is a true tanning conditioner.

Gabriela Ortega: Fanola

Hanna Hughes: Pulp riot

Eloise Sandoval: Fanola no yellow

Eloise Sandoval: Or pulp riot

Eloise Sandoval: Or milkshake

Paul Scott: Clairol shimmer brights

Naomi Lee: I’m enjoying Surface Right now

Mary Rodriquez: Following

Eli Saunders: Daddy-O by Lush

Kyla Valdez: Osmo no more yellow

Lucas Singleton: this ones sulfate free from target. super pigmented

Aurora Reed: Matrix blue

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