Hair Care Spring Tips

Hair Care Spring Tips

Hair Care Spring Tips

  • Never tie unless it’s dry
  • Aloe Vera cleans, nourishes and protect hair

Whole Grains
A source of zinc and B vitamins (bread)

A great source of iron and protein.

Contains silica hair.

Copper coated bristles
Copper is a natural fungicide, which can help prevent the itching and flaking caused by dandruff.

Shades Of Red

  • Chocolate cherry 5.6
  • Intense Copper Auburn 6.45
  • ┬áSardinia 734

New Moon, where it all begins, the start of the cycle. If you can wax (and plucks, exfoliate e.t.c) just before the new moon, in the dark moon days, this is the optimum time for a slower brow back.


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