Wash Hair Baking Soda: Natural way to cleanse the hair

Wash Hair Baking Soda: Natural way to cleanse the hair

Are you lazy? Are you tired of using chemically formulated shampoos? Well, it might be about time for you to wash hair baking soda or maybe you just want to join the NO POO MOVEMENT?  Some people just quit using a regular shampoo, because they got tired of using chemically formulated products and they want to be friendly and caring to their hair even more. There are lots of people who will tell you that the chemicals found in shampoos such as methylisothiazolinone & diethanolamine can cause health risks such as Alzheimer’s disease and nerve issues. But they might not be right at all, though it might not be good to take a bath using regular shampoos, the small quantity in shampoo is likely not hurtful at all.

Then what is true about those chemicals in the shampoo you use? Well, the foaming agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate can cause scalp & hair irritation. It can also cause irritation when it touches your skin. If you will ponder, quitting shampoo can help in clearing your complexion and makes the hair look very awesome, plus you can also save a lot of time and money as well.  It will also be better for the environment if there are few plastic bottles and less poisonous wash draining in the sink. Wash hair baking soda might be a better alternative for you. But there are few things you need to keep in mind. As you read on you will learn all of those important things.

Wash hair with baking soda tips

  1. Leave the old shampoo and turn to baking soda & vinegar

To be able to come up with a new shampoo, you can add water to the baking soda until it becomes slushy. It’s best to make a little amount of it as a start. You need to follow exact measurements, because this is very important. But it will be best if you will fail in fulfilling the measurement with the water. As soon as you have achieved the right consistency, you can now keep it in a bottle in a room temperature or just make it available in the shower room.

After doing the baking soda shampoo replacement, you can now work on the conditioner using an apple cider vinegar. You shouldn’t use white vinegar, but an apple cider vinegar only. Mix it with a cup of water. The measurements do not need to be exact, but in this mixture, it will be best to have a less amount of vinegar than to have a lot of it. Keep it in a bottle in the bathroom.

Now that you are ready, it’s best to modify your new hair washing activity. The first thing you need to do when you wash hair baking soda is to wet your hair first, by starting into the roots. Scrub the scalp as much as possible with gentle strokes. Leave it there for a minute or two before rinsing your hair. Next, pour few amounts of the vinegar conditioner on your hair and then rub it and pay attention to the ends of your hair more than the roots and then rinse it off accordingly.

When you use baking soda & vinegar to replace your regular shampoo & conditioner for 2 weeks, you will see how your hair will change for the better. But if your hair turns frizzy than the usual, then you should use less baking soda mixture and if it will turn out to be oilier than the usual, then you need to minimize using the vinegar conditioner.  Though, some people never had a problem with these issues while using the baking soda and the vinegar conditioner they have made.

  1. Use water instead of baking soda & vinegar

At this time, you need to massage your scalp with running water in the shower. While doing this, you can spill some baking soda on it. You will see that your hair will become oily, but this will last for a while. For some the greasy feeling started on the 4th day of using the mixture, so some people with important appointment cannot do anything, but to just wear a hat or a bandana.  Though shampooing can strip off the natural oil on the hair, which is responsible in the overproduction of oil to fill the loss.  After shampooing, your scalp will take some time to regulate & lessen the production of oil. But there is nothing to worry about, because after a week of not shampooing your hair, it will get used to the new components you are using and it will soon reach its natural balance. This way, you will no longer look like you are a teen amidst puberty.

After the 1st week, you need to be patient, because the waiting time is not over yet. Your hair will still push through in becoming oiler for 4 to 5 weeks. If you have bangs, you need to clip those bangs and keep it away your face, because that will be greasy and your face will become greasy too if you will not take those bangs off.  You will look at little bit dirty with your oily bangs, but no one will ever notice it if you will pin those bangs.

You need to make some sacrifices when you start to wash hair baking soda, because you cannot use any hair styling products like gel, mousse and others to style your hair. These products will just mess up with the natural balance of the oils. If you are stressed out with the oily look of your hair, then you can puff some baking soda on your comb and then comb your hair with it, the baking soda will absorb some of the oil. Do you know that no one will ever think that you are fighting the grease off your scalp, unless you look untidy and weird too?

The prime thing you need to do is to comb your hair, so the oil will be stripped off from the roots of the hair. This might be the reason why during the ancient times, older women keep combing their hair a hundred times. This might be for stripping off the oil from the hair before shampoo was ever invented. But don’t brush your hair a hundred times if you do not want to have problems with split ends. You have to clean your comb or brush to eliminate the dirt and oil from it.

3.  Use baking soda & vinegar mixture once weekly

After the waiting game is over, you will look charming again and your hair will be very soft and smooth this time. Now you need to keep the glow on your hair and you can only do that when you wash hair baking soda & vinegar as well. This may be enough for your hair to become beautiful, clean and smooth. Washing your hair depends on its condition and you can wash hair with baking soda & vinegar at least 2x weekly or once every 10 days.

If you are really in dire need to use styling products for your hair, you can go for the organic brands or those that are not commercially formulated to complete the natural care you give to your hair. You can also make your own styling products at home using flaxseeds or lemon juice. There are lots of homemade recipes available on Google if you really want to have your own hair styling products for your hair. Who knows? This might be a good start for your new business venture. A lot of people are looking for homemade natural styling products, but they do not have enough time to make their own recipe.  This is not hard to do; you will just need a dryer with finger diffuser.

Some information about baking soda

Before you use baking soda for your hair, be sure you know what you are doing, because baking soda’s pH level is so high. But it will work effectively if applied on your hair the right way. The cuticle of the hair has its own natural smoothness and it will seal itself from chemical and heat damage. There is no need to coat the shaft of the hair other chemicals to protect it from such things with apple cider vinegar. The hair can do this on its own as it manages to level the scalp’s pH level.

Some of the regular conditioners available in the market do not care if the pH level is not suited for the hair; they just use oils & silicone to make the hair feel smoother along with the hair cuticle. These are not good for your hair’s condition and no matter how they make you feel good, they can still penetrate deep within the shaft of the hair and interfere with the nourishment of the hair deep within. The truth is that some of the hair conditioner’s prime ingredients were sebum of the sheep. Sebum is the greasy substance that is secreted by the sebaceous glands in the skin. Its prime purpose is to make the skin and the hair waterproof to protect them from drying. The excessive amount of sebum can make the skin very oily and it will start to smell awful when broken down by bacteria. The sebaceous glands are typically attacked to the hair follicles, but they are also in some hairless parts of the body like the eyelids where they add sebum to the tears to make the eye moistened all the time.



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