Confused About Hair Loss Treatments

Confused About Hair Loss Treatments

Confused About Hair Loss Treatments


Topicals are liquids you apply to your scalp, the most popular of which is Rogaine. But just because it’s popular doesn’t make it the best

  • Minoxidil Tropicals:
    Minoxidil increases blood circulation in the scalp thus helping nutrients flow to the hair. Products like spectral DNC N contain many other beneficial ingredients making it far superior to basic 5% minoxidil products
  • Herbal Tropicals:
    These use natural plant extracts to inhibit DHT in the scalp and improve scalp health. Many also use natural alternatives to minoxidil, such as polyphenols to improve scalp circulation. However success rate is unknown

Brands Of Tropicals:

  • Rogaine:
    Although Rogaine is the number 1 brand in terms of sales, it’s ingredients are inferior compared with products like speectral DNC N. Rogaine is simply the most well known due to large marketing spend.
  • Spectral RS:
    DS Laboratories Spectral RS is the most popular herbal topical treatment. Some individuals have bad reactions to minoxidil — a product like spectral RS achieves similar effects using natural plant extracts

What To Look For
The most effective tropicals provide three key benefits

  1. Improve blood circulation in the scalp to help increase nutrient supply to the hair via the blood
    (Minoxidil, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, capsicum, niacin, arginine, polyphenols, vitamin C
  2. Reduce scalp DHT levels
    (Azelac acid, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed green tea, nettle, phytosterols
  3. Promote hair growth and provide nutrients that help hair grow healthy and strong
    (Cystene, lysine, biotin, zinc, horsetail/silica, B vitamins, iodine, MSM

Supplements are just like your multivitamin except they tend to contain potent extracts such as saw palmetto, designed to treat the underlying causes of hair loss.

  • DHT Blockers:
    ‘DHT’ is the primary cause of male pattern baldness. These supplements use natural plant extracts to reduce DHT production in the body. Often they contain other ingredients that prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.
  • Hair Vitamins :
    These supplements tend to contain lots of B vitamins — particularly Biotin — and they support hair growth by providing nutrition and energy for the body’s natural cellular natural mechanisms.

Brands Of Supplements:

  • Nourkrin:
    Nourkrin uses shark certilage, which it labels as “Extract Compound of Marine Origin” as its primary active ingredients. How ever no independent studies show this to be effective at reversing hair loss.
  • TRX2:
    TRX2 is an innovative product that uses L-Carnipure, niacin and potassium for the rejuvenation of potassium ion channels within hair follicles”. The science seems promising and the mechanism for hair regrowth seems logical.

TIP: Consume a hair growth supplement containing a rich variety of hair growth nutrients. An hour later use a heat cap to send the nutrients to your hair via the blood stream.

These are physical instruments used directly on the scalp to promote hair growth

  1. Laser Combs:
    A laser comb works by emitting a low power laser beam onto the scalp, which increases the action of a molecule called adenosine triphosphate. This molecule carries energy from one cell to another, helping improve hair growth.
  2. Heat Caps:
    Heat caps increase the temperature of the scalp skin, provoking increased blood circulation at the scalp surface. This may help increase the delivery of nutrients to the hair by providing a larger blood supply to the follicles.

Used often, shampoos can eliminate problems such as fungal infections, keep the scalp healthy and promote hair growth in the same way as tropicals.

  • Hair Loss Shamppos:
    There are a large number of shampoos labelled specifically as hair loss shampoos. These contain ingredients that increase scalp circulation, feed the hair, keep the pores clear and combat DHT.
  • ANTI-DHT Shampoos:
    Some shampoos are specifically designed to inhibit the conversion of testosterone in DHT by blocking the enzymes 5-alpha-reductace. However it is unknown as to whether these have any noticeable effects.
  •  SLS Free Shampoos:
    Thee are a large number of shampoos that do not contain the common foaming chemical “sodium lauryl sulfate” (SLS). SLS is poisonous in larger doses, which puts some people off using it regularly on their scalps.
  • Ketoconazole Shampoo:
    The chemical “ketoconazole” kills the common scalp conditions. It is sometimes used in hair loss shampoos as it can improve scalp health and may even promote hair growth.

Let’s Talk ( Strategy)
W all want to know: What is the most effective thing we can do to stop hair loss and increase hair growth? Well, there are three key elements to a good hair growth strategy:

  1. Increase Blood Flow To The Hair
    Hair receives nutrients it needs to grow via the blood. Use minoxidill to increase blood flow and a good supplement to feed your hair with amino acids
  2. Support Hair Growth
    Use supporting nutrients like biotin to increase hair growth
  3. Inhibit DHT
    Use DHT blockers’ like saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil and pygeum to reduce serum DHT — the primary cause of male pattern baldness

Where Do I Go From Here?
Ask yourself a few simple questions about your lifestyle and the characteristics of your hair loss:

  • Do have a less perfect diet? Do you work out a lot? D you experience a lot of stress?
    If you answer yes to any of these questions, you will probably benefit from taking a supplement that is high in B vitamins and nutrients for hair growth
  • Do you have distinct male pattern baldness?
    If you have the class ‘V shape’ receding hair line or thinning crown it is likely that the hormone DHT is the cause of your hair loss. Consider using a natural DHT supplement.
  • Do you need an extra boost in hair growth?
    If you want to simulate more hair growth and give your hair a little boost a laser comb might be your best bet.
  • D you want a proven solution?
    Minoxidil is proven to be effective for many people.


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