So it’s 2nd time I’ve used olaplex no3 and I can’t see any difference at all ! My hair is still very dryWhat am I doing wrong?

So it’s 2nd time I’ve used olaplex no3 and I can’t see any difference at all ! My hair is still very dryWhat am I doing wrong?

Kerry Collinson: I bought some off Amazon and it was fake. Bought from a hairdresser….amazing.

Ania Tailor: I bought from look fantastic website recommended by olaplex and meant to be original

Monica Crespo: Are you using sulfate-free shampoo? If so, combined with a hydrating or protein mask would make a big difference 1️⃣ shampoo 2️⃣Olaplex #3…See more

Eleanor Morley: I second this ^ I highly reccomend Pureology’s hydrate shampoo and conditioner! Bit on the pricey side but big bottles and sulfate free so no bad stuff ?

Eleanor Morley: And also yes you need to get a no 3 from your hairdresser

Ania Tailor: That’s all too much .I’ve been told and read everywhere that olaplex no 3 should be enough for home use and surely shoukd make some difference on it’s own if it’s good enough

Monica Crespo: Ania Tailor Olaplex restores the inner part of the hair, it is not a conditioner! To complete the treatment you have to nourish it, with moisture or protein.

Ania Tailor: I’m using conditioner after and Argan oil
Amanda Jon Lundquist: Ania Tailor, Olaplex#3 should be purchased from…Your stylist,…See more
Prevent Damage. Repair Hair with OLAPLEX

Robin White-Blackwell: You won’t always “see” the difference as Olaplex works internally relinking disulfide bonds. The hair will get stronger with every use. Use a deep moisture mask if your hair still feels dry, you’re lacking moisture. Also make sure you purchased from an authorized dealer as it’s not guaranteed authentic if not.

Kritika Kripal: Its olaplex no.3

Jacqueline Ring: You have to use no 3 at home.

Parker Watson: Try using a good deep conditioner or leave in conditioner (from your stylist) to address moisture needs! That should really help you feel the difference!

Ania Tailor: Sorry yes it’s no 3

Jessica Colón: How are you applying it? What are you doing after?My recommendation: -Apply on clean, damp hair. I clarify but clean hair is fine. -Leave on for 90 minutes. -Rinse out with water.-Shampoo hair. -Deep condition for 30 minutes. This is important because olaplex 3 is not a conditioner or protein treatment. It is a bond repairer. -Style as usual.

Ania Tailor: Thank you I do all of that .still dry hair

Parker Watson: You probably need a stronger conditioner. What are you using?

Kristi Kemerer Russell Sells: Saturate your hair with the Olaplex, put a plastic cap on & leave it on overnight. Do this religiously once a week….you’ll notice a big difference.
Paula Kelly: Olaplex #3 does not address the exterior. Its a bond multiplier. It reconnects broken disulfide bonds. It is meant to be used with your fav conditioner. Always follow up with your treatment with moisture or protein(which ever your hair needs). I use joico revitalux with mine
Merideth Speck Gifford: I have to agree with everyone here. I had a client just like this. She started using conditioner after and it helped out a lot. Don’t give up, it’s awesome ?
Jess Vadino: I had the same result the first time I tried it. It was user error ?. If you treat it like a step in between shampoo and conditioner you’ll see results. You don’t have to leave it on overnight – it loses its efficacy after a fairly short period of time (I do all the time tho). You DEFINITELY need a super strong conditioner after and that was the step I was missing.
Ania Tailor: Thanks all .I do use conditioner after olaplex otherwise I wouldn’t be able to comb my hair. Still no results so far
Jessica Colón: What conditioner are you using?
Jennifer Stanley: Were you ever treated with 1 and 2? Or did you just buy 3? Olaplex doesn’t address moisture issues so you won’t see a difference in hydration. You are either using the wrong products for your hair or you have a lot of damage that will require regular treating with Olaplex before you see a difference
Ania Tailor: Pantene or Aussie
Ania Tailor: Lots of damage is for sure. My hairdresser recommended no 3 to me . Never had anythubg else done to it
Jessica Colón: I’d highly recommend a deep conditioner. Regular conditioners may not be enough for your hair. I always use a deep conditioner after olaplex 3.
Ania Tailor: Ok so which one is deep conditioner?
Jessica Colón: They are labeled as deep conditioners or masques. My favorites are devacurl melt into moisture & eden body works coconut shea masque or their jojoba manoi masque. Any deep conditioner that says to keep on hair for 30 minutes will do. You can also DIY.
Ania Tailor: Jessica Colón thank you. I’ll give it w go again .Aussie is a mask thou .I’m thinking maybe i bought fake ?
Bekah Ward: Olaplex doesn’t sell a deep conditioner. You have to find your own from the store. If you have a lot of damage in your hair, you need to be researching sulfate free shampoos in your price range. Your stylist should have been more honest with you about …See more
Jessica Colón: Ania Tailor is it the Aussie three minute miracle? You may need something that stays on the hair longer than that.
Jessica Colón:…/best-deep…/p154572/page2
13 Best Deep Conditioners
Jessica Colón:
Deep Conditioners | Hair Care | Sally Beauty
Amanda Jon Lundquist: Bekah Ward I love you! Thank you so much for paying attention, taking my advice to heart and spreading the word of good hair!!! You are a stylist’s dream and I’m so proud that you chose me to be your stylist/bestie!!!
Ania Tailor: Bekah Ward I’m not hassling anyone I’m looking for advise and opinion . My hairdresser told me to buy it online and I will research feel conditioner and hopefully it will help
Jennifer Stanley: Ania Tailor your products are causing a problem for you, they are not good products and known to cause buildup
Ania Tailor: Jessica Colón thank you I’ll buy proper deep conditioner niwb
Jessica Colón: For diy this sounds awesome.½ avocado…See more
Ania Tailor: Jennifer Stanley thank you .I’m rubbish at it. I will need to get proper deep conditioner then
Jessica Colón: Ania Tailor it’s a learning process. That’s why these groups are so awesome. I love the fact that so many people are always willing to help. Let me know what you decide to get and if you notice an improvement.
Ania Tailor: Jessica Colón thank you so much ❤❤
Ania Tailor: Jessica Colón yeah that’s the one .I’ll get the one you sent link for
Ania Tailor: Thank you all for your help .I’ll get proper deep conditioner and hopefully it will help
Bekah Ward: Ania Tailor maybe I misunderstood some of your replies, but the stylists and users here def know what they’re talking about.
Jessica Colón: Ania Tailor The first link is a list of deep conditioners to give you an idea. I don’t know how much you wanna spend but I highly recommend devacurls melt into moisture but if that’s too pricey for you either one from eden bodyworks is awesome as well and they are very well priced.
Amanda Jon Lundquist: Ania Tailor, Olaplex#3 should be purchased from…Your stylist,…See more
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Jessica Colón: Ania Tailor I sent you a PM
Kelly Elizabeth: Ania Tailor yeah stop harassing everyone. ? ?
Donna Hogg: Kelly Elizabeth We do not see it as harassment; we genuinely care that people get all the benefits they can out of Olaplex, and our advice! ??
Bekah Ward: Oh my goodness. I said I may have misread something, guys. Let’s not get petty. We’re all adults here.
Kelly Elizabeth: Donna Hogg I totally 100% agree with you I’m not the one that said it. Bekah Ward did.
Kelly Elizabeth: Bekah Ward I’m defending myself. You obviously did misunderstand. It’s all good.
Ania Tailor: Bekah Ward probably misunderstood . I didn’t talk about any of you. I just said olaplex doesn’t work for me and I was wondering why .My London hairdresser recommended it to me but never explained anything .she just said buy it online that’s it
Ania Tailor: Jessica Colón thanks so much I’ll have a look .hopefully i can get it in UK ?
Ania Tailor: Kelly Elizabeth ??
Ania Tailor: Donna Hogg thank you ???
Ania Tailor: I appreciate all your comments xxx
Jessica Colón: Ania Tailor I think all the stuff that I sent you via PM should be available in the UK. I sent links to everything. If they are not available in the UK let me know. Also, if you bought your olaplex from a place that the website told you to buy from you should be OK. You can also buy it directly from which is what I do.
Prevent Damage. Repair Hair with OLAPLEX
Ania Tailor: Thank you Jessica Colón .Yes i bought it from look fantastic recommended by olaplex. I’ll have a look at all the links you sent me and hopefully I’ll find something for my hair .Thank you so much for taking time to explain it all ❤
Jessica Colón: Ania Tailor you are very welcome. I know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be especially since there’s so much information out there. Seeing as how I’ve already put myself through the rodeo as far as learning stuff… I figure I could help make somebody else’s journey a little bit easier.
Ania Tailor: Jessica Colón thanks exactly what i needed ! Thank you ❤
Bekah Ward: Jeez, this blew out of proportion pretty spectacularly. I’m not deleting my comment because it still stands. If there’s a stink, I’ll clear it right on up.In previous threads on this post, there were Olaplex users explaining what was wrong. Our OP ke…See more
Bekah Ward: Or we can keep throwing our social justice knives at each other until this thread goes in the wrong direction instead of helping someone with their hair. Whatever works I guess! 😀
Ania Tailor: Bekah Ward it’s ok thanks for explaining. I was saying ‘i already do that’ Because everyone was asking if I use conditioner after and I said I do but now we know that I use rubbish one that doesn’t work and hopefully that’s the problem
Ania Tailor: Bekah Ward no no .I’m not here to argue ?❤
Bekah Ward: Ania Tailor sorry, I had a recent issue in a group with someone who took a comment, twisted it, then blew it out of proportion until I ultimately had to leave the group. That may be coloring my commentary a bit today, but was never my intention. I hope…See more
Ania Tailor: Bekah Ward no offense taken .I completely understand and sorry for any confusion ..all good xx?❤❤
Jessica Colón: Bekah Ward I agree. Even if hair isnt wavy or curly… Using products recommended for the curly girl method is good for any type of hair since the products are better overall.
Brandise Brockington: So true!!!!
Theresa Meyer: Is your hair chemically damaged?
Ania Tailor: Yes
Aura Mae: It’s possible that you may have buildup on your hair that is making it difficult for the Olaplex and conditioner to penetrate. The ideal solution is an in salon chelating treatment, but you can try using a clarifying shampoo at home also. Apply to towel dried hair and cover with a cap. Process 10 minutes or so before rinsing, then try your Olaplex, then conditioner.
Elyse Rox: I briefly rolled through this post. So the things I noticed that maybe a factor. 1st it sounds like your hair had Been really damaged. While olaplex and conditioners may help the thing that may help the most is a haircut to get rid of the chemical damage2nd I saw you bought it online, was it a authorized seller of olaplex? If not you may have gotten a fake. 3rd I saw your choice of conditioners Pantene is protein it will make your hair hard and brittle and Aussie is just bad. Very coating to the hair. Nothing is going to get past that stuff. I would recommend going to a salon that does Malibu c and get a Crystal gel treatment to get whatever is blocking the olaplex from getting in there. Followed by a stand alone treatment and a deep conditioner and you can follow up at home with you #3 Malibu and olaplex both have salon locators I love joico and Malibu for deep conditioners I hope this helps Good luck ?
Kurisutofâ Tōmasu Kyō: I agree with this ?? Pantene is as good as doing nothing.Olaplex and professional hair care is needed.
Jesse Muah McCray: Oh it’s definitely doing something, just not in the right direction
Jesse Muah McCray: Ania Tailor , Elyse Rox knows what she’s talking about, I second everything she said. Good luck, love
Bekah Ward: This is exactly what I was trying to explain! Gotta put money into it, if you want to make it healthy. Being healthy in any way is not cheap… but it’s healthy! Hope this helped on her journey to healthier, happier hair :3
Ania Tailor: Thanks guys i guess i need to educate myself bit more
Brandise Brockington: Ania Tailor we are all here to help. Your hair can definitely make a comeback with the right regimen. Elyse Rox knows her stuff!
Jesse Muah McCray: Ania Tailor ?? and we are always here for you. Ive been licensed now 3 years in August and before that I knew absolutely NOTHING about hair…..yet I did my own at home ?. I’m still having to educate myself and its my profession.
Ania Tailor: Thanks a million x
Kurisutofâ Tōmasu Kyō: It’s not a conditioner or hair mask, I tell that to all of my clients too, Olaplex does not condition the hair, it only rebonds disulfid bridges.Not more not less.You need a good shampoo and a nice mask or conditioner anyway.Olaplex really is a miracle, but only if combined with a professional use and hair caring inbetween.And always use a deep cleanse shampoo before you apply Olaplex to towel dried hair, not dripping wet hair.
Diane Marie: Thanks everyone. I learn a lot from this site. I am new to this. Can you recommend a cheap sulfite-free shampoo? Is Tresseme one? herbal Essence? Thanks
Parker Watson: Those are actually pretty bad for your hair. I honestly can’t recommend anything, because I don’t know of any store brands, however I know those are bad.
Jennifer Boyce: Lesser expensive shampoos will use lesser expensive ingredients and usually are harsh detergent based. The great thing about professional shampoos is that they are so much more concentrated and also much better for your hair so in the end you are not s…See more
Jessica Colón: Not Your Mother’s Naturals pink bottle is one of my favorites.
Jessica Colón: Higher end I love Devacurl’s lowpoo original and Kinky Curly Come Clean…which is a clarifying shampoo and stronger than NYMN and Devacurl.
Felicia Jones: Jessica Colón mine too!! I need to get a video up!!! ??
Jessica Colón: Felicia Jones funny I was just looking through your Amazon list like she has a lot of the stuff that I love LOL @ania This is the Felicia whose olaplex video I sent you! ❤ my hair wouldn’t be where it is without her ?
Jessica Colón: Felicia Jones they need to come out with a gel
Felicia Jones: Jessica Colón ?❤️?
Felicia Jones: Remember it’s really important to follow up with a deep conditioner that addresses your hair’s needs!
Jessica Colón: I sent her your Olaplex video lol ❤
Ania Tailor: Jessica Colón i didn’t get any message .also if i want to get not your mother’s natural. can I get it from Amazon etc or it can be fake ? Xx
Ania Tailor: I guess I should get this one ? My hair is not curly. More dry wavy ?
Jessica Colón: Ania Tailor check your other inbox. You have a different inbox for people who messaged you that iron on your friends list.
Jessica Colón: Ania Tailor I haven’t tried that particular line but I’ve heard great things. I think any shampoo from not your mothers naturals will do the trick.
Jessica Colón:…
Jessica Colón: ^ how to access your other inbox
Ania Tailor: Jessica Colón i cant see it on mu phone. Usually comes via messenger
Ania Tailor: Jessica Colón oh thank you !
Jessica Colón: Ania Tailor you can. Is your phone an iPhone or an android?
Ania Tailor: Jessica Colón I’m not that old but didn’t know that lol
Ania Tailor: Jessica Colón android
Monica Rial: You have to put it on damp hair. I used it twice on dry hair without it making much difference. I switched to damp and it made all the difference in the world.
Ania Tailor: Washed or unwashed ? The bottle say unwashed
Amanda Jon Lundquist: If you have product or excessively dirty hair, you can go ahead and shampoo and towel dry. Don’t condition before the Olaplex. The cleanest canvas will get the best results.
Amanda Jon Lundquist: Monica Rial, you are wonderful! Thank you for paying attention and doing what is right for your hair!! You, too, are a stylist’s dream.#imtheluckieststylistever
Monica Rial: Amanda ?
Amanda Jon Lundquist: Ania Tailor, I saw that you asked about getting your products from Amazon. I definitely wouldn’t suggest that because they can be counterfeit. Your best bet is always to buy from a salon to be sure that you’re getting the highest quality available. I hope this, as well as all the other suggestions, helps you.
Ania Tailor: Thank you .and there is no genuine websites ? Salons will charge double amount
Niki Nichols: Ania Tailor for olaplex 3, you can order online from or and know its authentic. 🙂 for other professional haircare products, give ulta a go – they usually have excellent sales going on authentic, professional haircare products.
Prevent Damage. Repair Hair with OLAPLEX
Ania Tailor: Niki Nichols thank you. These are US websites thou and they will charge me duty charge and crazy delivery charges .I dotn know why isn’t it available in UK. I csnt find sephora UK.
Ania Tailor: There is no ulta in UK either – disaster!
Amanda Jon Lundquist: I didn’t realize you are in UK. Sorry about that! As far as salons charging double, they’re supposed to charge manufacturer’s suggested retail price, which is usually (at least in America) a 100% markup from wholesale price. That is completely normal. …See more
Maria Mello:
Prevent Damage. Repair Hair with OLAPLEX
Maria Mello: How are you applying?

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