Hair Affair

Hair Affair

Hair Affair

The Business of Looking Fabulous

Everyone’s Doing It: Hair Color Facts

  • 75% Of women color their hair
  • 46% Of salon visitors get hair highlights.
  • 69% Of women say they feel more attractive after coloring hair
  • 79% Of women say professional hair care products make their color last longer

Choosing Your Color:

Figure out if your skin tone is warm or cool by looking at your veins in natural light.

  • Green veins indicate warm skin tones
  • Blue veins indicate cool skin tones.

Choose a color that fits in with your wardrobe and personality.

Pair warm colors with warm skin tones and cool color with cool skin tones for the most natural look

Beauty Schedule:

6 to 8 Is the number of weeks to wait between hair cuts. (You may need more frequent cuts if you have bangs or layer

4 to 6 Is the number of weeks to wait between hair coloring and highlights. (You may need more frequent touch-ups if your hair grows quickly)

Shaping Your Cut
Choose the right hair cut for your face shape to get your best look

Face shape & cut

  • Oval: Blunt bangs, side-bang bob, hard-lined short cut
  • Round: Asymmetrical, long layers, layered/angled bob, defined pixie
  • Square: Chin-length tapered bob, shag, long and straight
  • Heart: Deep side part pixie, with side bangs


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