How Protein softens Hair

How Protein softens Hair

How Protein softens Hair

Whether you have curls, kinks, or relaxed hair you will know just how vital moisture is in your hair regimen

Hair Facts

  • Protein makes up approximately 88% of hair
  • Protein deprived hair can often feel dry and brittle.
  • The small amount of moisture in your hair is the main difference between your hair and your nails!

Protein is just as important and can actually make your hair softer…

Top sources of of topically applied protein

  • Protein Conditioners
  • protein Treatments
  • Eggs, Yogurt, Gelatin etc

How Protein Helps

  • New hair brows and is structurally sound with cuticles intact.
  • Through combing, styling or excessive heat usage, the hair fiber gets damaged and loses strength.
  • Even with frequent washes, moisture is lost from the hair very quickly and the strands is likely to break.
  • Oil slow down the evaporation but moisture is still lost and hair is left feeling weak.
  • Treating with a protein conditioner improves the structure of the hair and less moisture is lost leaving hair feeling softer.

Severe structural hair damage cannot be rectified by protein conditioners and treatments. They only work for minor damage.


How protein softens hair

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