Best shampoo to take slight brassiness out of bleached hair?

Best shampoo to take slight brassiness out of bleached hair?

Aubree Wilson: Fanola no orange

Wesley Foster: What’s Fanola?

Aubree Wilson: A brand of product….

Wesley Foster: Aubree Wilson: Is that the same as the one that says no yellow

Aubree Wilson: Krista yes, Fanola also has a “no yellow” shampoo for people who are blondies and get yellow hues/undertones – it is a purple shampoo- purple cancels yellow.You would need Fanola No Orange- blue based. Blue cancels orange

Wesley Foster: Aubree Wilson: great thanks so much.

Wesley Foster: Aubree Wilson: where can I find Fanola?

Aubree Wilson: Amazon

Wesley Foster: I used a purple shampoo it didn’t seem to work that great what about blue shampoo?

Karina Stevenson: The fabuloso by evo platinum conditioner is AMAZINGGG

Amaya Lamb: Fanola no yellow/orange. Totally worth the price

Finn Harmon: If it’s orange purple isn’t going to do anything you need to get the fannola no orange. Best stuff ever.

Kaylee Martinez: If you can’t find fannola which I can’t either try a nice blue shampoo that can be purchased at any Sally’s or non professional beauty store.

Ophelia Mclaughlin: Pravana…mix a little with your regular shampoo so it won’t be too strong…let sit while you shave! Or by itself if you need more. ??

Ariah Gilbert: Shimmering lights

Maddison Hardy: Matrix brassout

John Boone: Shu Uemura Cool Lustre Cool Blonde Conditioner, it’s pricey but awesome!

Lexi Carr: Brass off matrix ??

Jazmin Maldonado: Forever blonde by Paul Mitchell

Gabriel Simpson: Matrix Brass off

Sylvia Holloway: Matrix brass off and please do not buy products off Amazon.

Amiyah Benson: maybe this was my problem… I did buy off Amazon and it was horrible and ruined my hair….

Sylvia Holloway: Yes! Most are not the true product. You never know what you are getting

Amiyah Benson: Sylvia Holloway: thank you, that is sad people con consumers, makes me upset…. i only used it once and it was seriously the worst thing I used … ever…. I had read great reviews so thought I would try it… I’m still trying to fix my hair… it’s been about 3 weeks now…. I did return it to Amazon so they would know!

Sylvia Holloway: Amiyah Benson: what did it do to your hair?

Amiyah Benson: Sylvia Holloway: I left it on my hair only about 3 minutes in the shower and when I went to rinse, I touhed my hair and really got scared… it felt like straw! i quickly rinsed it out and used a lot of conditioner and prayed! it still feels dry and damaged just from that one use…. I just couldn’t understand how people were raving about this product when it was awful!! I can’t explain how it felt, almost like running your hair through a blender… I have never had such awful feeling hair before this

Sylvia Holloway: Omg that is crazy!

Wesley Foster: I tried the matrix brass off the shampoo and conditioner and it worked great thank you everyone for your feedback!

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