A Relaxed Gal Hair Tip

A Relaxed Gal Hair Tip

A Relaxed Gal Hair Tip

How To co-wash Relaxed Hair

Short for conditioner washing. Also known as no-pooing. it is cleansing hair with a conditioner or cleansing cream instead of shampoo. The key benefits are the hair isn’t depleted of moisture or nutrients.

Choose a Conditioner (Step 1)
Decide whether to use a regular rinse-out conditioner or cleansing conditioner or cream specially formulated for gently cleansing hair.

Wet Hair & Massage (Step 2)|
Get hair thoroughly saturated. Apply the conditioner to the scalp or new growth and massage it into the scalp for few minutes. Work the product down the hair strands to the mid length and ends.

Rinse (Step 3)
Thoroughly rinse out the scalp. This is also good time to do any additional detangling.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • If using a rinse-out conditioner look for ones with out any ‘cones’ (E.g. silicone).
  • Only co-washing can cause product build up over time. So clarify the hair every 2-4 washes or as needed


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