What product from Ulta should I purchase?

What product from Ulta should I purchase?

So Ulta is having their gorgeous hair event and I’m looking to buy a new shampoo and conditioner! My question is, which one should I purchase? I have bleached hair and style it often. I use good haircare and do masks regularly!

King Todd: If it’s breaking, extreme. If it’s just dry (no breakage), hydra source! ❤

Celeste Logan: It have breakage from old bleach but no new breakage!

Evan Graves: If you get matrix get the repairinside. You won’t regret it! Compared to the extreme by redken, I’d prefer the repair inside.

Celeste Logan: I hadn’t seen that one! Thank you for your recommendation ❤

Dylan Griffith: If you do decide on extreme dont use it every wash bc its packed with protein, youll notice itll feel crunchy. But it is a great product if you have breakage. I love biolage personally and have their volume bloom and their repair line

Celeste Logan: I have heard that about the redken extreme! That’s why I was sorta scared to buy

Karsyn Adams: redken extreme has vegetable based proteins so you can use it everyday and not over do it! ☺

Kate Rodriquez: It won’t overload that’s the old formula.

Adelyn Shelton: Get Redken all soft

Celeste Logan: Thank you for the recommendation I’ll def read up about it! ❤

Celeste Logan: Is all soft safe for every wash? I was about 2-3 times a week

Adelyn Shelton: Yes I love it I use it for most of my clients. I work at Ulta and it’s one of my biggest selling systems for me

Jonah Hampton: I would go with the redken

Celeste Logan: Thank you for your recommendation ❤

Jonah Hampton: I have seen that work so well with the bleach hair, in the time that I have done hair!

Mary Bradley: Redken!

Addilyn Garner: Both. If you use the extreme more than twice a week your hair can build up too much protein in the hair shaft and continue to break or be worse breakage

Maria Price: This. You need to alternate between protein and moisture

Brynn Fleming: I like biolage

Arielle Bass: I like the redken but you can over use it you can have too much protein so if your hair starts feeling dry switch shampoos

Josie Chambers: I’d get biolage with a keratin leave in

Manuel Wagner: I use Redken extreme shampoo & all soft conditioner. Get the protein from the shampoo to strengthen & the softness from the conditioner. Use it every time I wash my hair. I have bleach in my hair & it’s in really good condition.

Amara Garcia: The best combo for sure!

Rory Moody: Yes I use the same combo and I love it!

Calvin Hodges: I love the biolage keratin dose in the silver bottle

Brian Rhodes: Extreme, Hands down, especially if you bleach you hair!

Viviana Beck: .

Anastasia Bishop: Redkin

Kate Rodriquez: I would get biolage ultra hydrasource for moisture and redken mega mask for protein.

Diego Wise: Uhhhh what gorgeous hair event??? What am I missing?

Celeste Logan: EVERYTHING lol you get such good deals! If you download the app you can checkout whats on sale everyday it changes everyday so you gotta be quick.

Amara Garcia: I love extreme. It’s awesome for repairing damage and smells great Hydrasource is ok but can feel heavy

Chloe Sharp: Biolage

Jayda Allen: I just bought redken all soft because I bleach my hair and because it’s brittle. I hated it! I could not even brush by hair out afterwards, and it felt like I still had product all in it. I read many reviews on it and most everyone had the same problems.

Cecelia Griffith: If your hair is brittle you don’t need protein. That’s why the Extreme line didn’t work for you. Try a protein free deep conditioner. ❤

Archer Wood: I use redken mega soft and it’s the only thing that gets through my thick hair! I love it!

Jayda Allen: I didn’t use the Extreme, I just bought the regular All soft. The mega all soft had way more protein in it than the regular. But, I also have different circumstances than most people. I have a pituitary brain tumor and have had two brain surgeries in a…See more

Cecelia Griffith: Sorry, Jayda Allen:, I misread. I’m sorry your going through that and I wish you all the best in both finding something that DOES work for your hair and for your health. ❤

Jayda Allen: Thank you very much! ?

Lila Swanson: It’s a sale, get both!

Celeste Logan: I like your style! lol

Ariyah Shelton: Hair Cuttery got both much better price

Kennedy O’brien: If you want men up in your hair smelling it ALL the time, then get the Biolage!!! 😉 I have had so many men ask me what shampoo I use so they can tell their gfs to get it. ALSO it is very hydrating without weighing down my fine hair. I try samples of other shampoo/conditioners, and almost want to wash over them because they don’t do what the Biolage does for me. <3 <3 I got the liter pumps at an Ulta sale event last year and am still going strong on them. Worth every penny!

Luis Schneider: Redken definitely

Celeste Logan: Thank you everyone for your wonderful recommendations!!!

Archer Wood: Redken definitely I love it!!!

Izabella James: Redken

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