Has anyone tried Redkens frizz dismiss shampoo and conditioner?

Has anyone tried Redkens frizz dismiss shampoo and conditioner?

I currently use Living Proof No Frizz shampoo and was wondering if Redken is any good? I have frizzy hair and so far the LIving Proof is the only thing that works, but I saw an ad for the Redken and wanted to know what others think about it before I purchase? Thanks ?

Lexi Palmer: I’ve used Redken and although a high end shampoo I feel it leaves a film on the hair….waxy kinda….I manage a salon and we carry it and I have a hard time selling it bc of how I feel about it. I have had a lot of luck with matrix smooth proof shampoo and conditioner….and it smells better lol

Quinn Gilbert: I hadn’t heard of matrix, I’m going to check that out too! I have fine thin hair and I definitely don’t want anything heavy or waxy to weigh it down. Thank you!

Lexi Palmer: Quinn Gilbert: my apologies it’s called Matrix mega sleek shampoo and conditioner. Matrix Biolage is smooth proof, the Biolage products are a bit heavier so I would suggest the matrix mega sleek for fine hair

Quinn Gilbert: Thank you ?

Leila Gomez: It’s ok.. kind of heavy. I love the new Redken all soft mega.

Devin Manning: Same

Alayna Griffith: I’ve tried the Redkens frizz dismiss shampoo and conditioner and they leave my hair with a weird «smooth» texture…like the conditioner didn’t wash off. In an other occasion I try the hair mask and it was a same experience like a silicone texture on my hair…(hope it help) 🙂

Lexi Palmer: I find most of the Redken shampoos and conditioner leaves that waxy film on the hair….would expect more from such an expensive brand.

Quinn Gilbert: I’ve never tried the Redken brand before, thanks for letting me know!

Alayna Griffith: I know, personally I contact them explaining the effect the the shampoo and conditioner had on my hair and they give my money back (I always keep my recipe) they did the same with the hair mask…just explain kindly they are nice people 🙂

Kira Diaz: I love LP shampoo and conditioner and many of their products. When not using LP I really like the Redken Soft line.

Adalyn Garcia: I use it on my fine, wavy hair and I ❤ it!

Laura Hudson: I’ve tried Redken .. many products.. the no frizz line much better!

Devin Manning: I’ve had redkens frizz dismiss mask and shampoo n honestly I don’t notice a thing I won’t be getting it again

Tiffany Hampton: Honestly, if you love living proof, you’re going to have a hard time going to anything else… Nothing makes your hair feel like their stuff. That being said, I have enjoyed the Redken products I’ve been using, but I also use a lot more product than with the Living Proof.

Quinn Gilbert: I think you’re right. I’ll just stick to what works and what I love. Thanks ?

Tiffany Hampton: The only reason I switched is because I bleached my already fine, natural blonde hair… The Restore line was just too heavy for my hair, and the others just weren’t “enough” for my hair. It’s finally growing out now, though, so I can go back to my Living Proof!

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