Best sulfate free shampoo & conditioner for color treated hair?

Best sulfate free shampoo & conditioner for color treated hair?

Avery Warner: Pureology is my ultimate favorite, but Redken color extend magnetics.

Jenna Carroll: Lanza

Ximena Lopez: Is it online or in stores too?

Jenna Carroll: Ulta or beauty brands

Alan Osborne: Redken color extend magnetics

Blair Rose: It’s wet from the shower because I just used it ? this stuff hasn’t stripped any of my color, leaves my hair soft and manageable, not outrageously expensive, and a little goes a long way! Oh and it smells amazing!

Jude Boyd: I’m really liking Redken color magnetics. I tried purology but felt like it dried my hair out.

Mabel Yates: I have a favorite that is sulfate, paraben, dea/mea, phthalate, peg, phenoxyethenol, ethanol, petrochemical…….free but I won’t post it on here. If you’d like to know about it, PM me. ?

Ximena Lopez: If it’s MLM I don’t wanna hear it

Mabel Yates: No problem. You don’t have to PM me. Just answering a question.

Alexa Tyler: It’s probably that Monat shit

Mabel Yates: Maybe it’s that Biolage shit. Or that Redken shit. Or Chi or Joico or Nioxin or any of the other shit that my stylist tried that made my hair fall out and put itchy bloody sores on my scalp for 15 years. Maybe it’s one of the shampoos all you assholes …See more

Nora Harrington: Mabel Yates: There’s a big difference between trying to sell someone something and giving advice.

Mabel Yates: I haven’t tried to sell on here at all. I said I had something if she was interested. Did I force her to PM me? Have you seen the other posts that I’ve simply commented on giving my opinion about a product I use daily? I bet if I said those things about these “professional products ” I’d be banned.

Nora Harrington: Mabel Yates: In my opinion what you said was extremely fishy and it sounded like you’re trying to goad her into PMing you to sell her a product. Anyway, that’s my opinion and that’s all I’m going to say. Have a good day.

Mabel Yates: Why wouldn’t I want to share this with people? I used to hate my hair. Now I LOVE it and can’t stop touching it. I went from having sores for 15 years to none in one wash. I realize it doesn’t help everyone. I’m not stupid. But neither do these other products. So why should I get bashed over a shampoo? It’s quite childish.

Mabel Yates: She asked for something specific that my products provides. If she had wanted to talk about it, I let her know I have something. Yes, I sell it but I’m not one of these reps that aggravate your eyeballs out to buy it. I want people to know I have something that may help and I leave it at that.

Blair Rose: Mabel Yates: I don’t understand what that photo is showing

Kinsley Stevens: Matrix color last. Its amazing

Kinsley Stevens: What ever you do DON’T use monat or how ever you spell that ?

Ximena Lopez: Yeah I saw a post on that haha

Kinsley Stevens: I seen a lady wrote Lanza, I dont have very much experience with the line, but it is very nourishing. If you are unable to find it matrix is a great back up!

Zoey Osborne: I love Kevin Murphy

Daphne Haynes: Heard amazing things about this ?

Karina Chambers: Amazing stuff. Expensive, but worth it.

Daphne Haynes: Joico kpak or Lanza ? but wanna also try Pureology soon!

Diana Kelley: Love love love pureology

Nash Gibson: Neuma… Neuma… Neuma‼ All organic and essential oil based❣ NO bad ingredients❣

Rachel Byrd:
Just Nutritive for the Best Hair and Skin Care Products

Priscilla Simmons: Matrix total results. Every shampoo is sulfate free

Camila Medina: I like Pureology and Redken. I also like some of Kevin Murphy’s products

Ezekiel Chandler: Caviar shampoo. Worth every single penny and will never change. It’s 80% chemical free aswell ?

Lyric Collier: I love this one!!

Zoe Bishop: I keep scrolling past it on sephoras site….. hmmm

Rafael Nelson: Kitoko Restore (or anti aging) Cleanser and Balm from Affinage if you can get your hands on it.. My boss used to educate for matrix for years and absolutely nothing they have compares. My hair usually gets greasy after a day or so and i can go up to 4 without even thinking of shampooing it again because my scalp and strands are so happy!

Rafael Nelson: Affinage color line is incredible too.. really anything they offer ?

Cash Ford: Amika keep your color ??Smells amazing and keeps your color

Stephen Reeves: Kevin Murphy ❤

Daniela Ball: Wen

Kinsley Stevens: No! Class action law suite for ruining hair!!!

Ximena Lopez: That makes people lose hair! No thanks

Daniela Ball: I use it sometimes

Ximena Lopez: I used it once without knowing & I had ton of hair fall out

Daniela Ball: I saw the class action lawsuit. Who won ?

Kinsley Stevens: Daniela Ball: it was a settlement. If you bought it I think you can get some money back. It happened back in 07 I think

Daniela Ball: They sent me to join.the lawsuit but I didn’t

Kinsley Stevens: You could have got money for “damages” but if it works for your hair thats cool

Daniela Ball: No damages but I believe it’s still on the market

Mira Maxwell: i was going to say they still sell it. chaz den is a millionaire

Parker Mckenzie: Kevin Murphy ?

Finley Steele: Any particular Kevin Murphy you recommend for enlightened hair? Looking for something to keep my blonde from getting brassy while repairing at the same time.

Stephen Reeves: Finley Steele: the blonde angel wash and angel Rinse is awesome for blondes

Finley Steele: Thank you ?

Stephen Reeves: Finley Steele: you’re welcome.

Bettina Flowe:

Lyric Collier: I’m new to this brand, but so far I am really enjoying it! I’m normally a diehard Alterna fan

Jayce Cain: Redkin made my hair super greasy… I have oily hair. Hot pink following this post !

Devin Tran: love this stuff and it smells AMAZING!
Vibrant Sexy Hair – Color Lock Shampoo | Sexy Hair

Henley Rodriguez: Sexy hair

Lilly Grant: I have color treated, 50 yr old hair, frizzy, humid hair-I tried Lanza, Pureology, Bumble, ColorProof, Joico, the only thing that worked was Monat-don’t shoot the messenger !!!!!it is just what worked for me. Shiny, silky, bouncing hair-finally!!!! So yes, now I represent the company bc it simply worked for me! (disclosure)

Peter Watson: Shaddup with this tomfoolery.

Finley Steele: How long have you been using it? I’ve heard from many people that it can take months to start showing adverse side effects. Not trying to be rude….just don’t want you to end up with bald spots like some of my clients have gotten from using it.

Ximena Lopez: Who is that to?

Finley Steele: To the person trying to push Monat in this thread. Not you, doll.

Peter Watson: I actually really enjoy the VERB

Finley Steele: I mean, just saying ??‍♀️. Lol

Peter Watson: Finley Steele: just saying what?

Finley Steele: I have yet to encounter someone who didn’t end up with either extremely brittle or completely broken off hair from using Monat.

Peter Watson: Finley Steele: ohhhhhh! Sorry.

Finley Steele: No worries ?. Just trying to warn people about it. I’ve had a couple of clients who swore by it for the first few months (against my advice) and ended up either having their hair feel like a broom or just fall/break off completely.

Ariana Nelson: Monat

Finley Steele: Lmao. I was REALLY hoping you were joking, but you’re not. ??‍♀️

Peter Watson: Too bad it’s shite

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