Is Daddy O shampoo from Lush bad for my hair?

Is Daddy O shampoo from Lush bad for my hair?

What about Daddy O shampoo from lush? My hairdresser recommended it as a good vegan/cruelty free purple shampoo. Is it bad for my hair?

Itzel Kim: Never tried this. im sure its not bad for your hair, but if it works well is another story lol. id love to know! i like their products! if your hairdresser recommended im sure its not too bad πŸ˜‰ whats usually bad is the ones filled with sulfates and chemicals or wax coatings.. the cheaper products usually

Adriana Munoz: Heard the pigment is excellent. This one, Davines, L’anza, and Fanola No Yellow r the top notch purple toner shampoos ?

Jimena Reyes: It’s not bad but when my hair was silver it gave a pinky tone to it rather than violet

Demi Blair: Maybe they’ve just inteded it to stop brasiness

Adriana Munoz: Use the color wheel – blue cancels orange/brassy, purple cancels yellows and maintains silver ?For grey idk. Normally i go ckeck out Guy Tang’s fb page.

Adriana Munoz: Ooooo got an idea – can u put a little grey dye into ur conditioner for maintanence? What many pros give for after care ☺

Kira Wise: I love many of Lush’s products and while this is great for someone like my dad – natural, fine silver hair that tends to get oily quickly – it’s not great for anyone with processed blonde hair. It does have a very pink undertone that I noticed on my ow…See more

Peyton Harper: Seriously? Your hairdresser RECOMMENDED it. Do you think she just gives bad advice (and you still get your hair done by her anyway?) or do you just regularly get advice from a professional and then ask the peanut gallery instead? C’mon, what do you think?

Madison Christensen: People come here looking for help and advice not to get bitched at. ✌

Imani Hubbard: Yikes. This is harsh. Calm down!

Anastasia Bowers: Harsh, yes. Pointing out comment sense? Yes. …See more

Omar Hodges: Maybe because not everyone believes the first piece of advice given and want others opinions on it?

Anastasia Bowers: Omar Hodges: If you dont believe the advice given to you by the person doing your hair, then why are you letting then do your hair?

Anastasia Bowers: Madison Christensen:, had to be vegan and cruelty free… This narrows it down a lot.

Miracle Hopkins: Omg this page is getting ridiculous I’ve started following hair culture by Brittany Grey and the environment is much friendlier. I’m about to jump off here for good. Some of y’all are just awful.

Miracle Hopkins: No there’s not and I completely agree with you the snappy comment above was a little much though.

Peyton Harper: Okay, well I’m just mean then. Thought this was a silly question.

Harlow Reid: When you go to the dr and don’t like what they tell you, you get a second opinion same for everything no harm in getting more than one point of view

Jillian Gibbs: I like the shampoo. It doesn’t make my hair feel soft or coded with product. Simple and clean

Dominic Mills: Harlow Reid: you’re right… but you’d get a second opinion from another dr, not a group of diy’ers

Miracle Hopkins: Well good thing this website also has plenty of professionals also.

Anastasia Bowers: Admin here: lets just stop responding to this. Ok? πŸ˜€

Miracle Hopkins: Wow. Guess you haven’t been an admin for long. If you don’t want people to reply turn off the commenting option. You’re part of the problem. I’m out. Bye Hair Chat.

Anastasia Bowers: I dont want to turn off commenting on the whole post, just this comment. But apparently that’s too hard for you to follow.

Adriana Munoz: Peyton Harper:… I think she’s just looking for feedback from those who’ve *used/is using* it ?

Braxton Carlson: It dried out my hair ,but its very pigmented tho πŸ™‚

Madison Christensen: if your looking to get rid of brass try the oligo black light shampoo changed my life will defs tone it and doesn’t dry my hair out! Super pigmented

Gianna Watkins: I’ve used it! Still have some left I really like it. Leaves the hair shiny and manageable

Makenzie Page: I recommend Davines purple shampoo and conditioner and it’s also cruelty free and vegan and naturally derived. It’s not as natural as the lush but i feel it gives much better results and won’t cause any buildup on the hair like I’ve seen the lush do.

Makenzie Page: It is on the pricier side and you will definitely want the shampoo AND the conditioner but it’s super concentrated and will last a looong time

Alayah Campbell: It stinks like cat piss.

Madilyn Marshall: Never heard of it.

Simon Rodriquez: Unite blonda is the best!

Karen Harris: Thanks everyone, I just got really worried after everyone saying on previous posts to only use salon sold products

Ashlynn Ramsey: I loved the tone it gave, i’d leave it in ten minutes and get a nice violet/pinky colour, downside it smelt horrible but once it’s rinsed the smell is gone. When I just shampooed normally it toned my yellow hair well. If you’re after vegan and cruelty free and have access to delorenzo I recommend their products too. They have a colour care range that is amazing.

Karen Harris: Thanks ?

Kennedy Dunn: Trust your hairdresser.

Alice Moody: I’ve used it and I felt it gave my Platinum hair a weird pink tint. It’s also drying and it felt like it was coating my hair. I love lush but I’m glad I only got the small size! Never buying it again honestly. I switched to matrix so silver and its much better.

Annie Walton: Girls at my school (Aveda Institute LA) were talking about this & said they love it. Literally happened yesterday

Leo Reyes: If your stylist recommended trying it , they had their reasons, what works for one person may not work for everyone

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