Do you shampoo out demi-permanent color, or just rinse and condition?

Do you shampoo out demi-permanent color, or just rinse and condition?

I usually just rinse, but this stuff smells horrendous…so just curious if I could/should shampoo.

Oakley Harvey: Do what the instructions say. Every color line is different

Amara Love: Instructions don’t say…

Dahlia Henry: I just rinse out, the smell doesn’t stay?. Btw I’ve used that Wella 10N….its a beautiful soft blonde!

Amara Love: I only wash my hair once a week…so smell stays forever! Lol. It’s just such a strong smell. I really like the Wella products, but they smell horrible (their toner is 10x worse).

Millie Austin: Did you buy a color sealer? After you remove the color with warm/ hot water you put a sealer which normalizes the PH of hair which in return seals the cuticle/ color! Then you can do a very light shampoo ?

Amara Love: Yes! I always use a sealer ?

Kylee Gibbs: Typically if it is an oxidative color, shampoo it. It can be a gentle shampoo, but you want an access chemicals off.If the hair has been pretreated and colored properly, there should be no issues shampooing.

Amara Love: Thank you!

Ava Payne: Use a post color shampoo.

Kinsley Watson: I just used that last week, and was confused as well. I found a few blogs and on the Wella website that you can use shampoo after rinsing the color out, so I did. I used a little bit of my Pureology Hydrate, and a cuticle sealer and deep conditioner afterwards. Worked out well 🙂

Amara Love: I’m obsessed with Pureology Hydrate!! I decided to use my Joico purple shampoo, for a little further toning action, and then mixed Hydrate conditioner with the Joico blue conditioner. Worked great–smells amazing!!! And that tingle ?

Kinsley Watson: That tingle is what really sold me! And the fact that the smell lingered pleasantly in my hair for a day or two…plus it actually works!

Priscilla Wade: Can you post a before and after picture? I have been wanting to try that stuff but I wasn’t sure how I was gonna lime it:)

Amara Love: Will do. Need to get an after in natural light.

Amara Love: Definitely great for toning out the yellow!

Priscilla Wade: Awesome, thank you!! 🙂

Elisa Townsend: I just bought this same demi color to use as a toner since it’s being used as a toner do u use it on wet or dry hair?

Amara Love: You can use it on wet if you’re doing it right after you bleach. But, I did it on dry this time and last. The water from your hair will dilute it a bit too.

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