What best shampoo and conditioner everyone using at the moment?

What best shampoo and conditioner everyone using at the moment?

Lauryn Jimenez: Depends on what condition ur hair is in atm ? so our needs r different. Atm I’m trying to repair all the bleach damage i did this year, so Joico kpak for me. Might try Pureology 4 Blondes tho… Hear great things about it?.

Elsie Cohen: Ny condition okay i have hair extension in so worried dont want to reck them xc

Lauryn Jimenez: Ahh extensions ok…. A whole different unfamiliar breed there for me Lol! Someone else here might know….. ?

Elsie Cohen: Its real hair so hair dresser said just wash it like you normally would xx

Zariah Moreno: Wen

Kendall Underwood: be careful with this. the class action lawsuit against them for causing hairloss is very real. i have a client who used it for years and swore up and down it was all nonsense -i just saw her a couple weeks ago, and lo and behold.. shes experiencing hairloss as well now. Its builds up on the scalp horribly and clogs follicles. 🙁

Zariah Moreno: I’ve been using it for years without any issues. I do use other shampoos every so often just to switch it up tho.

Valerie Stanley: Formula 18 from enjoy. It has their bond builder in it so every time I shampoo my hair feels stronger.

Clara Mccoy: L’Oreal Kerastase Bain Satin range (beige colour). This is my favourite shampoo and conditioner of all time.

Morgan Moss: She’s moisture

Londyn Cain: Davines!

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