Fanola “no yellow/no orange” or Naissant purple shampoo?

Fanola “no yellow/no orange” or Naissant purple shampoo?

Hazel Mccoy: I used the matrix brass off and loved it. I heard good things about the fanola so I purchased it and I think the matrix brass off works so much better

Camilla Crawford: Matrix brass off

Kendall Carter: Thanks Kevin! I’ve been using Naissant but it doesn’t wow me. Do you have to use any specific conditioner?

Hazel Mccoy: (Jessica) I used my regular conditioner with it and it still worked just fine

Hazel Mccoy: That’s the before and after with the matrix. I didn’t notice much of a difference with the fanola

Kendall Carter: Hazel Mccoy: thanks Jessica! Amazing results!

Kendall Carter: How long did you leave it on to achieve this results?

Hazel Mccoy: 15-20minutes I got it from my hair dresser for $10 didn’t really think it was going to work but I was amazed how well it did!

Jesus Brooks: My fav is the Fudge purple shampoo.

Kendall Carter: Thanks!

Kelsey Owens: Surface Violet Shampoo, not as drying as most purple shampoos and it smells like an açaí bowl.

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