Question: What tips can you give me to help my curls last longer after sleeping? Are you retwisting?

Question: What tips can you give me to help my curls last longer after sleeping? Are you retwisting?

MsBinky Wms: Every Night~

Monica Magee: I guess that’s where I’m messing up at. You retwist every night? What are your techniques?

MsBinky Wms: Monica Magee I just part my hair with my fingers by raking them through most nights. When I think it needs water moisture I use some rose water glycerin OR some warm water in a small squirt bottle with some Brulee mixed in and mist it and retwist it. If my ends are dry I will put some Brulee on the ends and rake it through the section and then twist. Yep, I do that ~

Doris Thomas: Thank you ?

MsBinky Wms: Doris Thomas check me out in the search bar; I was a mess when I arrived in this group. I was on my way to going back to my bald fade cause my hair was just ughghghhg!!

Doris Thomas: MsBinky Wms i did last night. You had mentioned fit dinnertime to look you up and I did too ?

MsBinky Wms: I don’t want nobody to give up; when I think of all the stuff we done tried and trashed. I’m glad to share my story of success and encourage everybody to reach theirs too!!!

Dianna Conyers: MsBinky Wms, where did you purchase the glycerin?

MsBinky Wms: Dianna Conyers Amazon

Doris Thomas: MsBinky Wms no giving up .. Not an option

Dianna Conyers: Thank you MsBinky Wms❤

Praise J. Leke: Also, do you sleep with satin hair bonnets on your hair?

MsBinky Wms: Every Night!

Doris Thomas: I have a satin bonnet ..

Erica L Frazier: Good question Following

Traci Liddell: I usually re- twist about every 3 days if I’m wearing a twist out. In between I pin my hair up on top of my head with bobby pins. ( like a pineapple) Then tie a scarf around the bottom and then a bonnet over the entire head. That usually preserves my curls

MsBinky Wms: Waiting for this day

La’ Ve: Me too MsBinky Wms!!

Doreatha Harris: E V E R Y NIGHT

Fay Hills: I kept my hair twist for 2 days, slept with plastic cap to help keep moisturize, retwisted 1st night, 2nd wrapped upward band, & bonnet, still beautiful, curly, very soft. When twisting I use warm water, moisturizer, & gel. Saw video that point out, detangle, & when twisting do borrow hair strands, keep neat, & finger coil end. It makes a major difference.

Doris Thomas: Thank you?, never thought of adding water. I’ve added more moisturizer only .. everyone has great pointers. You Ladies are Awesome.

Kathy Preston-Smith: Does the plastic Cap make your hair wet?

Fay Hills: No, it lightly create moisture. The video about twisting, under MsBinky Wms here in the group, she shared it.

Kathy Preston-Smith: EVERY NIGHT cause my hairis short, but I love my hair.

Fay Hills: No, maybe 2 to 3 times, it depends on how dry your hair is, or how it absorbs moisturize

Kathy Preston-Smith: It is very dry, I washed tonight and two strand twist, then I put the plastic Cap on to sleep in it right. I’m just asking I want my hair to be moisturized

Fay Hills: No, do wear the cap tonight, bcuz your hair is already wet, but make sure you use plenty of product, & work it though each twist

Amanda Beautifulallday Washington: Slap cap

Doris Thomas: ?? Haven’t heard that term.

MsBinky Wms: That’s what I have!!

Doris Thomas: What is it?

MsBinky Wms: A satin lined cap for sleeping and covering hair

Doris Thomas: MsBinky Wms oh, I have been looking for one of those. Did not know the term – my apologies.

Doris Thomas: Only have a bonnet

MsBinky Wms: No problem, we are here to answer questions

Doris Thomas: I’m grateful for the sisterhood on this page.

Calisha Reid: I have a slap cap but it doesn’t save my curls. It makes my head hot so my hair end up frizzy.

MsBinky Wms: I love my cap

Doris Thomas: Calisha Reid i had nice beautiful curls b4 work and when I clocked out it was a fro. But either or I love my hair.

Calisha Reid: I love mines to but only when my hair is nappy r with twist in

Calisha Reid: My curls last but not with that cap

Doris Thomas: Calisha Reid I need then to last. But they was still a little wet. Maybe that was my problem. ?

Calisha Reid: Do use the gel with it?

MsBinky Wms: I’m always twisting….every night mostly. But on the rare occassions my cap works. I stand in the bathroom in the steam and the curls pop right back outj

Doris Thomas: Calisha Reid its out for delivery today. Tomrw I’ll cowash and retwisting.

Doris Thomas: My hair is funny, don’t really hold curls, not even when its straight. ?

Amanda Beautifulallday Washington: I love mine too, my curls stay intact, and I sleep on a satin pillow case, but I changed my pillows to cooling pillows too…

Arabia Oneal: I cowash and twist on Sundays take down Monday or Tuesday, wear all week without retwisting unless I want it fresh. Sleep with a bonnet this twist is from last Sunday my edges and the back wasn’t still curled as tight so I threw this cute headband on. I noticed my twists last longer, the longer my hair gets.

Doris Thomas: Which product did you use? Ur hair looks great. Hoping the HD will help in holding. Tomrw is my off day. I will start my week with a clean start.

Arabia Oneal: On Sunday I use everything! Cowash, 1010, caramel souffle, creme brulee, and Hd like I saturate my hair with these products. Keep in mind that for the oil and cream I smooth it into my hair repeatedly like rubbing lotion into your skin. Root to tip repeatedly.i use the HD last and leave it in 2 strand twists for a full day to two days.

Arabia Oneal: Thank you BTW

Doris Thomas: Arabia Oneal gonna try that and see how that works. Thank you. ?

Arabia Oneal: Not sure if you know of the loc method Leave in conditioner Oil …See more

Doris Thomas: Arabia Oneal I did not, this is all me to me. I’ve wore braids for almost a year. And giving this another try. Thank you again.

Arabia Oneal: I had to learn too, that’s what I love about these groups. We can share techniques, some things will work for you better than others. We have all been there.

Doris Thomas: Arabia Oneal I’m loving the support everyone shares. It’s Awesome and its not phoney. Everyone is Real.. At least from what I’ve experienced this far.

Felicia Williams: I twist the sides because the texture of my hair on the sides stays frizzy and then I put my hair up in a pineapple. I use a satin scarf. Think I am going to add a bonnet from seeing Traci Liddell post

Doris Thomas: I have to get another satin scarf. My family got nee in those. Lol

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