Has anyone used Joico blonde life shampoo and conditioner?

Has anyone used Joico blonde life shampoo and conditioner?

Liliana Robinson: Yeah it leaves a film on your hair

Bennett Wallace: You don’t like it?! I need a good shampoo to help take brassy away I heard this one was good..

Liliana Robinson: It’s not a coloured shampoo so it definitely won’t help tone anything

Liliana Robinson: Get the blue fanola shampoo

Finley Cortez: Use Matrix Brass off! My fave!

Bennett Wallace: Weird that’s not what it says on their website! Okay I’ll look into those too!

Liliana Robinson: Yeah it’s a fairly clear shampoo, I have it and only use it if my hair is stained from my purple shampoo

Bennett Wallace: Thank you!!

Charley Poole: Joico Blonde Life is an illuminating shampoo which takes the dullness out of blondes. If your hair is yellowy u need a purple shampoo. And if it’s more orangy u need a blue shampoo

Galilea Farmer: I’ve heard great things about the Fanola no yellow and no orange line Salonguys.com


Angelina Hogan: I heard great things and tried it and my hair was so heavy after. I stopped using it after two uses

Bennett Wallace: Thanks everyone I went with joico blue shampoo and conditioner! I’ve used it before and love it!

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