Favorite men’s shampoo and conditioner?

Favorite men’s shampoo and conditioner?

Favorite MEN’S shampoo and conditioner for your guy? My husband has thick black hair that needs a good conditioner.

Amara Bennett: Johnny B is really good.

Christina Colon: Oh my gosh! My mind was drawing blanks. Thank you! I love their styling products.

Amara Bennett: They have a shampoo/body wash that is excellent.

Amara Bennett: Christina Colon: Reuzell is nice product too.

Christina Colon: Thank you! I will look into both of them. Do you know where I can take him to go smell them?

Amara Bennett: Christina Colon: if you are in New Mexico…Armstrong McCall for Johnny B. Not sure who distributes Ruezel there.

Amara Bennett: Christina Colon: R Stafford has Reuzell in NM. One store in Albuqurque.

Christina Colon: I’m in Utah.

Amara Bennett: Christina Colon: Johnny B in Utah is Cosmoprof.

Christina Colon: Thank you so much for your help!

Karter Barker: My husband uses mine. ? He liked it so much it buys himself different “flavors” then what I use. He doesn’t care that it’s pink. ?

Christina Colon: My husband does, too lol But one was thickening and his haircuts were lasting about two days hahaha

Ryker Rowe: Chi tea tree oil

Asher Ross: Paul Mitchell tea tree. He loves it

Karla Newton: Paul Mitchell Men’s line. Jack Black. 1821 is my favorite though!

Amara Bennett: 1821 fragrance is wonderful!

Barrett Ortiz: Big sexy detox

Anne Cummings: Woodys or American crew. They are both great.

Elliot Young: My uses suave professionals two in one for dandruff. Its not the best but its better than what he was using; a bar of soap ???

Christina Colon: We tried head and shoulders once, it dried his hair too much. Bar of soap?

Maddox Washington: “for men” is just marketing BS. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree is really good.

Christina Colon: We like the scent to be more like men’s cologne, but this one keeps getting mentioned. Tell how it makes your hair feel.

Jonah Santiago: I use the hydrating tea tree shampoo and conditioner. I have dry, curly, processed hair and it makes my hair feel clean and hydrated but not too heavy(which is important since I wash once a week.) He might not like the tingly feeling of the tea tree though, just a fair warning.

Juliette Gutierrez: Paul Mitchell’s men’s line “Mitch” has a sulfate free 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner. It’s called Double Hitter. I’m normally not a fan of 2 in 1’s, but my husband has thick, course hair that he washes everyday (he’s a mechanic so it gets real dirty), but it doesn’t dry his hair out at all & makes it soft

Juliette Gutierrez: The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree is really good too, but I would use the Lavender Mint conditioner because it’s extra moisturizing

Avery Farmer: Either Paul Mitchell Mitch or tea tree or Redken brews

Juliette Gutierrez: We just got the Redken Brews at our salon but I haven’t tried it yet. You like it?

Avery Farmer: I do it smells awesome and it makes the hair really soft

Juliette Gutierrez: Good to know!

Tanner Mathis: I like SEXYhealthyHAIR. …soy, cocoa, argan oil….smells manly enough….

Avery Farmer: Yes that too. Good stuff

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