Should I Wash my Hair Before Dyeing It?

Should I Wash my Hair Before Dyeing It?

Should I Wash my Hair Before Dyeing It?

To make sure your hair coloring process will become successful; you need to start with clean and dry hair.  The hair must be fully clean, free from any product and excess oils, which hinders the coloring formula from penetrating deep into the roots. It may result in uneven colored hair. It must be dry, so the hair stylists will know what parts of the hair have been covered with coloring and to also avoid the ending up with color gaps after the process. You also need to be sure that the hair is in its best probable condition before you seek for the color service. This means that you will make sure you condition your hair very well before you apply the color of your choice. This will make sure that the hair has a good balance of moisture all the way to the shaft of the hair and the coloring will be absorbed evenly, to guarantee an evenly colored hair afterwards.

Should I wash my hair before dyeing it? This is a common question among men and women whenever they plan to color their hair.  Well, it is a no. you shouldn’t wash your hair before dyeing it. This is because the natural oils on your scalp will serve as a buffer between the skin and the chemicals you will use. It will be best not to shampoo your hair for a day before you color it. If you will go to a salon, you need to be sure that you last wash your hair before the appointment is not with a color depositing shampoo and conditioner. This may affect how the hairstylist sees the present color shade of your hair, so the results might be altered. Next time you dye your hair, you will not ask should I wash my hair before dyeing it, because you already know the answer to this.

Men and women are both conscious about their hair, because it is the crowning glory of everyone, especially during special occasions. The need to choose the right types of hairstyle that will match the shape of the face and personality along with the right hair color is now becoming a big deal to both sexes. Women are the ones who are very much particular about their hairstyle. From time to time, they would like to change their hair length to achieve the new look they want. Expressing yourself is not hard using a variety of hairstyles to match your mood. Medium hairstyles are very famous to women of all ages, but those who are in their middle age are the ones who opt for a medium to short hairstyle due to their busy lifestyle. They find this type of hair length helpful to them, because it is easier to manage and requires little styling time. Those who also recover from hair damage are the ones who opted for a medium to short hair length and bold hair color too.

A lot of people dye their hair for different reasons. It may be to bring back their grayed hair into its original color or to change to a new hair color to feel younger and trendy. Some just want a little bit of change by highlighting their hair. Even if the results of hair coloring vary sometimes, the satisfaction people get from it while messing up their hair is very remarkable. It’s just that when you dye your hair, you need to welcome some unlucky incidents that usually happen during and after the hair coloring process. Before the treatment, the color of the dye ad its type should be identified accordingly. The hair color must appear to be natural under natural lights or even in an artificial lighting. Oftentimes, the shade of the hair color may differ as a result of the reflection of the light on the hair. Such hair colors may come out in various types.

Temporary hair colors cannot penetrate deep into the cuticle layer of the hair and oftentimes it is used in parties or impromptu events. They are best for cosplays, Halloween parties and masquerade balls. These hair dyes are available in the market in gels, sprays, chalks and foams too.  The semi-permanent colors are best for beginners who do not know how to color their hair. This is not harmful and the color will not last, they are known as washable. Though permanent hair color is not washable, so the hair will grow with it, the natural hair color and the shade of the hair dye will become invisible. To keep the color of the hair to the roots uniform, you are recommended to color your hair every 6 months or 2 times a year.

Hair colors have their selected levels and these levels are all essential to achieve the desired hair color you want. It is also important to calculate the color to be able to achieve the result that you want. A lot of times, salons cannot determine what hairstyle and hair color will match the shape of your face, if you will let them decide for you, you can be sure that it won’t look awkward in your face. Hairstylists will be liable if you will be allergic to the product that they used, so beforehand they will perform a strand test or a sensitivity test to know if you will be allergic to the hair dye. This is often used on people who will go through hair coloring for the first time. Those who will use a new brand of hair coloring formula must also go through this test. It is a must to make sure that your skin will not react to the coloring formula and that the coloring process will go through smoothly.

The hair sensitivity test involved putting on a portion of the dye solution in a certain part of the body to know if there will be an allergic reaction towards the chemicals present in the hair dye formula. The strand test will be performed on the other hand to check if the result of the hair color of your choice is suited for your hair. From this test, the adjustments will be made by the hairstylist and he/she can use another formula to boot the undertones. From this test, the adjustments can also be made using the hair formula to boost or to lessen the undertones. A suitable time frame wherein the color will be allowed to stay on your hair before the extra coloring is washed off, which can also affect the result of the coloring process.

Men and women are fond of changing their hair color, since the availability of hair dyes today is rampant. Those with beautiful, shiny, thick and long hair make women attractive and sexy at the same time. There is no doubt that from the time of the poets they have praised women with long hair and there is nothing compared to have bouncy, soft and shiny hair nowadays. In earlier times, women used to take care of their hair by making it soft and shiny. During those times, girls do not have an idea yet that they can also improve their hair color by changing it using hair dyes. Ladies with black hair are admired by those with red hair and they have seen those women as someone to be jealous of.

Changing the hair color is not actually a sign of insecurity; it is more likely a sign of self-expression. Changing hair color due to boredom is another thing, but this is not surprising anymore, because when you ask someone why she/he keeps on changing the color of his/her hair, the answer might be because of boredom. He/she wants something new, a change, especially after breaking up with his/her partner or when people seek for a new beginning in a relationship or career wise, the hair is often the one being changed first. People see it as the very first and easiest thing to start the change. Big life changes are very risky and frightening too, more so in changing the hairstyle and color, because you do not have any idea of the outcome, yet people gamble and try. The satisfaction it can give is simply incomparable.

Changing hair color and style has something to do with a broken relationship nowadays, though this has been the primary reason why women change their hairstyle and hair color, this is not really the reason for others who come in and out of salons to have their hair color treatment. When men and women initiate the change through their hair style, the new progresses in their lives show off, regardless if they just want something new, they want to try the newest hair color trend or they have the intention of changing their identity. The hair will surely reflect someone’s personality and as long as the change evolves as they go through something new in life, there will always be new hairstyles and colors to try out. And this is what makes change good for people.

A lot of people who go through life changes oftentimes want to reveal what is inside of them and they want to let the people know about it through their physical transformation. If you can see men and women changing their hair color after a breakup, this is what you call break over and not a makeover. This is a part of the healing process and changing the color of their hair can give them the confidence that they need to boost their mood and to make them feel sexy once again. Though, salon experts do not have the proof if this is true, they do believe that when their clients leave after the treatment, they are new people and they are more confident to face the world once again.


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