I started washing my hair only every 3 days, but now I’m losing hair?

I started washing my hair only every 3 days, but now I’m losing hair?

I’ve been holding off on washing my hair everyday since it’s supposed to be good for it. Well when I wash my hair like 3 days after, I lose so much hair it scares me. Does anyone know the reason for this & how to solve this issue???

Kayden Valdez: The only time I ever lost hair was when I went on hormonal birth control pills. Could it be related to hormones?

Serena Greer: Possibly since I will be turning 43! Lol.

Kayden Valdez: You may want to ask your doctor about it

Serena Greer: Thank you. ?

Gloria Love: happenned to me in my early 40s, I focused on boosting my thyroid and that helped, look for those hints. also still comb or brush it daily from the root to rake away dead hairs, if you wait then it appears to all fall out at once when you shampoo.

Gracelyn Rivera: Might check the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner for when you do wash your hair… Might have somethings in it causing breakage and loosing hair

Liberty Nelson: Apparently it’s not always good to go days without washing your hair. Silvia did a video on it not too long ago

Leia Lambert: What is the video titled? Thanks!

Liberty Nelson: Something about hair loss.. I’d have to search YouTube..hold on

Abel Rodriquez: Liberty Nelson:, thanks for posting the video. Very helpful! ?

Jazlyn Castillo: I think its definitely not for everyone. I need to wash every two days

Brandon Mann: I have lost so much hair every time I wash it. I am almost 60 but then again I have very thick hair. All my life I’ve been this way. Its normal.

Norah Castro: Liberty Nelson: is right. I have to wash mine everyday because of the poor condition it’s in, and I’m in.

Stella Barnes: This happens to me too. You’re probably not loosing mire hair, its the hsir that you’re nsturally supposed to shed during tbose 3 days you are seeing sll at once.

Quinn Nichols: ya beat me lol

Stella Barnes: Lol

Quinn Nichols: I’m not sure exactly how much you mean but I have really long hair and have noticed a change in the amount of hair that comes out when I wash depending on if I’ve had my hair up for the 2 or 3 days or down. If my hair is up there isn’t a chance for the normal hairs to just come out during the day gradually so they all get brushed out in the shower so it seems like a lot especially since my hair is long so one hair makes up a lot of volume… if that makes sense?

Selena George: Washing hair less is not necessarily good. Most likely it just seems like a lot, since all the hair that would have fallen out throughout your current no-wash days fall out at once. Up to 100 hairs a day is pretty normal… Or your scalp might need to be cleaned more to be healthy and promote healthy hair growth.

Brandon Mann: Yes I’ve been told this too lol and yeah that’s a lot.so I really don’t worry about it. If I washed hair daily. It take oils from your hair that makes it shine. Also I put coconut oil in my hair Evey 3 months. I’m happy with my hair. I did grow my hair out, took a year but I didn’t really care for it.

Brandon Mann: I like coloring my hair better.

Selena George: Frequency of washes it really a personal preference, we all are different. My scalp gets itchy and unhappy when it isn’t perfectly clean, so I was my hair every day, and just use Kerastase or Matrix oil for added softness and shine. Got my hair from bob to waist length in 2 years no problem despite heat styling and coloring. All a mater of skin type and hair care…

Brandon Mann: That’s awesome Selena George:.

Makenzie Brewer: I agree with the ladies^^ I also loose some hair when I wash. I don’t brush my hair after I do the beach waves or let it air dry n wear it wavy. So when I do wash on the third day, I believe its just all the hair that wasn’t able to shed all the way. Probably the same with u. I have always lost a lot in the shower my daughter also has the same problem. She has hair like Diana Ross so she can stand to loose a little.

Rosemary Larson: My dermatologist said I was supposed to wash my hair everyday especially if you have an oily scalp. We need to keep follicles clean from debris and products that we use everyday. I see so many ppl think they are doing the best thing for their hair by NOT washing it often. Quite the contrary.

Brandon Mann: My hair doesn’t get oily, like when I was a kid. Does age change your chemistry? Oh when I was young yes I had to do it everyday. It was like bad hair day every day.

Norah Castro: Illness does. That’s my problem.

Rosemary Larson: Yes, I am 60 and postmenopausal . It has changed. It was extremely oily when I was a teenager and even older. I had to see the a couple months ago because I had unbearable itching. She told me to wash it everyday. She put me on free and clear shampoo for a month. Now I can use my regular shampoo most of the time as the itching has subsided. Rarely, do I miss a day of washing it.

Sophie Montgomery: Do you brush your hair every day? If not, that might be the answer. The ammount of hair you shed must be the same, but x3 if you wash it every 3 days

Frances Caldwell: I have the same issue. I could wash the nezt day 2 3 days later and still lose alot if hear

Kaitlyn Waters: Exact same thing was happening to me. I stopped wearing my hair up as often. If I wash my hair at night, I skip a day. I probably wash it 5 out of 7 days now and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in less hair loss AND my hair is growing faster.

Juliana Thomas: Look into Monat. It’s the first anti aging haircare on the market.

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