When dying your hair is it better to have clean hair or “dirty” hair?

When dying your hair is it better to have clean hair or “dirty” hair?

When dying your hair is it better to have clean hair or “dirty” hair? My hair is thick and naturally course so I can often go a week without washing. It’s been a week and is time to wash but I’m wanting to dye my hair.

Maliyah Cunningham: It’s better to have dirty hair

Leilani Herrera: I always wait a few days so it’s dirty bc the oils hello protect your hair against the dyd

Maliyah Cunningham: So the skin will be oily and if its dry it can be itchy, sorry for my bad english

Harlow Barker: Thanks ladies!

River Palmer: Dirty because the oils protect your scalp and ifbyour bleaching you dont itch xxx

Anna Hodges: For the most part, clean hair. I wouldn’t color hair immediately after washing normally however a buildup of oil and/or product could cause resistance against color.

Zara Todd: If I don’t go with clean hair my hair doesn’t lift well. If I’m going dark though then dirty hair is fine

Phoenix Crawford: I actually just did a video on how to color your hair at home! It’s always better to have your hair dirty. The dirty hair will part easier, protect your hair from the damaging dyes & the oil from your scalp will prevent you from staining and itching!

Rhett Gomez: What color would you get if you have mineral deposits on your hair and when applying the developer creates a teaction? (you apply red on derby hair and it turn brown) not knowing that the copper pipes that ghe water goes through, some of the copper deposits on the hair, when water and oxygen mix (H2O2) turns green, mix green and red= ?????

Travis Allen: Dirty

Marlee Porter: Clean, clarified dampHair.

Mckenzie Parker: Clean hair for color, dirty hair for bleaching

Rhett Gomez: What will it happen if you have mineral deposits on uour hair and you apply the lightner ( bleach) and you create a chemical reaction?

Mckenzie Parker: It could affect the color depending on how much mineral deposit u have, etc. Malibu c has a treatment that removes mineral deposits called crystal gel I think it is. U can probably order it from eBay or Amazon

Eli Mccarthy: Yea #Lee is right ☝☝Malibu is great…I seen many many reviews on groups!!

Chase Clarke: I usually do dirty but only by 24hrs.

Leah Hudson: Washing the day before is good. There’s enough oil but not too much.

Harlow Barker: Thanks everyone!!

Cody Ramirez: Clean – the salt from sweat can effect how well your color takes ? its am old school thing with the dirty hair – they used to recommend dirty hair to protect your scalp but hair color these days are much more gentle

Natalie Pena: not washed is best

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