Is it best to get your hair done with dirty hair or with clean hair?

Is it best to get your hair done with dirty hair or with clean hair?

So I want to know, is it best to get your hair done with dirty hair or with clean hair? I always use to hear dirty and but then I heard that having a bunch of built up oils and such doesn’t allow the color to penetrate as much as it should.

Sylvia Kim: A day or so dirty is fine but if I can’t get a comb through it there’s a problem lol. Personally I use a lot of product so I shampoo my hair the evening before I’m going to color it and leave as little product as possible in it.

Sienna Munoz: U only want ur hair dirty if ur going to get ur hair styled or an updo. Best to have it clean so there’s no product or other barriers against the color or whatever chemical process ur having done.

Jimena Reyes: Clean! Ugh I can’t stand people coming in with greasy ass hair! Wash your hair the night before. If your having a chemical service where the chemical will touch your scalp don’t scrub it hard when u wash it.

Demi Blair: Thank you everyone!!! So I’ll be washing my hair tonight for tomorrow afternoons color ? I would wash it tomorrow but I work a lot and don’t have time tomorrow.

Gracelynn Schmidt: I always like a clean canvas, how ever don’t scrub your scalp to much you’ll be prone to irritation

Lauren Moran: Clean hair is fine just don’t irritate or scratch your scalp when you wash your hair

Addilyn Saunders: Depends on what you do, as a stylist I suggest don’t shampoo for 12-24 hours prior to a color service and little product on the hair. If you came for a blonding session, I’d clarify your hair at the salon anyways for even, predictable results before the service.

Eliana Harper: As a hairdresser I can tell you we can’t stand putting are hands in your greasy hair! A couple of days is fine. Don’t leave it a week like some do. If you’re washing it the night before a colour service, don’t use a lot of conditioner it puts a barrier on your hair. X

Madison Watkins: “Hahahaha its been 6 days since I’ve washed it but I was like ‘forget it! I’m going to the hairdresser'”??? literally the worst…

Eva Ross: I recommend 1-2 day old hair (for most people). You want some kind of barrier on your scalp, especially if getting on the scalp bleach, and it can help with irritation and itching. I also prefer 1-2 day old hair for foiling because it “sticks” better and is easier to handle.

Jayda Richards: Honestly it really doesn’t matter. It used to be they recommended dirty hair bc the chemicals were so harsh now it rly doesn’t matter.– hairstylist

Heaven Hunter: I suggest a day of none shampooed hair before chemical services of course with no wear of product. Either when going lighter as i like the natural oils from tjr hair or a service where I shampoo it before application.

Braxton Robbins: Depends on your hair type. If you’ve got lots of curly flyaways then dirty is definitely better. It’s easier to control and if having foils you can get closer to the root. If it’s too clean it bounces up and won’t stick especially if it’s just hilighting roots

Jocelyn Rhodes: I prefer it to be clean. I will “dirty” it with professional styling and texturizing products

Gabriella Gonzales: There seemed to be a lot of debate about this not that long ago. I personally prefer clean hair. Ideally, I actually prefer to shampoo it and blow dry it myself before I do the updo. Some people like it dirty. One thing that has been working for me recently has been to give the shampoo and conditioner to my client as well as a styling product that they should put in their hair the night before. Then, it can air dry when they sleep on it, and I can stylet and deal with it in the morning.

Delilah Berry: Clean or dirty doesn’t make a difference. I prefer dirty because it’s easier for me to part the hair.

Madison Watkins: Day old hair with no product.The only time you really need some scalp build up is for bleach and tones and relaxers. They’re both very intense and can burn your scalp if you don’t have an acid mantle build up. Everything else – you’ll be fine. Coming in with oily hair for a foil is LITERALLY the worst because I can’t use a proper technique because your hair won’t separate. ??

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