Should I Wash my Hair Often?

Should I Wash my Hair Often?

A lot of people really want to have great and healthy hair. You use a shampoo to clean your hair and give it the bouncy look. Going through a regular trim is very essential if you wish to conform to the trend and become stylish. But, more than just styling your hair, cleaning it properly is one way to keep it well maintained and this is should matter to you.  If you are looking for the best and the most comfortable type of hairstyle, it will be best for you to know that there are lots of options that are available today for your special needs.

There are varieties of hairstyles that will be suitable for your needs, the buzz cut is one of the perfect example because it is just a wash and go style which is best for men who don’t have much time to groom their hair. There are also military cuts that might work for you. The flat top you will be more stylish but men don’t always want this kind of style. There are lots of ways to achieve the look you want.

With short hair, you will not worry about bad hair day again since you have a short hairstyle that doesn’t require much grooming. There are lots of men who want to have a short haircut while others need to have a short hairstyle for their work. The face and the hair types are very important when it comes to choosing the right type of hairstyle. Men differ in the options that is why choosing the right one won’t be a problem because there are sleek type, fun and the unique hairstyle to match the lifestyle of the person and the activities he have.

You shouldn’t have 2nd thoughts when it comes to choosing the right very short hairstyle for men these days because you won’t discover the right one meant for your needs if you will not new things out. It will be helpful too if you will make a thorough research over the web since there are lots of options that are available for you there. You can also look for videos so you will know how stylists will do the hairstyle and the cut.

But more than hair styling, hair washing should be on your list first before styling your hair and devoting so much time in buying products to enhance your hair, because they can just add damage to it. Hair washing is all about personal hygiene, but even if all people will agree to the fact that hair washing must be done daily, there are some who still believe that this may cause harm and severe hair dryness. The truth is that you are not actually causing harm to your hair if you wash it often.

What is essential is to use certain hair products like shampoo & conditioner you use; the amount that you apply on your hair must be as small as a pea only to make sure your hair will not be damaged. Should I wash my hair often? This is a common question of the people these days and the answer to this depends on your lifestyle and your hair condition. Men and women are very much concern about their hairstyle and the health of their hair. Both of them keep asking themselves should I wash my hair often or not.

The right water temperature also matters most when washing your hair. You should go for warm water when washing your hair; this can help in washing your hair well. Too hot water can strip away the natural oil of your hair and it may lead to dandruff and scalp flaking. You need to prepare your water first before you wash your hair; it’s about time to get a nice shampoo. But, hey! Keep in mind that you only need to pour enough amount of the shampoo on your palm and then massage it gently on your scalp to form lather. When you massage your scalp, you need to use the balls of the fingertips to do that and gently massage in a circular manner for around 10 seconds.

Scalp massage offers benefits not just to the hair, but to your whole body as well. It can help you relax. You can do it yourself, but it will be best if you will ask someone to do the scalp massage for you. Some people go to a spa or to a salon to get the best scalp massage. Their masseurs are well trained for this. Some salons even use essential oils, olive oil or coconut oil for it during the massage. It can also be done without oil, but there are some who prefer to have their scalp greased for easy gliding of the fingertips. This is best to relieve headache and tension. When doing the scalp massage to someone with a headache, you need to spend some time at the base of the skull just nearby the hairline; this is because the tension is often gathered in this part of the head. A massage on the forehead can also help and you can also reach the temples to give a relief to the tension. Scalp massage is best for people with migraine too.

A good scalp massage is also best to boost the blood circulation of the head and face. It helps in increasing the circulation at the roots of the hair to promote healthy hair growth. If you will use oil for the scalp during the massage, it can also help in eliminating the dandruff. The oil you will use on your scalp can also help in preventing new dandruff from accumulating. A massage can help in eliminating dead skin cells too and oil as well. Just make sure you will prevent hair tangling while doing the massage.

A good scalp massage can boost your wellbeing. It can make you feel more relaxed and very much contented. If you will also give your face a massage, it can also help in the reduction of wrinkles, because the face is less pinched when in relax mode. Do you know that a good scalp massage can also boost better sleep?  Those who suffer from a scalp massage may be able to sleep better and stay asleep for a longer time than those who were not able to get a massage. This can help in easing fatigue and it can also make you feel energized too.  There is nothing compared to a relaxing massage, this is what people wish to have after a tiring day at work or after a long day in school. Though you can do this on your own, it is still nice and relaxing to have this done by someone in a salon or spa. They know better than you anyway.

After doing the massage, it’s about time to shampoo your hair and then use a conditioner for it too. This is for the hair and not to the scalp. Your goal is to make the hair smoother and to make the hair cuticles clean. This is also for detangling the hair strands after you shampoo. Experts recommend that you use conditioner regularly more than just the leave on. Should I wash my hair often with shampoo and conditioner is not needed, what you can do is to wash it every other day or every 3 days, so that the natural oils of the scalp will not be compromised. Rinsing is also part of hair washing. One way to do this is to stand under running water. This will make sure that there will be no residue left on your hair and scalp. You can also rinse two times as much as possible.

After washing your hair, you need to towel dry it and comb it accordingly. Normally, towel drying is one of the best parts, but do not rub the towel on your hair. Pat your hair gently with a towel and be sure there is no more water saturated and then let it air dry. It is just fine to use a hair dryer, but you need to do it in the right manner. To prevent hair damage, you can hold the dryer far from your hair and then use the high speed yet low temperature to start drying your hair. You can turn off and on the dryer, since it is not advisable for you to dry the hair totally using this device. It may cause hair breakage and split ends too.

Should I wash my hair often with shampoo and conditioner depends on your lifestyle and the condition of your hair. If you have fine hair, you can wash your hair every other day or every 2 days. This way it will not be very greasy and the natural oils of the scalp will still be nourished. For medium to coarse hair type, you can shampoo your hair every 3-4 days weekly. The thicker the hair is the longer it will be for the absorption of natural oils and it will become less oily in time than those with finer hair type. You need to condition your hair deeply at least once a week for more than 15 minutes. Hair masking is important, since you do not have any plans of washing your hair often.

Chemically damaged hair must be washed based on the hair texture, but you need to leave the conditioner overnight. You can tie up your hair and then put on your shower cap while you are sleeping. This will help you secure the pillow and the natural heat will help with conditioning the treatment, enabling the penetration of the cuticle layer and then give it a deep conditioning.



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