Not washing your Hair: is it helpful to make the hair grow faster?

Not washing your Hair: is it helpful to make the hair grow faster?


Hair can be a source of great pride and vanity for people. Everyone is concerned over their hair. Its length, its volume, its style, all of it can consume someone and is enough to drive them to obsess over their hair. It is said to be the crowning glory and in the society people live in, there is a significant amount of attention paid to taking care of it. It is also one of the most versatile aspects of a person’s appearance.

It is conducive to all sorts of manipulation and really lends itself to being a wonderful canvass for any person. There are those hairstyles that just project a sense of adventure such as the Mohawk and the dreadlocks. There are those hairstyles that are decidedly less outrageous such as the crew cut. Hair can also be a source of great. It has been a great source of personal pride it is then worthwhile to find out how to let it grow and at a faster rate.

The most important thing to consider when trying stimulating more rapid hair growth is to make sure that the appropriate steps are taken when it comes to hair care. A useful tip is to massage the scalp. This can really help relax the scalp and in turn is beneficial to the hair. Application of hot oil to the scalp is also helpful in trying to better the circulation within the scalp. There are also specific variants of these hot oils that can provide nutrition to the hair. These include coconut oil, olive oil and a few others. Another useful tip is to make sure to clean the scalp thoroughly. Any leftover particles in the scalp can block the hair follicles and impede their growth.

Another tip worth knowing when trying to grow hair is to make sure that it has an appropriate level of moisture. This involves the usage of conditioners. It is also useful to know that for one’s hair to grow faster, it is advisable to not shampoo daily. A proper diet can also help aid in hair growth. Consuming food that is rich in iron and protein goes a long way in to improving the rate of hair growth.  Hair is an important thing to many people and in order to be able to get the most out of it the proper hair care is always required. Please share this article with other people if you found it useful. Please share any additional knowledge about the topic and feel free to leave any comments below the article.

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About hair washing to grow the hair faster

Not washing your hair has nothing to do with making it grow faster and thicker. This is just among those myths that are still prevailing up to this day and age. The idea of never putting water on your hair is just so awful, but there is just some weight to this myth. What is the truth behind dirty hair and growing hair? Are they related? Well, the human hair must be cleansed all the time, it must be done regularly. Not washing your hair is unhygienic.

With this, you should know that the idea of having a dirty hair to promote hair growth is so famous these days. As you all know, black hair does not require daily washing that straight hair needs.  You can always shampoo your hair once weekly and have healthy hair. Those who believed that washing the hair once a month is just ok, on the other hand, some leave their hair dirty is because they believe in the myth that it can grow faster, since washing often can lead to dryness and breakage. If you will shampoo your hair daily, your hair will dry and breakout, especially if you have a black hair and you use harsh shampoo.

Not washing your hair is unsanitary, so you shouldn’t think of not washing your hair at all. The natural oils, hair cosmetics, scalp buildup and air pollution all build up on your hair. If you will not wash it out or you will just do this monthly, this will not be helpful in making it grow further.  A clean scalp is always a healthy scalp, using a gentle shampoo to cleanse it on a regular basis is just ideal for hair growth.

All the hair will grow in an average length of ¼-1/2 inch monthly, regardless if it is clean or dirty. It will growth whether you wash it or not daily. The bottom line is that dirty hair will not grow faster than cleaner hair, so might as well keep your hair smells good and fresh by shampooing it daily. They will look better and you will feel better too if you will not skip washing your hair.

Why the hair growth is not noticeable?

If your hair is not growing fast, then you shouldn’t blame it with your daily washing and shampooing of the hair, because whether you wash it or not daily, the hair will just grow normally as it is. There might be reasons behind it. The hair might show negative growth rates for several reasons. There are few things you need to know and some of these might even be familiar to you. Knowing them might help in boosting the growth of your hair.

Chemical treatment

Relaxing the hair, bleaching, applying on a lot of chemicals can be damaging. Damaged hair will still grow from the scalp, but it will eventually break off, which means it is not healthy anymore. If you have relaxed, colored and texturized your hair, or if you have colored it with 2 shades lighter than the natural color, then it might be over processed. Hair styling using chemicals is not always bad as long as it is done in a salon with professional hairdressers.

Cutting the hair often

Cutting the hair oftentimes is not good for the hair too. If you are the one cutting your hair and you do this weekly, the hair will be stressed and it will be unhealthy for the hair. The hair will grow around ¼-1/2 inch monthly, so if you want to see it grow, then you need to stop trimming your hair daily.

The absence of hair conditioner

If you have a dry and very brittle hair, then your hair and scalp must be craving for it. It craves for its natural moisture and it will continue to do so if you are not putting on moisturizer daily, if you are not conditioning the hair monthly. If you are not attentive with the needs of your hair, it can be dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Black haired men and women should know that their hair craves for moisture. You can apply a leave on conditioner after every shampoo.

Lack of protein structure

Aside from moisturizing the hair, it also needs enough amount of protein to keep it strong. The chemicals, cruel practices that you do to your hair, the more it are essential for your hair to have enough amounts of proteins. This is because in every touch up or ironing you do to the hair, the strength of the cuticle strands is compromised. If your hair is weak, it will break and then it will become thinner and the elasticity will be compromised later on.

Traction alopecia

Tying your hair rightly or pulling the hair to form a bun can cause serious damage to the hair. It might permanently damage and kill the hair follicles overtime. If the hair is thin, it might not be reversible. Doing tight braids, pigtails or when you suffocate the weaves, it might look good, but the health of the hair will suffer. Traction alopecia is not like other types of hair loss condition. This is not a result of your age or genes. No one must suffer from this condition.

A lot of black women and their kids have lessened their hairlines, because of bad hair care. Unluckily, this condition might seem to affect the younger people. Having a good hair care does not take so much time, but the end results are usually worthy.  You can do something about this condition, like using chemicals for the hair wisely, changing of hairstyle and not pulling the hair too tightly. Kids shouldn’t be styled in a manner that their hair will be pulled tightly. You need to take precaution in styling the hair of the kids to prevent Traction alopecia.

After reading the entire article, you have learned that not washing your hair daily is not really acceptable, except if you knew that your hair is not that dirty and greasy. But some people are very fond of washing their hair, because they cannot stand the grease and the dirty. They also cannot handle too oily scalp as well. Some people just make a big deal out of washing their hair daily.

Some of them just do not want to spend most of their time in the bathroom for hair styling daily and some think that shampooing their hair daily can cause split ends, breakage and severe hair dryness. Though you need to shampoo your hair, make sure you use a gentle type of shampoo that will not cause damages to your hair. Not washing your hair has nothing to do with growing it, making it healthier and other benefits, because there is no proof yet that not washing your hair is truly beneficial, but it is not unhealthy, especially if you are active and you sweat a lot.

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