Is Washing your Hair Everyday Bad?

Is Washing your Hair Everyday Bad?

Women, the grease on your hair are one of the reasons why you would always want to wash your hair and to skip it can make it sound gross and unhygienic, but it’s not. If you will not wash your hair every day, you will discover the benefits, which are not too obvious. Is Washing your Hair Everyday Bad? Well, you need to read on to find out if it is bad or not. If you will not wash your hair regularly, you will benefit from it and there is a little secret about it that not every woman knows about.

No to daily washing 

Is Washing your Hair Everyday Bad? Maybe, yes. This is because if you will not wash your hair, you can make your scalp very productive and it will become healthier too. When you wash daily, you are actually washing away all the sebum. It is a product of your little glands in the skin, which is responsible in moisturizing and in making a water resistant barrier in the skin and scalp. This will result in the body making more sebum to run after what was washed away. You need to give your head a break from regular washing to prevent sebum overload.

Those who wash their hair daily are so conscious about the dirt on their hair. Well, do you know that the dirt on your hair can actually contribute for easy styling? Well, this is another reason for you not to wash your hair. If you have plans of making a bun or you want to curl your hair, you will find that older hair is easier to work with and it holds the style even better and longer too. If you feel that your scalp smells oily and feels greasy, you should try to put on some baby powder on the roots of the hair using a dry shampoo with a nice baby fragrance.

Saving money is among the reasons why some just do not wash their hair. Though shampoo and conditioner do not cost so much, but if your hair is very long and very thick, you will use a lot of bottles of shampoo and conditioner for your hair. This will add up a lot in your monthly budget. Also, you need to consider the electric and water bills. You will be able to save a lot if you will decide to skip washing your hair.  Though this is just a lame excuse for not washing your hair, there are just some reasonable things that you need to consider.

If you have just colored your hair, the color will be washed and fade faster than those who are not fond of washing their hair. Regardless of how much you have spent for your hair color, the point still remains that washing daily will make the color fade faster than the usual.

Another reason why some just prefer not to wash their hair at all is to prevent chemicals in hair care products to further damage their hair. Even if there are good options for natural shampoo and conditioner in the market, you need to give your hair strands a break from washing.  You can wash your hair after every 3 days or so depending on your needs. A moderately dirty hair is the best for bun hair style and you can still experiment in other hairstyles if you want.

Your scalp’s health is a very good reason not to wash your hair every day. The scalp produces the oils, which serves as nutrients to your hair and scalp. Washing your hair all the time can take off the essential nutrients in your scalp. When you brush your hair, you are distributing the natural oils and by the time you wash your hair, be sure you focus on your scalp and just let the suds go down to the ends and wash the remaining shampoo. Shampoo is for cleansing the roots and the scalp, so that the ends of the hair will be very soft & shiny.

One of the reasons not to wash your hair every day is to be environment friendly. This is a fact. When you do not shampoo your hair, you will use less water and less electricity too upon washing and drying your hair.  People normally use around seven gallons of water per minute in a shower and if people from the US alone will not use their dryer, then they can save a lot to the point that some power plants may be closed.

Dirty hair is much better

Is Washing your Hair Everyday Bad? Well, not really, but some people prefer not to wash their hair every day.  A lot of people know that washing the hair daily is not good for your overall health condition. But do you know that there are reasons why dirty hair is much better? You should not neglect washing your hair just because of the dirt and oil and hygiene on the other hand, there are few advantages you can get form keeping your hair dirty within the week. As you read on you will find the reasons why some people leave their hair dirty and why they enjoy it.

Styling a dirty hair is much easier. One of the reasons why some men and women prefer not to wash their hair every day is that it is easier to style compared to freshly washed hair that is soft and light. When ladies style their hair in bun, clean hair is harder to fix than dirty hair. Though, it is really refreshing and satisfying to have a clean hair, on the other hand if you have plans to go in an important occasion where styling your hair is badly needed, keeping it dirty can help you in styling it without worries and troubles.

Most of the time, you can easily style your hair at the start of the week and with your chosen style while sleeping. You can keep this hairstyle for a few days or so. This is what you call low maintenance type of hair that works well if you are not washing it every day. A day old hair will hold the style much better than those with newly washed hair.

When you shampoo daily and you blow dries it and style it using heat, it will be rough and it will lead to split ends, fizziness and unhealthy hair. A well moisturized hair is a hair that does not deal with shampoo daily, this means that the health of your hair will be much better if you do not shampoo every day.

A lot of women invest in products to make enhance their hair, not knowing that with regular cuts, color and quality of shampoo; you can actually improve the look, texture and quality of the hair. None of the hair products in the market today comes inexpensive, so some just prefer to make their hair dirty to look better than to spend too much in hair products.

When you wash, dry and style your hair, you are actually spending lots of time on it. Most people do not have enough time to do their hair daily. It will be more comfortable for you to just jump into the shower with tied hair like bun; this may lead to quick fixing of the hair. This is much better for busy women than to spend time drying and styling their hair in the morning. If your hair is quite oily, you can always use the dry shampoo.

You all love the look and feel of freshly cut & colored hair, but you absolutely hate it when the color just starts to fade. If you will go on in washing the hair, the follicles will open up and you are actually washing the color from the hair. Instead, do not wash your hair after colouring it, and then use cold water with a color safe shampoo to wash it.

Don’t be hard on your hair

Washing your hair is not just the only thing you do to compromise your hair, but there are still other things that can harm your hair without your knowledge. Women do not know that continuous brushing is as bad as washing your hair daily. This is one of the worst things you can do to your hair. It is a myth that brushing your hair 100 times can make it beautiful. This is because brushing the hair a few times can tug and pull the hair, this will lead to loose hair from the scalp and it will slowly tear the strands of the hair.

It is essential to just use a cotton type of headbands, instead of using the rubber types or those made from plastic materials. Good thing, headbands are now associated with cotton. This is gentler on your hair and it doesn’t lead to hair breakage.

A lot of women with oily hair think that using a conditioner can make their hair worse or some of them believe that they do not need it. This is not always the case; you need to condition your hair to prevent breakage and damages too. If you have an oily hair, you just have to buy a conditioner for all hair types and then use it only at the bottom of the hair, instead of making it reach your scalp.

When you wash your hair, make sure not to scrub the scalp. Though there is a reason why salon staffs do this, this is for hair growth stimulation and it will keep the hair follicles well-nourished too. Scrubbing can help in eliminating dead skin from the scalp, which will help in preventing the overgrowth of the yeast that causes dandruff.


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