Rice water and its benefits

Rice water and its benefits

Rice water can be used on all skin types such as dry, oily, and normal skin. The rice powder can be used as body scrub thereby removing dead skin cells. For the skin, rice water is said to be an inexpensive, effective beauty balm for cleansing, toning and lightening hyperpigmentation,sunburn and age spots.

How to make rice water at home

  • ½cup of uncooked rice
  • 2 cups water

Method 1: no-boil (quick method)

  • Rinse your rice with water to make sure there’s no dirt or impurities, place your rice in a bowl and pour in your water and cover for 24 hours. Strain your water from the rice and your rice water is ready.

Method 2: boiled rice

  • To make a concentrated rice water to use as a facial wash or hair rinse, prepare rice as you normally would, after it has gotten to a boiling point, strain the water it will look so white. That is your rice water and it has high concentration of nutrients BENEFITS OF RICE WATER
  • Skin toner: rice water is an excellent skin toner, it helps in keeping the skin smooth and glowing. It will even your skin tone.
  • Brightens your skin: rice water is far more beneficial to the skin than those artificial product that claims to lightening and brightening the skin. Use rice water as your regular face wash to get that glow on your face. It will gradually improve your skin tone. Damp a cotton ball in rice water and apply it on your face let it air dry.
  • Soothe sunburn: rice water is also used in cooling inflammations and burnt skin. It will help your skin recover fast and prevent further damage.
  • Deals with eczema: the starch components help in dealing with eczema. Boil your rice, take it down from the heat let it cool and strain the water and apply on the eczema. Frequently use will eliminate eczema.
  • Reduces pore size: damp a cotton ball with rice water and apply on the face. Use frequently for good result.

Tamara MJ Tembo: Thanks

Reedah Usman: Thanks

Glory Ewomazino: Thanks

Enukora Tina: Tanz! Pls D Boiling Tm Is It 24hrs Or 24mins

Betty Vien Etong: Just place ur rice with water on the fire, once it boils, strain the water.

Enukora Tina: Tanz Ma.

Christiana Chinagorom: Please does it remove pimples

Betty Vien Etong: Use neem powder and lemon juice for pimples

Christiana Chinagorom: Ok, thanks

Oluwadamilola Sobukola: How fast will it work

Betty Vien Etong: Frequent use gives fast result

Oluwadamilola Sobukola: Ok thank u ma

Ada Queen: Plz can one use d rice from d method 1 to form rice powder or should one use another rice that is not soaked for 24hr???

Betty Vien Etong: You can dear

Ada Queen: Alright dear,thanks a lot

Oluwadamilola Sobukola: Should we add salt 2 the rice and is it till it get soft i mean how we prepare if we want 2 eat it

Betty Vien Etong: Don’t add salt, once the rice water boils strain it with your cheese cloth

Oluwadamilola Sobukola: Wat cheese cloth do u mean cloth dat looks like teru

Mary William: Pls can I share do that I can always refer to it. Thanks.

Betty Vien Etong: You can save it, don’t share. Click on d top ryt icon on the post, different option will pop up click on save post.

Onyinye Matthew Nnatio: please, where will I see my saved post

Mary William: All right. Thanks all the same.

Rahama Jibril: How long does it take to see the results

Betty Vien Etong: Depends on your skin but frequent use gives fast result

Rahama Jibril: Thanks

Rukayat Ismaila: Pls after it has dry can we rinse it off with water

Betty Vien Etong: Yes dear

Rukayat Ismaila: Which method is the fastest method

Comfort Mebaby Olufemi Augustine: I Jst Made Mine 2day Pls Hw Cn I Use D Rice Water 2 Bath? Shd I Add It 2 My Bathin Water Or Jst Usely D Rice Water!

May Ebute: I used to add it to my bathing water when l started.

Comfort Mebaby Olufemi Augustine: So Was Is It Effective?

Mary Jesutofunmi: thanks

Excellence Ama Ibiam Okonkwo: How many mins will you leave the rice water on your body before rinsing.

Betty Vien Etong: At least 10mins

Chinwe Glory: Wow

Eunice Mary Nnachom: Pls hope it will remove de spot on my face cos I want 2 try it??

Betty Vien Etong: Use it with the black spot cream

Eunice Mary Nnachom: Okooo, Tanks

Fayemo Adeyinka: Can I use it to clear dark spot on my face

Bimbo Akinlade: Thanks a lot. Can it be stored?

Betty Vien Etong: If you want to store, refrigerate it snd use within a week

Bimbo Akinlade: Ok tnx

Bimbo Akinlade: Pls does the rice water work on “dark knuckles”?

Avarita Edmund: Tnx

Anita Nkogho: Please can polished rice also be used? And can the rice water be refrigerated?

Betty Vien Etong: Use any rice but local rice is the best

Linda Lima Emenyonu Barrah: Please can it be stored

Anita Nkogho: I was actually bathing with this rice water specifically unpolished rice, before my wedding ,but only at night. I just allowed it dry on my body, didn’t towel dry it and I didn’t mix it wish normal water while bathing. I believe it worked

Akpan Mercilina Joseph: Thanks dear

Yetunde Orebanjo Usman: Thanks

Okonkwo Amaka: Thanks so much

Tunrayo Abodunrin: Thanks

Akorede Peters: does ricewater also work on hair ? Hw shuld it be used if it works

Betty Vien Etong: It grows the hair, strengthens it and makes it glow. Just use barboilled rice water

Mariam Lamido: To wash d hair nd rinse wt clean water or rub on scalp nd live it there permanently, nd also can i store d water for further use? Tanx

Olawunmi Sinbiat Kolawole: thank u

Zainab Abubakar Idris: ALOT OV TNXC

Adewunmi Oluwatosin Ifeoluwa: pls,is it boiled or non-boile one are we going to use to clean our face with cotton wool nd can dat rice water be store

Betty Vien Etong: Use any

Adewunmi Oluwatosin Ifeoluwa: tanks sis

Maarufat Ko: Tanx every much ma

Gloria Jeffrey: Which one is better allover d body boiled or raw?

Princess Abioye Olaniyi Mary: Thank you so much, pls which rice local or normal rice

Vivian Baseey: Pls the rice water after using it to rub on the skin for how long can one leave it on the skin be4 washing it off,and can the rice water be stored?

Betty Vien Etong: At least 10mins or as long as u want

Vivian Baseey: Okay tanks Lot

Rashida Bello: Tnk u

Ade Dolapo: is it only for the face or the whole body

Betty Vien Etong: You can use for the whole body

Motunrayo Omoyele Akerele: pls my sister i nid your number

Tersh Aerks: thx

Ise Oluwa: OKAY

Caroline Conce Muntanga: Thasnx for de info

Nwosu Ifeyinwa Martha: Please if missed with lemon juice, how many days can one keep it if there is no fridge.

Betty Vien Etong: At most 2days or lesser

Nwosu Ifeyinwa Martha: Thanks sis

Grace Yusuf: Very educative thanks

Pwahaluwoton C Umaru: am so happy to fine my self in this group

Onyinye Matthew Nnatio: I tried it and I got instance result

Peace Innocent: Wow really,tell me more

Onyinye Matthew Nnatio: After applying it I waited till it was dried b4 I washed it off. Eczema disappeared immediately

Adeshiyan Adedoyin Rukayat – Odubanjo: Thanks

Favourmercy Favourmercy: Tanks

Jennifer Adeniran Akintade: Tnk u

Charity Anthony: Am happy that I am a member in this group, although new here…. Did the rice water helps in reducing stretch marks?

Favour Omoniyi: Thanks Vry Much,God has helped u 2 solve my problem

Grace Bejide: Very education, thanks alot.pls can the rice water be used for hair growth, pls what re d procedures? Thanks.

Betty Vien Etong: Your question has already been addressed

Uju Obi: as what?

Kerima Fadil: Thanks for de idea

Dara Owodunni: Can it be use for oily face

Ada Queen: Yes

Itunu Ade: Doesn’t it smell when used on the body?

Elizabeth Samuel EgbenukehClassics: Yea

Betty Vien Etong: It doesn’t smell

Halima Makanjuola: Is it a specific rice or any rice

Ada Queen: Local rice is better but u can still use any rice

Joyce Onu: Tanx

Bhahat Dyton: Knowledge its power!

Harbembohlar Abd Azeez: b4. cook,de rice will someone put salt

Ada Queen: Reread d post again plz

Elizabeth Samuel EgbenukehClassics: True And Dats Wat I Use To Take My Bathe.

Itunu Ade: How do you use it for this purpose?

Elizabeth Samuel EgbenukehClassics: I Use It To Improve My Complextion To Have A Glowing Skin And For Pimples.

Yema Ganda: Do you have to get the rice water each time you want to use it or can you get it once and save it in a container for use till it runs out?

Elizabeth Samuel EgbenukehClassics: Yes U Can Get It Once An Put It Inside A Container But To Avoid Spoilage Make Sure U Put The Rice Inside A Refrigerator.When The Rice Water Already Used More Than 5days It’s No More Useful Again .

Yema Ganda: Thanks a lot and God Bless you

Fatima Beentwu Harbeebullah: Tanx Baby

Abigail Praise: can it be use 4 body

Elizabeth Samuel EgbenukehClassics: Yes To Bathe

Oge Amaechi: can i add it to my body cream

Joyce Chiguhune: Thnx

Alarape Oluwatosin Ogunsakin: Can I add rice water to my black soap?

Betty Vien Etong: Yes dear

Alarape Oluwatosin Ogunsakin: Betty Vien Etong thank you

Dorcas Mmakoena: Wow what an advice . Im so happy to get this

Juliet Samz: What Do I Use To Make My Skin Coffe Brown, Bt Nt Lighting It, I Jst Wat It Natural,

Adedoyin Adetona: Yes

Lizzy Olusola: Tankz

Yetty Motunrayor: hw do i do my rice powder to cure dead dark skin

Betty Vien Etong: Wash and dry your rice and grind into powder.

Yetty Motunrayor: did u mean thati should wash the ricevery clean and neat with clean waterafter i should seperate i from water and i should dry it to becoming clean rice with no dirthand i should go and grind itthe only question that i want to find out iscan i grind it from the pupil who grind pepper or what?

Nwoye Nkechi: Yes it’s good enough that what Yao woman in Chinese village use.

Brendah Lwambula: Betty is it any type of rice,thanks alot

Betty Vien Etong: Yes

Brendah Lwambula: thanks swit

Abundance Seun: Am new in dis house, pls what can I yes to remove my sun spot?

Abundance Seun: For how long can one keep d rice water ?

Betty Vien Etong: Refrigerate and keep for at most a week

Hamid Sofia: That’s good

Brendah Lwambula: dear Betty are we to wash as normal as we do wit evn a face cloth,am concerned coz my skin is difficult(face)

Betty Vien Etong: Yes

Winey Maluselo: That was very helpful i didnt know that rice water can do such magic

Elizbeth Willson: wow! thank u

Babalola Olatayo: Can i mix it with sheabutter and use it as cream

Betty Vien Etong: No

Babalola Olatayo: Thank you

Akinola Idayat: Pls am new in this group d rice water are will using it as scrup and rise with water.or live it in our body like dat.

Betty Vien Etong: Use on the body, leave for as long as u want then rinse out

Akinola Idayat: OK ma tank’s

Rukayat Ismaila: Pls can I use a serum as my face cream

Betty Vien Etong: Yes

Kaothar Hormowhumey Asekunola: Can i keep my rice water 4 future use,pls for how long?

Betty Vien Etong: Refrigerate and keep for at most a week and discard

Nathaniel Charity: awesome

Adeshina Mojisola Adetutu: pls,aw cn I make lemon oil

Elena Francis: How long do I leave the rice water on my skin before bathing?

Betty Vien Etong: At least 10mins or as long as u want

Elena Francis: Thanks

Oghenevwakpo Obawumi: Please how to make rice powder

Betty Vien Etong: Wash rice and remove impurities, dry and grind into powder

Nwosu Ifeyinwa Martha: After that what do you do with it

Damilare Esther: Wow! This so grt

Nwosu Ifeyinwa Martha: Please I have a customer his face has pimples, I have been able to give him some mixture to use, the pimple is better but his face is really dark, due to the mixture I gave him to use. Please help a sister what do I do to tone his face

Betty Vien Etong: he should use a lightening face cream

Nwosu Ifeyinwa Martha: I have given him, Carotone bsc, clinic clear bsc, Amos whitening cream. Still no result

Nwosu Ifeyinwa Martha: Thank you Betty Vien Etong… U have really been helpful

Ojo Glory Folashade: Wow

Ezinah Reuben: dat rice water can help if u hav pmplex en hw long wil u apply 4 better results

Ojo Glory Folashade: Wow

Precious Eduke: Tanks

Uvianene Juliana: THANKS

Alabama Oyewo: Thanks for dis

Somdesire Nwachukwu: pls how many time can it be use

Nwaneri Julieth: Thanks dearie

Alabama Oyewo: Please ma,how long can we keep the rice water

Betty Vien Etong: Use and discard or refrigerate for at most a week

Alabama Oyewo: Thanks

Shade Joseph: Thanks admin

Tunrayo Abodunrin: Thanks, God bless

David Deborah: tankz ma God bless

Adebayo Hafusoh: Thank u ma

Amaka Umeodinka: Thanks

Patience Onuegbu: Thanks

Patience Onuegbu: Am new in this group and I v learn so much from others questions and ur answer’s too.U are awesome

Lina Abiye: tanxs ma

Anita Torisheju: Thank u ma

Ibrahim Kfuachie: Hi cute

Nwosu Ifeyinwa Martha: From this group, I learnt that you can use Aspirin, shea butter and coconut oil to remove stretch marks, please how long ll it take to work

Eunice Eboh: Pls , how to use Aspirin, Shea butter, coconut oil ,

Betty Vien Etong: Mix every together to get a creamy paste

Chinwendu Lily Emeka-Ugwuibe: Betty Vien Etong Aspirin tablet?

Solomon Doowuese: Pls how to use Shea butter and coconut oil pls

Tsoho Jemimah Abraham: Thanks bt hw wil d rice water last

Blessing Blessing: Am new in dis group thanx a lot ma

Blessing Okeile: God bless you

Adekeye Emmanuel: pls when boiling the rice will u add salt….

Betty Vien Etong: No

Helen Benjamin: Amazing

Kaka Abang: great job ma appreciate. keep rolling

Angela Ajuzie: Good Afternoon, my hair is breaking what can i used to stop the break


Bryton Christopher: Thanks so much

Bryton Christopher: Please how can I preserve the rice water

Betty Vien Etong: refrigerate

Chinwendu Lily Emeka-Ugwuibe: Thanks but how do I preserve it for every day use

Betty Vien Etong: Refrigerate

Shirley Terblanche: I have cause hair and constantly use hair relaxer my hair break constantly most on the hairline is there any remedy that can replace hair relaxer

Shirley Terblanche: I’m new

Adebayo Kolade Sunday: Betty, Pls can I leave d rice water on my body overnight

Elizabeth Samuel EgbenukehClassics: No

Elizabeth Samuel EgbenukehClassics: Just for 20mins

Betty Vien Etong: No, rinse off after a while

RebeCkah ÉriCa II: how can I preserve the rice water?

Elizabeth Samuel EgbenukehClassics: @rebekah To Preserve Is So Simple.Pour The Rice Water Inside A Container And Preserve Inside A Refrigerator.

RebeCkah ÉriCa II: Thanks❤ And PleaSe accept my request☺

Adebayo Kolade Sunday: Thanks sis

Mabel Tlale: Thank you so much dear

Regina Mathiane: I’ve tried it but it darkens my skin

Yetty Motunrayor: how did u apply it on your skin and it dependon the skin that u havedid u use it everyday or…See more

Roseline Ogungbemi: Good one. Thanks

Kemi Levi: Thanks for sharing

Awotunde Bola: Wow, I love these, thanks a lot

Yetty Motunrayor: u are welcome

Atim Edith: Thanks

Princess Adesewa: Plz ma, after we av apply rice water or onion on our hair, hw long will it take 2 washed away wit water…………nd after washed, can we apply shampoo nd conditional 2 wash.

Betty Vien Etong: An hour, and yes you condition it

Yetty Motunrayor: that is truedo it like thatok

Tessy Udoh: Thanks

Mahase Kanny Tido: I didn’t know any of this, this group is really helping

Nancy Odum: tanks Maa pls maa the rice water can l add sugar

Yetty Motunrayor: dont add sugar ohit will spoil ur skinor what did u want to use it for

Nancy Odum: pls maa my skin n hair l hv a light hair n does not grow too

Yetty Motunrayor: pls speak good englishi dont understand ur language

Nancy Odum: pls maa l want apply to my hair n skin

Yetty Motunrayor: for sureu can do that and u wil see the good result

Nancy Odum: ok maa tank u very much

Yetty Motunrayor: u can use the boil rice water for skin oku are welcome

Nancy Odum: ok maa

Agnes Jackson: Thanks for this information

Yetty Motunrayor: u are welcomebro

Comfort Johnson: can we store d rice water in a container nd be using it little by little or once?

Betty Vien Etong: It should be refrigerated and used within a week

Ekaette Obot: wat if nt refrigerated,can it be kept n use like dat

Juliet Juliet: Nice

Jumoke Adebayo: Thanks so much

Anny Allison: Hello! I would like to ask if its per boil or the unper boiled rice

Betty Vien Etong: Read the write up

Gwafodum Lydia: Can rice water tone a very dark face and long will it last to get the effects

Betty Vien Etong: Yes

Amusan Ib Abidemi: Hi ma,am new in dis group.pls how will i apply dis rice water for face cleanser & 4 how long is it going stay

Betty Vien Etong: Just apply on the face and leave for as long as you want

Amusan Ib Abidemi: For d boiled method am i going to let d rice boil like d one we use 2 eat & am i going 2 add salt

Betty Vien Etong: Don’t add salt.

Charity Anthony: Is it the first water or the second? Please clarify me

Betty Vien Etong: Read the post

Vivendo Okoye: can l bath with boiling rice water

Betty Vien Etong: Don’t understand your question

Abiose Beatrice Oketona Akintunde: Thanks a bunch

Elizabeth Liza Johannez: How often should i do this in a week?

Betty Vien Etong: As often as you wish

Somchi Gloria: Pls hw can i preserve the rice water?

Izang Ruth: After applyin on face, hw many munites wl it take b4 washin it?

Betty Vien Etong: At least 10mins

Izang Ruth: Thank u

Izang Ruth: Thank u

Bimbo Ikotun Olufemi: sori ma can some one use rice water to bath

Ayodele Olamide Elizabeth: Hi, this is indeed great, please how can I use the rice water for cleanser

Kerotse Letebele: Thank you so much I’m going to do it now?

Robia Uthman: Can it b left for future use??

Robia Uthman: I min d rice water

Duni Duni: Can i take my bathe wit it,warm or cool,how often in a week?when do i start c-in results

Adebayo Augustine Victoria: Thanks for this,but how is it use for virgin hair?

Betty Vien Etong: Use as hair rinse

Ramat Karim: THANKS

Toyin Bammore Olalere: This is cool. Thanks for the lesson. Please how do i apply this on my hair and what effect does it have on ones hair?

Betty Vien Etong: Makes hair shiny and grows it too

Elsie Udofia: This is loaded information, thanks admin

Virginia Essien: Tanx dear

Oloyede Fatimat Mhiz Fatty: wow!i love this but ma,can I preserve it

Hernuholuwa Mahmud Morheneekayjee: Tnks oo

Oiza Kikelomo: Lovely.

Nads Haircare Hairdesigns: https://youtu.be/E4l0ZWVrbXs

DIY Rice water hair treatment for growth |updates to follow| |Part 1|

Michael Barnabas: NotedBut does it boost hair growth

Caroline Ubah: Tanx alot

Oiza Kikelomo: Sister, please which is better for the skin, non boiled rice water or boiled rice water? Kindly reply. Thank you!

Betty Vien Etong: Boiled

Chichi Glowree: Pls how can I preserve it

Betty Vien Etong: In d fridge

Chichi Glowree: OK tnx dear

Funke Akanmu: Whaooo great

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