Question: Change from relaxed hair to soft natural hair?

Question: Change from relaxed hair to soft natural hair?

hello everyone, can you please help me with the things i need ,i want to change my relaxed hair to softnatural hair

Eli Akosua: Pls I wnt to turn ma permed hair to natural hair can u help me out

Eli Akosua: Pls can you help me get a body Cream I m a fair person

Betty Vien Etong: First, transition for some month and cut off the relaxed part of the hair ,always use leave in conditioner.

Futhy Zain Nhlane: thanks my dear..

Ruth Nelson: plz my hubby dnt want me to cut my hair how long will it take for my relaxed hair to turn into a virgin hair or what can i do

Betty Vien Etong: Stop retouching ur hair and kip trimming off the relaxed hair till you have just the virgin hair underneath

Ruth Nelson: thankz alot dear

Eli Akosua: Tnx

Mercy Abraham: Pls @ betty wat kind of natural leave in conditional

Betty Vien Etong: Go to organic store, you will see varieties which you can choose from

Sunshine Adaku: Rice water conditioning, avocado oil,coconut oil,guava leave water conditioning

Olyvia Hendson: Pls hw will u knw d original jra facial.. Wnt to gt one pls n is it good

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