Question: How can I get long and natural hair?

Question: How can I get long and natural hair?

Wubit Ethiopiawit: Use onion juice dear

Marysa Chancy Nagowa: what abouat chemical hair to make it grow fast and long

Fateey Abdul: Ar u sure onion wil give a long hair, if so teach me d process of making d onion juice

Cilia Ebys: Blend your red onions as how many you wish , squeeze out the water and mix with olive oil. Use as an oil on you hair

Faweya Olayemi: Leaning

Ameh Blessing: Which one is red onions again?

Ijeoma Akubata: The onion u use for cooking

Edang Nicole Anim: Hmmm, learning

Happy Obote: are u 4really?if so lemme try it then

Fateey Abdul: Is it compulsory with olive oil, y nt with sheabutter

Ijeoma Akubata: Oil

Happy Obote: have u tried it b4?

Fateey Abdul: I mean shea butter

Fateey Abdul: No have never

Happy Obote: even me just askin just 2 b sure

Fateey Abdul: But let all try it nd see or do u know another method

Happy Obote: i dnt know let’s all try it like u suggest.

Wubit Ethiopiawit: First blend onions in a blender and keep onion’s water(juice)….and apply all over ur scalp so u can see ur hair growth soon…….try it dear

Happy Obote: ok thnks dear i will make it up2 wen it is done.

Hannyluv Ezekiel: Is some1 going 2 rise d onion water after some minutes

Hajia Rahmat Oluwakemi Salawudeen: F

Fateey Abdul: Like hw many month wil u see d work of d onion

OluwaNifemi OluwaDamilola Gift: Ff

Fateey Abdul: I didnt understand d ff dat u wrote

Faweya Olayemi: meaning of ff is follow follow

Doris Nkembouh: Is better you give your contributions or you stay as observers in this discussion. Stop writing “ff”, its so discouraging.Hajia Rahmat Oluwakemi Salawudeen,Oluwanifemi OluwaNifemi OluwaDamilola Gift.Administrator take note

Tamara MJ Tembo: Is it any type of onion

Fina Ekere: Pls any problem living onion water in hair ?

Angela Nwaogu: Gud morning all pls I have a long natural hair already BT it’s hard to cumb wat can I do to make it soft at least to comb

Fateey Abdul: Use coconut oil nd shea butter

Itz Kristy Bliss: Please I want to change my hair to natural wat should I put?

Caleb Love Fukki: Pls is it the normal onoins we use to cook

Ijeoma Akubata: Yes

Caleb Love Fukki: Thanks

Wubit Ethiopiawit: Yes caleb

Peter Rejoice: carrot oil

Ijeoma Akubata: Pls how to make the carrot oil for hair

Peter Rejoice: grad it

Ijeoma Akubata: Thanks

Fateey Abdul: Even though u grand it, it wil come inform of water nt inform of oil

Peter Rejoice: it will inform to oil

Fateey Abdul: It cant

Ijeoma Akubata: Raheem fateey pls teach us on how to make it

Fateey Abdul: I TAUGT d best thing is 2 melt it

Peter Rejoice: U can do dat

Odimayo Wemimo Akinyemi: Grad ur carrot and pour it insid a bottle, mix it wit olive oil or cocount oil, make sure d cover is very tigt and be shaking it for 14days, after dat seive wit white cloth.. ur carrot oil is ready

Peter Rejoice: Ok thank u

Mariam Showunmi: thank u so much

Peter Rejoice: Welcm

Precious Adolphus: Hw to prepare de onion pls

Betty Vien Etong: Juice your onions ,apply on ur scalp and wait for some minutes before washing off

Ajayi Omolara Adefunke: how do juice our onion

Betty Vien Etong: Grate or blend your onions with little water and strain with white handkerchief to get the juice

Ajayi Omolara Adefunke: thanks

Fateey Abdul: Wow u ar 2 much i like ur method of teaching

Itz Felix Didi: hw lng should me apply d onion to d hair

Bilkeesu Salisu Ya’u: For how long will you continue to do it

Betty Vien Etong: For 30mins and rinse off

Itz Felix Didi: hw many days

Betty Vien Etong: Till you achieve what you want

Fina Ekere: Betty can i use dat onion juice and sh butt as hair cream?

Fateey Abdul: Yes

Fina Ekere: Thanks raheem

Joy Peter: Sorry to ask,i grate my and cook it ?will it still give me d onion oil

Betty Vien Etong: Grate, and steam with coconut or any carrier oil

Fina Ekere: Betty can i mix d onion juice with other cream?

Precious Adolphus: Thanks betty i appreciate

Betty Vien Etong: Yes if you can manage the smell, buh use it at night

Fina Ekere: Betty somethin is eating my hair it will just remove d hair and there will be no any hair there pls wat can i use

Betty Vien Etong: The onion juice helps, also rice water(fermented)

Fina Ekere: Pls how to make rice water and how to use it

Betty Vien Etong: check the group, it has been posted

Fina Ekere: OK

Fina Ekere: Pls o after useing d rice water on my hair should i use other water on it,or

Betty Vien Etong: Rinse out after an hr

Fina Ekere: Thanks ma.but about d onion juice i will rinse dat too?

Betty Vien Etong: Yes

Fina Ekere: Thank u very much ma

Younes Ify: Betty pls is it boiled rice water or ordinary rice water

Betty Vien Etong: Any one

Racheal Annoe: What about weed?

Lillian Amu: indian hermp weed.

Fateey Abdul: I have comfirmed, but dey said is d seed of d weed dat is use but mixing it with ur hair cream

Lillian Amu: ok

OluwaNifemi OluwaDamilola Gift: Ff

Safiyano Oj: Pls teach me hw to use d onion me seif my hair is always cut inside

Fateey Abdul: Forget about d onion nd use seed of weed is more effective

Safiyano Oj: OK thank you, but I don’t no d seed of weed pls

Fateey Abdul: Ask any smoker u know Bcos i did d same 2

Safiyano Oj: OK thank u

Fateey Abdul: U ar welcome

Chinaza Onuoha: plz hw do I use d seed of weed ?do I mix it with my hair cream???

Toibat Shuaib: cn i apply d onion juice on my relaxed hair?

Fateey Abdul: U Can bt mix with coconu oil 2 prevent hair breakage

Toibat Shuaib: tanks

Peace Innocent: But you can apply it in a virgin hair right?

Toibat Shuaib: yes

Chinaza Onuoha: plz hw do I preper d onion juice???

Toibat Shuaib: blend ur onion nd sieve it

Chinaza Onuoha: ok tnk u

Toibat Shuaib: u ar welcm

Olagunju Esther Omowunmi: how can I make coconut oil pls??

Fateey Abdul: After breaking d cocnut den put ur pot on fire allow d pot 2 b hot nd dry den u wil put ur cocont inside nd allow 2 melt

Marihiam Morenike: Pls hv try it.

Marihiam Morenike: Pls hv u try it.

John Caro: Are u nt grandind d cocount

Racheal Annoe: How do i maintain it please

Fateey Abdul: Maintain what

Racheal Annoe: Natural hair to stop it from cuting

Nana Aysherh: the only way for you to get long hair is the way you take care of it, by doing hair mask such as egg mask, mayonnaise mask, avocado hair mask and so on, always massage your hair with any essential oil before washing the hair and keep this in your mind you have wash your hair once in a weak because washing hair everyday strip the natural oil of the hair…. for more detail DM pm

Fateey Abdul: Good!

Rossey Dumaka: Hw do i make d egg mask?can i store it 4 a longer use ?will d egg yolk b used also?

Nana Aysherh: yeah the yolk will be used…just wink the egg and put any essential oil in it and just put the mask on your hair massage it in a circular motion then wrap your hair with leather or bonnet

Rossey Dumaka: Tnx,My hair is permed,can i use it ?

Aisha Ibrahim: 4 how long wil d hair b covered wit bonnet.wil u wash it off wit shampoo

Aisha Ibrahim: 4 how long wil d hair b covered wit bonnet.wil u wash it off wit shampoo?

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Oluwatosin Folake: Can I use the onion juice and the rice fermented water on the same day

Diamond Rose: This type of hair treatment is been done raining season.get henna powder, and vinegar water. Mix them together t form a paste. Applyon your scalp stay for some minutes then wash with raining water and shampoo. It make hair longer and stop breaking. It works my own hair.

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