Question: Has anyone ever tried washing their hair with urine?

Question: Has anyone ever tried washing their hair with urine?

Karen Lossia Bolton: why would you? I am sure someone is about to give an answer on how the makeup of urine is beneficial to hair, but really? I feel like this is reaching

Portia Newling: I think that is an ok question! Urine is used in lots of cultures for lots of purposes. Think I’m happy with my current regime, though!

Elaena Laney Jacobs: This is not a troll post. This is a genuine question.I heard reference to urine therapy today and people who drink their own urine. Surely if people can drink it and it’s somehow beneficial, then it could be beneficial as a wash or rinse for hair in some way?

Rochelle Ro: It is, I’ve heard many use it on hair with great results.

Jewel Rose: I believe some traditional cultures use it that way. And i know fullers & dyers in ancient Rome used to put pots outside their shop fronts for the public to pee in so they could collect it to clean linens. It’s not such a stretch 🙂 Can’t say I’d be quick to try it myself but it’s totally a thing.

Aileen Foust: I’ve SEEN this done in India & Nepal. The old ones. The crunchy granola gurus helping out those coming along. I asked my translator but he spoke a few dialects & what was lost in translation, idk, but the man “mimics & mimes” for me. I have a photo of him & gave him a few $ (a bit demanding) & don’t think we’re having to quite Go There.

Sari Csollany: The Romans used urine as a bleach for their togas. Urine breaks down into Ammonia, which is not only an ingrediant in modern day bleach, but also has many other applications outside of bleaching textiles.

Portia Newling: I feel like saying ‘try it and see but don’t tell us’!

Karen Lossia Bolton: the fact that your body expels urine as waste, your body is getting rid of it, my father is a pretty respected ob/gyn, I could get you the exact reasons why later, people do a lot of things, it doesn’t mean you should, the only instance I have known to drink urine would be if your stranded in the desert and have to, it goes bad right away and it still needs to be filtered somehow-this is ludicrous, I mean really-they use pregnant horse urine as hormone replacement,(pre marine) but the process it goes through to separate everything is done in a lab and intense

Jewel Rose: Nooooooo! Tell us!!! ??? Then we won’t have to experiment ourselves ?

Jewel Rose: @elena Seriously babe, whatever anyone else says, no judgements here, go for it & see how it goes. If it’s gross then wash it out. If it’s amazing then you can be totally smug about your secret hair treatment 😉 Lots of people think no poo is gross but here we all are. And we’ve all learned that different hair likes different things. No poo is all about experimenting. I for one would LOVE to hear how it goes 🙂

Elaena Laney Jacobs: I’ve been tempted. I mean, I’ve done every treatment recommended on this page for psoriasis and I still have psoriasis. I can’t use soap nuts because it triggers my scalp really bad…. I’ve done beer, tea, coffee, coca cola, baking soda….I have no idea where to get shikakai (aussie) but I’m at my wits end with the psoriasis…And at this point I’m game to try almost anything. Lol.

Stephanie Koutz: Elena Jacobs fine someone who will give you see breast milk for your psoriasis. Breast milk is good for everything. I used to use pumped extras in my hair too

Elaena Laney Jacobs: Yeah. That’s gonna be awkward…. I am …. Not a people person.

Lourdes Monroy: My husband uses his urine for pimples, he had lots a as teen, did a series of treatments and apparently it worked, now he rarely gets one and when he does he put urine overnight and it’s gone. ☺

Elaena Laney Jacobs: Oh wow. Neat.

Jewel Rose: Since we’re talking “gross” already. Menstrual blood is also supposed to be good for everything. Makes sense when you think of all the stem cells & nutrients in there. I free-bleed into my bath water. No people required 😉 (if you’re a person who menstruates that is!)

Charlotte Ann Bartelt: Elena JacobsMy husband has horrible psoriasis and nothing has helped him topically either (except the sun a bit). He did a research paper in undergrad about psoriasis and found researchers experimenting with honey and maggots. I’ve tried to get him to…See more

Elaena Laney Jacobs: Ugh. Maggots. The one thing in the world I hate more than life.

Jenny Miller: For those of you with psoriasis, I used to have it under my arms, but recently started fasting for 2 days at a time in one week (for other health benefits), and I noted that within 3 weeks my psoriasis disappeared. It is completely gone! I had it for 6 years, and nothing else I tried helped one bit.

Stephanie Koutz: Jewel Rose ???? maybe I should try this out today. Maybe that’s why that other girl was making me so angry

Liz Fagan: Apart from hygiene reasons, I would also be very concerned about the smell it would cause.

Georgia Tiran: snap!

Elaena Laney Jacobs: Well I’m not asking about it as a leave in…. Much like any cleanser, wash….. Rinse it out thoroughly… So why would it smell?

Nicole Adams: My hair is finally getting rid of the egg smell after one month… anything with a strong smell may linger… however, if your urine has a strong smell… you may want to think about your diet and hydrating more…

Georgia Tiran: I imagine it would be really smelly, stale urine smells revolting and I don’t think you’d be able to rinse it all out

Lynx Artemis: i know urine is sterile and have heard of it’s use to cure athletes foot- i also know it was used to clean laundry (it’ll become ammonia) and i have used it to prepare some natural dyes. i’ve never thought about it really, but i don’t think i’d be concerned about the hygiene aspects.

Aileen Foust: It’s been used to tan leather for centuries.

Karen Lossia Bolton: Lynx, you KNOW urine is sterile? that right there tells me you are speaking not of facts, I am sorry, but this is how misinformation gets spread

Aileen Foust: Karen, it’s something like 98% but if it comes from your own body… I still wouldn’t be putting it anywhere near my eyes, nose & mouth for any reason but Sheer Survival. It’s just not “snickers satisfying”, ya know?

Jennifer Farr: Urine is only sterile until it hits the exit. The bacteria around your undercarriage contaminates it as you urinate.

Sara Emery-Palmer: well I don;t watch tv at home (cause I don;t have any channels) but I was at someone else’s house and that show Naked and Afraid (?) was on and this one girl was getting bit up pretty bad with bugs ….she used her own pee to rub on herself and it worked to keep the bugs from bitting her … I guess it has some good uses lol

Elaena Laney Jacobs: I don’t have TV either. 🙁

Caroline Duddy: Tell me the results if u doIt might not be as bad as u all thinkIf she eats healthy and drink lots of water, the urine will be pretty diluted and not smelly.I read it’s good for treating acne

Sara Emery-Palmer: just don’t do it after eating asparagus hahahhaa

Portia Newling: After I had a baby, I was told to pee in the bath so it was less painful! Can’t be that bad.

Karen Lossia Bolton: who told you to pee in the bath, certainly not your doctor, you have the biggest chance of getting an infection with bacteria laden urine that is not sterile while your cervix is still open. anyone saying these things probably do not have a medical ba…See more

Athena Baber: I was told that too from my Dr it helped with the burning from the tears.

Portia Newling: Yep, midwife.

Paula Chapman: I was told this by my consultant, midwife, nurse, gp and health visitor cxx

Jan Eide: I recall reading that some rinse their hair with urine and they swore it was the reason their hair was so gorgeous. Never tried it, myself. Darn it, sorry, that really doesn’t make my comment very helpful!!!!

Samantha Fritz: I’ve heard of people cleaning clothes with aged urine. Very strong ammonia odor. Yes lots of different uses for urine in other cultures. I’ll pass!

Paula Chapman: Urine has many uses. This is where the term piss poor came from. As people used to sell there pee. The term” so poor they’ve not got a pot to piss in ” also comes from the practice xxx

Lindsey Smith Mahan: NOPE. I mean, you can if you want, but I see no real benefit from it.

Lindsey Smith Mahan: Urine is not sterile outside of the body. It’s a common misconception.

Lindsey Smith Mahan: Here’s a reason I wouldn’t, but it is up to you what you will do:…/urine-not-sterile-and…

Urine is not sterile, and neither is the rest of you

Monica Nogmo Lee: And we thought vinegar made hair smell bad?! Lol

Elaena Laney Jacobs: You should see what it smells like if you wash your hair with Listerine. Smell like an old persons home. Lol

Betsy Ewall: I always find it interesting when people don’t answer the question, yet feel free to post their opinions. No I haven’t tried it. Yes it is a thing. What is gross is culturally dictated. I wish people could feel free to ask questions and not be ridiculed.

Caroline Duddy: I totally agreeLol is a very annoying comment U would think people here are more open minded

Stephanie Koutz: ???????

Maria Arefieva: Thank you, I agree.

Anastasia Elektra Peterson:


Christine Cooper: TRY IT!!! It only takes one to start a trend, you may be on to the next big thing. Post before and after pics if you decide to try it.

Emily Renea Bledsoe: I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, you’d have smelly hair? Who cares, try it if ya want, I wouldn’t just because I don’t want to put back onto or into my body what it has already gotten rid of (for a reason) but we could be totally wrong, and if we are you’d be the one to discover it! Haha

Sara Huang Chiezzi: I have heard that it is a wash (or rinse?) traditional to the Roma people, good for making the hair shiny.

Sara Huang Chiezzi: I don’t know whether it is traditionally rinsed out with water, but if I were to try it myself, I would definitely give it an extra rinse afterwards. >_<

Laura Niklitschek: Many years ago I heard mapuche women (in South America) used to wash their hair with their own urine, but never read or heard of it again. (Sorry about my broken English)

Madeline Carmel Johnson: Your English is perfect ?

Lindsay Cook: Let’s remain helpful. If you want to be rude or sarcastic, please take it elsewhere. Thanks -Admin

Stephanie Koutz: I think we have some people who need extra reminding today

Stephanie Koutz: Urea is derived from urine… Urea is in so so many beauty products and is great for you (yes there is obviously a process used to separate it out but still urine is over 90% water) Urea is a protein so it makes sense that it would be good for you. Just remember it’s high pH. It’s definitely a rinse

Karen Lossia Bolton: urine goes bad real fast, I know that it is processed and used in hormone replacement therapy, it is sterile inside the body, but once outside, it no longer is

Stephanie Koutz: Sterility wasn’t even something i was addressing. I’m going to assume if you were going to do this, you would use it fresh from the tap. Lol! hop in the shower… Do your routine… Pee in a cup and rinse.

Svava Ósk: In Iceland the women used to wash hair in cow urine. The smell goes away when the hair dries and the hair is manageable, silky smooth and glossy.Go for it !

Rochelle Ro: I know quite a few people and a group that practices urine therapy, I’ve come accustomed to seeing it so it’s not gross to me at all

Portia Newling: Heaven help me, it’s starting to sound like a good idea…

Karen Lossia Bolton: again, I am asking for an honest reason as to why? there is vinegar, baking soda, etc.. I am truly wondering why when there are so many natural options than urinating in a bottle and pouring it over your head, I can make myself understand a 3rd world country, or places where you can’t get vinegar, baking soda, etc.. or any conveniences we have and could get, so I am truly asking why, aside from how it was done ages ago and in Iceland, India etc…what would the benefit be that is different than something you could get here for pennies

Elaena Laney Jacobs: I’m not American for one. Things aren’t quite as cheap here. And the cheaper and easier to find things I’ve tried.I’ve done baking soda, acv, vinegar, soap nuts, coffee, tea, beer, coke…. Sooooooo many things….See more

Karen Lossia Bolton: Ok that is an answer I could understand, I just need reasons to understand since this is an alternative group which I am in because I use alternative methods for cleaning supplies and hygiene- ty Elena for explaining- I still hope something better comes along that works for you ;))

Elaena Laney Jacobs: The last thing I attempted to use was organic coconut water…. Can I say… “Waaaaah, fiiiiixxxx it”……My hair feels so lank and nasty

Ciara Ní Bhruacháil: It’s free?

Portia Newling: Perhaps because it needs no packaging, no trip to the shop to buy it. Saves water flushing the toilet… Reusing waste of any kind has to be good. We shouldn’t be flushing stuff away to pollute the rivers, we should be finding ways to reuse it.

Karen Lossia Bolton: It would still go down a drain, in the ground etc..I got an answer from Elena so if in the future anyone brings it up, I have an answer that makes sense to me that I could pass along

Elaena Laney Jacobs: Not where I live it doesn’t.My shower is outside. In the backyard. Water goes into the ground.

Elaena Laney Jacobs: And my toilet is a bush toilet. Great big hole in the ground with a toilet over the top and then when it gets halfway full, the whole thing gets filled in with dirt and a new hole somewhere else.

Karen Lossia Bolton: oh for goodness sake, I just can’t do this, I am not sure if this is a group for me, a bush toilet? why??? this is just way beyond me I think-and I am all for natural

Stephanie Koutz: Karen Lossia Bolton I agree… This isn’t the group for you if you’re going to get so uptight about the way the people in the group chose or HAVE to live. What you just said may be very offensive to the wrong person. If you don’t like it just pass …See more

Anastasia Elektra Peterson: Karen, I think it’s about time for you to get a reality check and travel outside of the US.

Sara Emery-Palmer: there are many people inside the US as well that live “off grid” some of those places also include the “call of nature” which means to use the outside to go to the bathroom …there is nothing wrong with it ….I give kudos to Elena Jacobs to be able t…See more

Mary Beth Fuesting: No need for her to leave the states! Just come to Alaska! LOL! LOTS of people here in Alaska use outhouses/bush toilets, infact, all of our roadside public toilets are outhouses.

Anastasia Elektra Peterson: Yes Sarah, but I think she needs to see people doing it not by choice. Among other things that she would probably be repulsed by

Portia Newling: I’m moving one step at a time to a lower impact lifestyle. Just ordered some bamboo toothbrushes so I don’t use plastic ones…

Sara Emery-Palmer: Where did you get the bamboo ones?

Shaunna Mennegar: Have you tried low poo at all? I have seen other things in here too that haven’t been mentioned…fermented rice water, rain water, water infused with herbs…have you tried water only or acid only? I understand that you’re looking for alternatives, but pee? I think there are a few other things you could try before taking the plunge into using bodily waste in your hair. Since you have psoriasis of course bs, shampoo bars, and any kind of soap are going to be drying for your skin. Have you tried aloe?

Elaena Laney Jacobs: Aloe was one of the first things I did. The only aloe you can get here is kinda gelly and has goopy chunks in it and no matter how hard I tried, I could never get all of the goop out of my hair and so within a day or so my hair felt so nasty from the g…See more

Shaunna Mennegar: I’m not sure since I’ve never tried the rice water, but I think there is info about it in the files. I have a problem with dry ends sometimes too…when it’s really bad I use aloe as a moisturizing treatment and then wash my hair after so it’s not grea…See more

Elaena Laney Jacobs: My hair is just having this incessant issue at the moment where no matter what I do, it’s lank and feels gross.Everyone who sees it says my hair looks nice… But it feels yuk

Shaunna Mennegar: Are you still going through transition? I went through it for about 4 months…and since my hair is just naturally on the oily side I can’t go longer than 3 maybe 4 days without washing

Elaena Laney Jacobs: Yes and no. I’ve been in and out of no poo for awhile. When I had access to proper showering facilities, I was full no poo.When I lost those facilities, I had to change to what was quickest and easiest due to the fact shower time is in my backyard and…See more

Elaena Laney Jacobs: One of my recent washes was organic coconut water then rinsed out with the cold water.. I could cry from the results of THAT attempt.

Shaunna Mennegar: My hair hates coconut oil…I haven’t tried coconut milk or water because I’m worried I’ll become a grease ball lol

Lorraine Grace: I’ve mixed tapioca flour with cacao powder for my dry shampoo and that works for a day or two

Yuliyana Yankova: Urine is antibacterial and antifungal, great for the skin and many other things. In times past urine was used for desinfection during war. It’s gross if you eat unhealthy, if you eat healthy, it is your custom made medicine.

Karen Lossia Bolton: this is just NOT true, and during that time they didn’t believe in germs also, and they used cocaine as of 100yrs ago for pain relief and then heroine was used to get people off of the cocaine, we know more now than we did in the past

Yuliyana Yankova: I’m not going to argue, I’m not a scientist. That’s what I’ve read, and in my experience urine has only helped, never harmed. It could be a coincidence or placebo, but I’m not the only one who used it with positive effects.

Karen Lossia Bolton: thats just it, you read it, probably on the internet, who is the article from? even people like Dr. Axe and David Wolfe are passing along things they “have heard” that are completely false, I know people that have smoked cigarettes that don’t get cance…See more

Yuliyana Yankova: I guess it’s not the right place to mention that more than once I have very effectively treated my kids’ pink eye with their own pee. Ok, using urine is a very controversial practice that is applied at one’s own discretion and responsibility. Excercise caution with any advice you pick on the internet or elsewhere. Good night everybody 🙂

Alyce Davis: I’ve never had athletes foot. I pee on my feet every shower 😉

Karen Lossia Bolton: it goes bad! it collects bacteria right away, I get it, I do, but I don’t think we are on the same page here. it is ONLY sterile inside your body, once you pee it, it starts developing bacteria etc..

Marijke Meerwijk: I’ve been having this question too! Just out of interest. Because I’ve heard so many good things about it for skin. Don’t think I would use it, but I do think this is so interesting. And urine is sterile as long as it is in your body. I wouldn’t store it or anything. But using right away should be no problem. All the creams and things with urea are made with urine (hence the name..).

Shaunna Mennegar: The urea is separated from the urine and is sterilized I’m sure…your pee however is not sterile

Karen Lossia Bolton: I just asked my dad, it is sterile in your body, once it leaves your body it picks up microbes and bacteria, there are people that will use this in there eye that he has seen get gonorreah and chlamidia in their eye, (of course because they read it on the internet) all of this is folk lore, there would be NO benefits whatsoever to use urine, it is stories being passed around and there is NO proof whatsoever ANYWHERE that urine should be used to clean anything with, not even wounds or jellyfish stings(which I did that, but apparently it could make it worse) this is just one of those things that people will believe what they want to, but go ahead pee on yourself, use your urine to wash your hair, body, wounds etc.. enjoy

Elaena Laney Jacobs: That came across in a really nasty way, BTW.

Nicole Adams: Not for nothing, but modern medicine/science is not always right.

Karen Lossia Bolton: NIcole, so are many things proven to be wrong, but take some urine, let it sit out for a few hours and have it tested, why do people put paper on toilet seats if its so sterile. or where gloves to clean the toilet, or women squat? I use a tissue to ope…See more

Ciara Ní Bhruacháil: I’m sure she wasn’t going to leave it out for hours before using it?

Nicole Adams: I think a lot of the responses are just knee-jerk reactions to what they think is gross. The only thing I would advise is to make sure your output is healthy… your urine reflects your inner health.. if you have a disease, illness.. or your health is just off.. it shows up in your urine. Likewise, if you are taking supplements, extra is excreted through the urine… All of this would be, then, in your hair. That’s what I would think about.

Camila Victorino: My friend, there is an awesome book about urinotherapy called The golden fountain. I tried once when I was having a lot of healthy problems and it worked for me. I have no prejudice but I know some people are narrow minded. Urine is not dirty, although the smell is not very great. Nowadays, urine is even used to generate energy in some countries or for agriculture. This book is really good to understand. Some people try urine on their skin too, especially in India and it is very efficient as an antiseptic (in the case you are lost in the middle of the jungle). 🙂

Karen Lossia Bolton: I am not being narrow minded my friend,who wrote the book? what is their background in health, science, biology, chemistry? direct yourself to all the science from the Universities, hospitals etc.. that will tell you otherwise, we are discussing urine being sterile, clean, without bacteria, microbes and other organisms it can and does carry

Elaena Laney Jacobs: My question wasn’t whether urine was sterile at all. My question was whether anyone had done it. Is water from a tap sterile? Is coca cola sterile? Is milk sterile? Are half the things we use as shampoo alternatives sterile? Probably not.The question isn’t whether the stuff is sterile….See more

Karen Lossia Bolton: sure it would, again, but why use it when there are so many alternatives that are not discusting, why don’t you start spitting in a bucket, fill it up, and then wash your hair in it, its from your body, if you pour it on your head you can rub your scal…See more

Mary Beth Fuesting: Wow, why so judgemental on someone you have never met just because of a question and the fact that she lives in an area where she live does not give her the option to have a flush toilet.

Ciara Ní Bhruacháil: In fairness are there not questions now about some children having lower immunity because they are kept away from bacteria by their parents. Realistically what’s the worst that could happen

Karen Lossia Bolton: Stephanie your right, it just isn’t I am not this much of an extremist being natural, I wish everyone good luck on their no poo journey, I belong to many groups and this is the 1st time I can say its not for me, I usually am told that I am too open minded, I live in a very fast pace area, I apologize to Elena Jacobs and anyone I have offended, I do believe in facts not opinion, and I just can’t get around this one. I hope you find that this works for you

Amy Lukens: The arguing over whether or not urine is sterile needs to stop now. Also please refrain from discussing other uses for urine that are not hair related. The OP has asked if anyone has tried washing their hair with urine. If you have experience with that and can answer that question directly, please do; otherwise please scroll on by. -Admin

Nicole Lukens: There is a people group in Africa (I don’t know which one, saw it on an episode of taboo a few years ago) who wash their hair in urine and it turns their black hair orange. People in biblical times who lived in the desert use to wash their hair in camel urine to kill the bugs in their hair.

Elaena Laney Jacobs: New old nit treatment?

Nicole Lukens: It’s not in the bible that I know of, just during that time period.

Elaena Laney Jacobs: Wasn’t asking if it was in the bible… I think you read my comment wrong

Nicole Lukens: I thought you were trying to say new or Old Testament? but got auto corrected.

Elaena Laney Jacobs: No…. New. Old. Nit treatment.New coz people now don’t do it. Old coz biblical. And if it was used to kill bugs in hair…. Nit treatment.

Jouliana Dahdah: This is quite interesting actually! I would have thought urine contains the toxins your body wants to get rid of.. However if so many people in different cultures use it for different things, maybe there is some sort of benefit in using it. Would love to know what the outcome is!!

Jewel Rose: I just plugged in the words into the Facebook search bar & got a few results for groups and pages. Elena you might have more luck getting some first hand accounts in a urine-specific group? I hope you get the advice you need & find an amazing treatment that helps your hair & your psoriasis both. And when you do, please pop back and let us know how everything went 🙂

Reda Shmait: Noor Jaber would we go this far?

Noor Jaber: I am not sure…. But yes in the near future if our lives stay like this!

Reda Shmait: Haaahaaahaaa! Good point ?

Elaena Laney Jacobs: If your lives stay like this?

Mariela Oyarzún: Please please post if you do it!! I’d love to know. Urine in the bladder is sterile, antiseptic, and another bunch of good properties, once you pee it it gets bacteria from your uretha and whatever touches on the way that might be contaminated. If you use it right away those bacterias wont live and wont do anything bad, just make sure you clean your vagina really well before you pee to use it. Pee is used in soooo many cultures and has a ton of benefits. Please try it and let us know, i’d love to know how it behaves, I am guessing it would help a lot with scalp issues and irritations.

Mariela Oyarzún: Also pee a little, and grab the pee from the second flush. Like let a little stream go to the toilet before collecting, that way that pee will wash away the bacteria from the uretha and the canal.

Fernanda B. Ramos: “Orina” is urine in spanish

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