Has anyone that uses this stuff experienced MASS amounts of hair loss?

Has anyone that uses this stuff experienced MASS amounts of hair loss?

Hey everyone! I have a question. Has anyone that uses this stuff experienced MASS amounts of hair loss? I normally use As I Am Coconut Co-wash and coconut oil on my hair and that’s it. I thought I’d try something new and got this stuff. My hair felt amazing and lots of curl came back (when I don’t flat iron it), but my scalp was super itchy and I noticed gobs of hair falling out! I’d say almost 3-4x the normal amount. I can just run my fingers through my hair and come away with 3-4 strands consistantly… over and over. Handfuls of it of i comb it. I stopped using it but the itch and hair loss has continued. It didn’t start until I bought this. I searched the files and saw lots of posts about this line, but nothing on hair loss. Any ideas? Could it be any allergy?

Kara Griswold: I literally just posted about this happening to me! Same exact experience I’m so bummed I think I’m gonna throw it away. I wish I knew why it had these effects, I assume we are allergic to something in it?

Kara Griswold: So you have experience with allergic reactions to anything else? I’m sensitive and allergic to many things so I’d be curious to hear if we have similar allergys

Mendy Lu Poehlein: Well at least I know it’s not just Me! Not that I’m happy about that. It sucks but now I know I’m not crazy! All i see are good reviews and here I am freaking out that I’m gonna go bald and scratch my scalp down to my brain!!!

Callie Wyatt: donate it to a shelter! I’m sure somebody could use it

Mendy Lu Poehlein: Kara Griswold… I’ve never had any issues with any thing else. There’s lots of full-poo and some other low-poo lines that give me dandruff so I just stuck with the As I Am but just wanted to try something different. Wrong choice. ??‍♀️

Kara Griswold: Huh well I do feel better to because I thought I was crazy as well! Hopefully if anyone else has issues they will see this post!

Jennifer Lee: Would not donate it. Why make some one else experience the same thing.

Kara Griswold: ^i was thinking the same thing

Callie Wyatt: Womp womp. Sucks that it’s a waste of product and money

Mendy Lu Poehlein: I may try to use the conditioner as shave cream… that hair can fall out at it wants!! ?

Adriana Lopez Pardo: I am using Shea moisturizer brand and having the same experience ! I didn’t put if together until just now. Tons of hair loss and itchy scalp!

Ashley Beard: Wow really? I use it with no issues.

Bethany Maness: .

Brocfonda T. Jones: Could be protein overload… I have not tried those products but when I started losing more hair than normal I put it together. The breakage continued after I stopped bc my hair was still overloaded with protein… might not be the problem but worth looking into. My hair is so broken because I figured it out after significant damage had been done. ?

Liisa Fagerlund: Does this contain protein? I stopped using Shea Moisture because of too much protein. Same thing with Maui?

Brocfonda T. Jones: I’m not 100% sure. But I’ve learned that most products do have protein. I cowash for my curls so I use GVP Conditioning Balm from Sally’s and/or NYMN Purple (I have fine hair & I love both of those)

Mendy Lu Poehlein: Well… it’s not breaking that’s the thing. It’s coming out with the little root ball on it. It’s legit just falling out. It’s crazy!

Brocfonda T. Jones: Oh man… I’m sorry, I have no idea!

Skyla Thoms: It could be a allergy to Shea butter.

Mendy Lu Poehlein: Weird… my comment disappeared. I’ve used several versions of the Shea Moisture without a problem so I don’t think it’s that. I don’t know though at this point.

Mendy Lu Poehlein: I’ve used the Shea Moisture line before… several variations of it

Melissa Kish: I use the Maui brand, not these exact ones though and I haven’t had any issues. ?

Heather Wright: I use this brand, and I already shed like a dog, so I can say I’ve noticed no difference.

Sara Wells: I only use the conditioner, and only on the lower half of my hair. I hope it doesn’t cause any problems, because it smells soooooo good (which I suppose should be my first hint)

Whitney Rochelle: Oh No! This helped bring my hair back some serious life

Shawna Shinkle: I love this stuff!!! I have seriously been searching for decent, natural stuff and have been using it for over a week with no problems.

Mendy Lu Poehlein: I loved the way my hair felt after using it. I got so much curl back that I thought I’d lost… then the itch started. Then handfuls of hair fell out. The second time I used it, it got worse. I was so bummed!!!!

Jennifer Fellows: For some people shea butter can clog your pores and cause hair loss.

Sarah Masteller Seibert: I’ve only ever used the conditioners and an oil spray from that brand but I’ve never had any issues with it. No itchiness and no extra hair shedding.

Bethany Maness: I have had issues with my scalp being very itchy and dry aince using this. Idk what else to use bc I dont always have the time to not do soemthing already made. Im in college and I’m a mom. So insight would be good

Sam Zahorik: i lost a bunch after having a baby around 4 months post partum. it died off and came back a couple months later. turned out i have PCOS and didn’t know til I was 26. i lost 55 lbs and reversed all my symptoms except the hairloss. low poo has helped immensely though

Kayla Macfarlane: Besides the rest. Postpartum hair loss is normal lol.

Cara Page: PCOS Is hugely under diagnosed and the hair loss is the worst

Sam Zahorik: sure it’s normal but i didn’t have it after my first child, and it didn’t really ever stop after my daughter. but i’m aware it’s normal thanks

Sam Zahorik: yes Cara! hate it

Kayla Macfarlane: I started using this exact one after I got pregnant and the wash method wasn’t working anymore. Lazy. But it didn’t change my hairloss at all. I normally loose a lot. It did make me have more dandruff. :/ all shampoo makes my head itch and flake though, one reason I was doing no poo.

Cara Page: If it’s itchy it might be a delayed allergic reaction? Otherwise it might not be cleansing enough… when I use the co-washes and Shea Moisture low-poos I really have to watch for sebum/flame build up which will cause fall out

Mendy Lu Poehlein: It started itching very shortly after the first use. I only used it one more time before stopping all together. I only wash about once a week, so this has all happened in the last couple of weeks.

Jennie Velasco: F

Kerry Kaesehagen: If it’s coming out at the roots I’d recommend getting your iron levels (specifically ferritin) and thyroid levels checked. Both of those can cause hair loss.

Amy Bytheway Miller: Idk about hair loss but I would avoid anything that makes your scalp itch.

Anna S. Ryberg: Could easily be that you’re allergic to perfume. ?

Susan Mc Cann: Sounds like you might have a problem with your scalp. Maybe check for fungal or psoarasis. If it was allergic reaction it would stop after use was dicontinued. I hope you get it sorted.

Kylie Jackman-Williams: Glad I seen this I’ve been checking it out but I have scalp issues so won’t be getting it now

Julie W. Strange: Not pointing fingers at this product, some people love it yadda yadda, but some peoole report more hairloss on low poo…. It’s a common trend. Join us on the dark side. We make our own products. 😉

Mendy Lu Poehlein: I’ve been either no or low poo for 4 yrs now. The amount of hair loss I’m experiencing is WAY out of the norm. It’s not the low-poo movement, it’s this product and how my body is reacting to it.

Julie W. Strange: Not talking about “the low poo movement” (lol what is that) I’m talking about stuff you buy premixed in a bottle with preservatives and multiple ingredients. No need to get defensive. Whatever it is listen to your body.

Mendy Lu Poehlein: I wasn’t getting defensive. That’s just how you read it. LOL I meant the “movement” in terms of this method. Wrong word choice I suppose. I don’t have time to soak, steep, mix, or shop for all special stuff. I did no-poo for over a year and tri…See more

Carolyn Gillan: I’ve been no poo for almost a year and thought I’d give this a try for ease. The shampoo is too drying for me, even with the conditioner. I also tried the conditioner only and that was still too drying! I definitely see a difference with hair loss using commercial products as opposed to herbal teas. I’m thinking about going back to shikakai.

Deep Rastogi: I tried using this conditioner, same brand but different type. I only used it on my hair, away from the roots /scalp and still had higher hairfall than from my usual no poo methods. It also didn’t do much to hydrate my hair. And it was super expensive! It now just sits near the bathtub and adds to clutter. I liked someone’s suggestion above to use it as shaving cream, lol.

Olivija Popovaitė: I bought only the conditioner. After years not using any! My hair was horrible after using it. Shampoo bar, ACV rinse and a little bit of oil on the ends works way better for me. Now I’m just sad I bought something in plastic package ?

Olivija Popovaitė: P.S. I use it as a shaving cream now. Works great ?

Leanna Wester Dohanich: What kind of shampoo bar do you use?

Olivija Popovaitė: Leanna Wester Dohanich I live in Germany and ordered mine from a local soap maker, her shop is called Waldweibchens Hexenküche. She uses only natural ingredients. I don’t know if it helps, since she’s doing her business only on local basis ?

Alicia Stanley: I’m so glad you posted this question! My scalp has been unbelievably itchy since using it, but I thought it was because of my eczema/sebherroic derm issues. It’s sooitchy, it’s worse than the full poo I had used previously. Anyone have low poo recommendations for someone with skin issues?

Michelle Gaudet: I wonder if some natural brands are prone to fungal or bacterial growth while in the bottle.

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