Question: How can I make my hair darker?

Question: How can I make my hair darker?

Please house l av whitening hair,av been trying diffrent types of die but no lnprovement,is any one in d house av ldea of what l can use to make it darker pleaseeees

Betty Vien Etong: Use henna

Adesubomi Kuye Abibat: Thanks

Laura Kelchi Vincent: Process pls

Adesubomi Kuye Abibat: Thanks alot

Itx Jannet Mild Ntasha: just cut

Amara Anyachebelu: Pls wat is henna and where to get it

Ummu Khamis Mutiat Usman: it cal’d lalle 4 makin patterns on hand and dyin hair nd it coms in both red & black color

Amara Anyachebelu: OK thanks

Abiona Bosede Precious: where can I get it

Henrietta Ibeh: Wish to know too

Olofingbasote Oluwabunmi: It maybe natural or hereditary

Happiness Unique: Where do i get henna plsss?

Joyce Onu: Muslim use it 4 hand and leg design

Abiona Bosede Precious: what is henna pls

Joyce Onu: What muslim use 2 design their hand

Elesin Ruth Kehinde: are u watching zee world series, henna is wat they put in there hand.

Abiona Bosede Precious: k,can I get it in traditional herb sellers or supermarkets

Elesin Ruth Kehinde: supermarket

Uju Obi: I have the same problem but nothing I can do

Abiona Bosede Precious: ok laali,u knw Dey ar using one leave like dat,but it used to come in red colour,

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