Is it Bad to Wash your Hair every day?

Is it Bad to Wash your Hair every day?

At some point in your life, hair shampooing is just synonymous to brushing your teeth or putting on a deodorant. These are all part of your daily hygiene. Experts said that this is not the right thing to do, according to them washing your hair all the time can just dry out the hair and the scalp. Though, the hair looks good when newly washed, it is also acceptable to shampoo your hair often; this is just cool for some. Now why daily shampooing is important? Is it bad to wash your hair every day? It is not just about shampooing.

It is also about massaging the scalp that is really essential. Proper stimulation of the scalp can help in eradicating too much oil production and build-up, which is the leading cause of hair thinning. More so, the reason behind washing your face and your body daily after a long and tiring day and not washing your hair and scalp is simply not comfortable at all. Regardless if you are into wash and wear or you want help from different styling products in the market, you can always go back to basics and wash your hair daily. Clean hair is much better than a well styled hair. Your hair type will dictate the kind of shampoo that you will use and this article will help you along the way.

Is it Bad to Wash your Hair every day? No it is not bad at all. There are lots of advantages you can get from washing your hair daily. There are also advantages to washing all the time. The real query is that, for the benefit of the hair, how often should people wash it? The truth is that there is no risk in washing the hair daily, if you will just follow some important things like you need to wash your hair and rinse it before you go to bed. You can massage your scalp or exercise it in any way that can make it sweat a lot. You can also use some gels or even waxes, but be sure to wash it before going to bed.

Too much cosmetic products on your hair and scalp

If you are a constant user of cosmetic products, you need to wash your hair before you go to sleep. You shouldn’t use products like gels, hair spray, waxes and mouse in your hair before you go to sleep. These products will have a close contact into the scalp, they will be on your pillow and they can block the skin pores too. The usual cosmetic products are only filled with mild toxic ingredients. On the other hand, enabling them to absorb into your skin and into your bloodstream is just like eating them. If you are a heavy cosmetic user and you enjoy applying those products into your hair, you need to wash your scalp every day to rinse off the cosmetics before you sleep. Or better yet avoid using these products on your hair and scalp.


You should not leave your scalp covered all day with a hat or cap in sweat, because the sweat contains lactic acid that may cause hair loss in some individuals. Sweat is also filled with DHT. This is a sex hormone that is said to cause calcification in the scalp. It restricts the flow of the blood to the hair follicles. It restricts the supply of nutrients into the hair, so the hair will starve to death. If you are suffering from hair loss, you must know how to decalcify the scalp to boost the flow of the blood going to the hair follicles. People who are not engaged in any work out activity that causes too much sweating, or those who are using gels, hair sprays and waxes you have every reason not to wash your hair daily. You do not need to shampoo your hair all the time.

Scalp sebum

If you have noticed that your scalp is becoming greasy within the day, you need to wash your hair and scalp very well once daily, this will help in keeping the pores of the scalp clean. Sebum is the natural oil secreted from the skin and it contains DHT. This can cause hair loss. You need to keep your scalp sebum build up to its minimum level only. This is highly recommended for those who suffer from hair loss. High sebum levels may be a sign of liver problem and does not have enough co-enzymes A levels or it might not be working well appropriately.

Is it Bad to Wash your Hair every day?

Skin sebum is the natural conditioner of the hair. It can make your hair shiny and well protected. If you will wash the hair all the time, you can make it dry and unhealthy, because of sebum loss. If you are controlling your budget and you only buy inexpensive shampoos or those that contain harsh chemicals, there might be side effects like sodium lauryl sulphate or SLS. This is also called as harmful chemicals that lead to hair and scalp problems. You can pick a shampoo that is SLS free.

Know your hair type

Those with dry or curly hair should know how lucky you are. There is no need to wash the hair daily. It will be fine if you will wash your hair 2x a week with a moisturizing shampoo and a regular conditioner.  Those with normal hair can wash their hair of up to 5 times daily or as needed. There may be times when washing the hair often is needed, especially during summer time when you are more active. Don’t worry, because you can wash your hair every day.

To those with oily hair, you can wash your hair every day. A lot of people are suffering from oily hair, so frequent washing is needed to stop the hair from becoming oily. Though, there are women with oily hair who have tried not washing their hair daily went back to their usual daily hair washing after sometime. If you will skip washing your hair even just for a few days, you will see how oily your scalp will look like and you will feel itchy too.

If you do not want to wash and shampoo your hair all the time, then you can try using a dry shampoo. This is especially formulated to soak the oil. You can also put some baby powder on the crown to soak up the oil. Experts will agree that it is just safe to wash your hair everyday using a mild shampoo. Concentrate in washing the roots of your hair, since it is the scalp that is oily and not the entire hair. Make it a habit to use a conditioner, even if you have an oily hair. You can just leave it at the bottom of the hair around 2/3 of the hair. If you will condition the roots, it will only help in weighing the hair down even more.

Compared to oily hair that must be washed daily, curly hair tends to be very dry and so, you shouldn’t wash it every day. If you have curly hair, you can just go on without shampooing it. Some women never shampooed their curly hair; instead they use a conditioner once weekly. If you will shampoo your curls, make sure you follow it with a conditioner.

Is it bad to wash your hair every day?  This question is meant for men and women. No matter how perfect your hairstyle is, if you will not take care of your hair, you will never achieve the hair quality that you want. Proper maintenance of your hair goes more than just shampooing your hair and combing it. It involves using the right products, getting regular cuts and taking care of the scalp too. Is it bad to wash your hair every day?

If you will go on in using a product that is right for your hair, you can shampoo and condition it daily. You can even do that a thousand times without worrying about its effects. But, if you already have a dry hair, do not use a shampoo that will eliminate the oil, you will just the scalp even more. It will be helpful if you will use a regular shampoo and conditioner that you can use for daily washing of your hair. There is no truth behind the myth frequent shampooing of the hair will cause hair fall. If it will fall out, then it runs in your blood.

More about frequent hair washing

If you are tired of washing your hair often, you are not alone in this issue. Washing your hair will be very time consuming. You need to wet the hair, apply the shampoo and then rinse it off and then apply a conditioner and then rinse it off and then blow dry it. Afterwards, you can use any product to style the hair. This process just goes on and on and it will take so much of your time, especially if you have lots of things to do.

You can use a dry shampoo instead. A lot of people believe in the power of the dry shampoo. It has been their life saver. It is a special kind of powder that you can just shake into the hair on days that you do not feel like washing it. It will absorb all the grease and then make the hair look and smell good all the time. It will provide your hair with the volume you want.



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