Question: What other hand made herb, apart from onion, helps for hair growth?

Question: What other hand made herb, apart from onion, helps for hair growth?

Amaka Blessing: Abeg hw did onions grow hair

Abby Issa Bae: i don’t know am juz seeing it everywhr

Amaka Blessing: ok tnx

Joy Peter: Onion oil

Aneke Ijeoma: Olive oil and honey

Better Atuma: Coconut oil mix with honey

Abby Issa Bae: coconut oil av cut my hair.. the thin finish my front hair

Better Atuma: The one u bought or hand made?

Abby Issa Bae: hand made

Mihz Temmy Ojo: Pls How Can Some1 Knw Original Lemon Fresh

Chidinma Anyanwu: How do onion grow hair?

Better Atuma: Little by little but is very good and it also makes hair shiny

Jaylin Hendricks: How do you apply the onion with honey on your hair?

Better Atuma: mix it together then apply it gently on ur scalp, wash off after 30 minutes.

Chidinma Anyanwu: Do u pound or blend the onion?

Nicky Phetoe: My blender is broken what do i do.

Lawal Muslimat: Pound it

Anaesty Ante: After pounding d onion wat else pls..??

Rosemary Iraoya: Pls tech me hw 2 make it

Mavis Nnyana: Maggs BoikanyoMaggs Boikanyo

Mavis Nnyana: I really like this groupMaggs Boikanyo

Brenda Jokori: Grate Ginger, pour hot water leave to cool sieve and the use to wash your hair

Peace Innocent: Really?


Mccoy Sophia: Fermented rice water to wash ur hair

Hilda Shisham Ojochide John: Wil i boil d rice nd allow d water hw many dayz wil it take b4 it ferment?

Chiamaka Franca: Pls how does it ferment?

Mccoy Sophia: Soak d rice for 24hrs then mix Olive or castor oil. Wash hair with shampoo then apply d rice water and live for 15mins then rinse with enough water.

Makonese Tumelo: Ruredzo

Takyi Rosa Korshie Kate: Blend carrot juiceAdd a spoonful of olive oilAdd a spoonful of coconut oil.That’s what I use and it works

Okonkwo Amaka: Please how long will you it stay b4 washing

Sanyaolu Ayomide: pls hw do i make d carrot juice nd coconut oil

Takyi Rosa Korshie Kate: Okonkwo AmakaYou can keep it on\ you can wash it after an hour. Spray it under the scalp only

Takyi Rosa Korshie Kate: Sanyaolu AyomidePlease blend it and squeeze the juice

Okonkwo Amaka: Thank u dear

Takyi Rosa Korshie Kate: You’re welcome

Abby Issa Bae: maybe I’ll try this one

Inedu Mary Wanitah: Used hair wonder hair cream, is herbal hair cream .

Toibat Shuaib: pls how much is hair wonder?

Jabulile Dlamini: Mine were also breaking and I bought MPL Hair Food it helped me a lot

Nana Aysherh: use garlic and ginger or use egg mask

Sanyaolu Ayomide: egg mask?,hw?

Nana Aysherh: mix eggs and olive oil: Eggs are rich in protein and vitamins that not only help soften your hair and make it shinier and even enhance its growing quickly. Also olive helps to strengthen the hair from the root and prevent so they broke try the following mixture: whisk eggs and yolks bowl and add two tablespoons of olive oil, then put half a cup of water and mix well until homogeneous components. in the next step, more grease on your scalp and leave for about 20 min before washing your hair with cold water. for noticeable results, repeat this mixture twice in a month.

Sanyaolu Ayomide: tnx so much

Sanyaolu Ayomide: Bt pls 4 d recipe hw many eggs do i nid to use

Nana Aysherh: it depends as in if your hair short use 1 but if your hair is long use 2 to 3 eggs

Nana Aysherh: 3 to 4

Nana Aysherh: buh thats if your hair is short as in not that long

Fina Ekere: Pls which of d olive oil are u talkin about here .d one we use in d church or other?

Nana Aysherh: Fina Ekere well I don’t know the one u guys use in church I will recommend you to use either the virgin olive oil or olive oil

Fina Ekere: OK MA

Mary Toyin Opaleke: IT IS GOYA

Hannah Fadimu: Pls My Hair Is Long Nd I Want It Longer,so Hw Many Eggs Will I Use Nd Hw Many Teaspoons Of Olive Oil Shuld I Put Pls

Melody Deemii: Pls hw can I use onion

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