Recommendations shampoo and conditioner for dark hair?

Recommendations shampoo and conditioner for dark hair?

Jayda Young: Depending on condition and if it’s dark natural or dyed check out Beever Haircare Products I would recommend Colour Shield Shampoo and Conditioner for any dyed hair that’s what I use!

Jeremy Valdez: I’ve just put henna on it. It’s very dry and dull. Need a good shampoo and conditioner that won’t strip colour out. Was thinking joico brown.

Jayda Young: Where are you from hun as Beever Products are UK based company. They can be shipped obviously.

Jeremy Valdez: Uk

Jayda Young: I have been using Beever for roughly a year now since I first went Purple. I recommend it to anyone with coloured hair! There’s no harsh chemicals and cruelty free!

Jeremy Valdez: Ok thanks sam

Jayda Young: Your welcome

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