What is the best shampoo for thinning hair?

What is the best shampoo for thinning hair?

Aria Park: Kerastase Densifique. It is not cheap because it really works. Complete the full 3 month course.

Eli Morgan: The last both advice works great!!Plus Biotin suplements to reforce your sistem inside…

Erick Blair: I use biotin all the time.

Madison Woods: Keranique

Kyle Schwartz: Pura D’or

Erick Blair: I was wondering about that. .. Do you use it or know someone that does?

Kyle Schwartz: I use both the blue line shampoo and conditioner. I have tons of new baby hairs popping out! Used it for 2 months exclusively to get my hair jump started after a bout of stress and DevaCurl no-poo. Now I use it 3 times a week to maintain đŸ™‚

Aubree Andrews: Monat

Avery Ray: Not a shampoo but castor oil is amazing for thinning hair!

Erick Blair: They was talking about castor oil for eye brows and hair on the doctors Show and they seem like they wasn’t to impress with it ..

Avery Ray: Erick Blair: it worked for me!

Kaia Porter: How do you use it Avery Ray:? I tried it and it was so thick and hard to wash out!

Avery Ray: Kaia Porter: my hair was falling out in clumps! My scalp was greasy and my ends dry. I tried everything then used castor oil and it was better within one use. I use a q tip & part my hair. Then I use the oil sparingly on my part with the q tip and rub…See more

Erick Blair: I got some castor oil.. I’m going to have to try..

Avery Ray: Erick Blair: try! Doesn’t hurt. Honestly worked for me. If you have any questions feel free to message me! Happy to help ?

Erick Blair: Thanks. I’ll have to try it next weekend. I’ll let you know!

Marcus Sanders: Pura Dor works great

Nayeli Holt: Coffee home made shampoo

Erick Blair: Coffee ? How do you make it.. .. Bet it would be great to darken your hair?

Nayeli Holt: You need to add 2 big spoon of coffee powder at 200ml of shampoo, leave it for minimum 48 hours, shake and use it. Massage on the scalp for minimum 5 minutes. It really helps hairs to grow. And yes, it make the hairs darken if you have them blonde. If you are blonde and don’t want darken them you can do the guaranĂ  shampoo, it has the same effect ?

Erick Blair: Instant coffee?

Nayeli Holt: Nope, powder normal coffee, not instant

Nayeli Holt: The scrub from the coffee on the sculp has stimulating effects for the growth of the hairs

Erick Blair: Cool

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