When to Wash Your Hair after A Rebonding

When to Wash Your Hair after A Rebonding

When to Wash Your Hair after A Rebonding

It is just natural for the heart to wish for what it doesn’t have yet. So, when you look at your face in the mirror and you see straight hair, you wish it will be fun curls, but when you see curly hair, you want to straight look, oh! Well, this is how life goes for women who are not contented with what they have. Way back in the genetic days when people have control over this and now people do not have any control of their genes. But now, there are lots of new technologies invented to provide the look that you want, with the right amount of money too. After going through hair rebonding procedure, you need to take care of your hair.

Rebonded is weaker than the normal hair type. The hair rebonding process can make the hair weaker and it may lead to serious problems later on. Hair rebonding is a process used in a salon to straighten curly hair using a chemically formulated relaxer. This treatment is suggested for ladies with volumized and hard to manage hair. If this process is done the right way, the procedure will be able to tame the hair and it will take effect for months and even years. As you read on you will learn how to take care of your hair after the rebonding process and when to wash your hair after the rebonding.

Precautionary measures after hair rebonding

1. Avoid using hot water

Hot water is not recommended for daily hair washing, use regardless if you have just responded to your hair or not.  Warm water is not recommended either. You need to wash it with cold water after shampooing it.

2.Use hair conditioner

It is a must to condition your rebonded hair. You can also use a leave in conditioner every time you go outdoors. You shouldn’t hesitate in using a good type of conditioner, because you need to use generously for healthy hair rebonding.

3.The use of clarifying shampoo

When you use a clarifying shampoo for a month, this can help you clean the entire residue on your hair and conditioner that you use regularly.

4.You can also use a wide teethed comb

When you comb your hair, make sure you use a wide teethed type of comb, so the hair will not be damaged. You do not have to use a brush, because this can cause damage.

5.Do not blow dry & tie your hair

You should not tie your hair for a month or so, because it can lead in hair damage. The damages may not be repairable too. You shouldn’t use a hair dryer or flat iron to dry your hair. Let it dry naturally every time you wash it.

Do not attempt to change hair style

One of the most essential things is that you must never think of changing your hairstyle after rebonding. This can affect the health of your hair entirely. Even if the hair stylists recommend you to highlight your hair or to style it after a month, you should know better, since this is your hair. It will be best to stay away from other hairstyle and from using various styling products. Hair rebonding will provide you with straight and silky hair just like celebs on TV and movies. But the truth is that, hair rebonding can make your hair vulnerable and if you will not take care of it, you do not have any options at all. You will lose your hair completely and the damages can be repaired anymore. The chemicals used in the rebonding process can damage the hair and you need to take care of it to make it healthy even after the procedure.

Before & after the hair rebonding process, you must follow your hair stylist. You can consult a hair expert first before you go through the process. He/she will give you an advice if your hair will be able to cope up with the damages that may be done by the hair rebonding process or not. If in case you need to be very careful in taking care of your hair after the process. You shouldn’t use any kind of hair styling products and other chemicals on your hair. Make sure you will follow all of these to help you achieve the straight and healthy hair that you have wished for.

When to wash your hair after the rebonding

When to wash your hair after rebonding is the common question of men and women who went through hair rebonding procedure. Well, you cannot shampoo your hair after the procedure. It will be best to wait for 3 days or more before you wash it. This will make sure that thorough absorption of the hair treatment. As soon as you started washing your hair, make sure you wash it appropriate to restrict the residue from clogging the pores of the scalp, by doing this can also help in preventing scalp itchiness, hair fall and dandruff as well.  You must always put on conditioner on your hair and leave it there for a while before rinsing it with cold water. This is good to keep the moisture.

When you wash your hair, it will be best to put on a conditioner first before you dry it naturally. A leave on conditioner has a heat protective formula. It will act as a wall from the heat to keep the moisture and to also keep the chemically treated hair well hydrated all the time.  The conditioner will be the Detangler on your hair.  It is best to put on a serum cream after the hair rebonding the procedure. The serum will form the wall that will protect the hair from the sun’s harmful rays and it will also keep it well hydrated and moist all the time. Aside from that, it can also help in adding shine to your hair, making it silky straight and very healthy.

The pros and cons after hair rebonding

The cons

Never tie your hair using a rubber band, never tuck the hair behind the ears and never use a plastic headband or clip for the hair. All of these will leave marks on your hair and that can create a permanent mark, which will make the hair prone to breakage. If you need to tie the hair, you can use a soft or cotton elastic thing as a better alternative.

You also shouldn’t allow the hair to be dehydrated. Chemically treated hair is more vulnerable than normal hair type. You need to apply a leave in conditioner and serum all the time. Dehydrated hair will become lifeless and hard to manage and it has the tendency to break and have split ends.

Do not wet the hair on the swimming pool. Swimming pool water contains high amounts of chlorine. It will rip off the treatment for your hair and will make it prone to hair damage. If you want to swim, you need to put on a leave in conditioner, but do not swim with a hair cap.

Bleaching the hair is not advisable after hair rebonding. You need to discuss this with your hair stylists and other things that you want to do to your hair.

The pros

Get a regular treatment. Getting a regular treatment is highly advisable and this must be done every month to make sure that the hair is well hydrated. In some hair salons, they have the Mucota hair treatment, this is best for chemically treated hair. The result will be visible instantly and you will be happy with the result on your hair. The hair will look fresh and well hydrated and it will become light & free from damages. This is a result of a scientific formulation that helps in sealing the protein from the cuticles of the hair.

Get a regular trip. By doing this, you can keep the hair in a healthy condition, it will not just eliminate split ends, but it will also help in preventing severe damages from taking place. It will keep your hair in good shape.

Eat a balance diet. When you eat nutritious types of foods and incorporate nuts, cashews, almonds and fresh fruits and veggies, you will be able to promote healthy hair. Your chances of having hair fall will be minimized and there will be higher chances of hair growth.

Additional information

Rebonded or not it is not advisable to wash your hair often. Over washing your hair may lead to severe dryness due to loss of the hair. When to wash your hair? It will be best to wash the hair after every 3 days or so, depending on your hair needs. Do you know that a day old hair is much better than freshly washed hair?

You shouldn’t towel dry your hair too. Wrapping the hair with a towel can cause damage to your hair. It doesn’t mean that when you see your favorite celeb wrapped in a towel after bathing, that means it is the right way to dry your hair. Towels can make a harsh friction over the hair cuticle that scrubs off the oils in it and then damages the strands of the hair. It will be best to use an old T-shirt or a microfiber cloth for drying your hair.

When you apply a conditioner on your hair, focus on the ends of the hair, because these are the ones that need hydration. When the scalp is covered with conditioner, you will end up causing build ups. You need to take care of your hair regardless if it is rebonded or not.



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    1. Try anti hairfall herbal shampoo thatvare paraben free.. i used to have hairfall after rebond for 1 year and more .. only herbal shampoo lessened it but it was not easy.. now i have 2nd thought of having hair rebond ever again..

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  1. i shampooed my hair right after i got my hair rebonded (don’t ask why). Hahahahaha. Will this affect my hair in any way? Will the chemicals alter? I spent so much money oh god why did i just?? do i have some form of brain damage brought by a chamber inside my mind made so just to destroy things?? I’m sorry, please just.

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    1. You should wait 3 days before you will wash your hair if it’s rebonded and the salon told me that I should only wash my hair with conditioner within 1 week and after that I can use shampoo already

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  2. After my rebond …my neighbors told me that it is not shiny and it looks like going back to the original hair…but I am not doing anything that can cause damage to my hair..i followed all the tips why is it like this??

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  3. I rebonded my hairsbefore ten days before,expert advised after one wash hairs frequently with schwarzkopf as I took that treatment but I oiled my hairs everytime before wash now it is looking frizzy what to do.. as I was concerned about my scalp so oil day before wash this is story aftr rebonding wash because it is so frequent to wash hairs aftr a day continuously two months how should Icare and what to do.. M I right or not ???

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  4. Hi there! I’ve had my hair rebonded last December 26, and I know that I should wash it after three days, but my hair is so oily and my scalp is so itchy already. Can I wash it now? Or do I still need to wait for that three days? Hope you reply. Thank you!

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  5. i hv taken smoothening treatement on my hair 1 st daymy hair looks diffrent bt after washing curve in my haihair nd my hair is not straight… i think money is totaly waste…. pls give me solsolutiin

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  6. my hair was being rebonded awhile ago. it took 5 hours because the strand is thick n curly hair…
    i was surprised when the beautician told me that only once to iron the hair which is after applying the medicine or rebond cream…
    i can still remember with my previous salon that they iron my hair twice – after medicine and after final output…
    there’s also one salon that they did thrice – after medicine and twice after final output…
    my concern is which of them has done correctly to my hair?

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  7. I also had my hair done by a salon professional in our home. Im from Philippines and rebonding of hair is common here. Idk maybe the media makes it look cool to have a sleak shiny straight hair. So Im on my 2nd day after the rebonding process. The person who rebonded my hair (btw she has been rebonding my hair and my sister for at least 6 years now), the problem my hair got damaged due to uncontrollable reason – its because of my hair color! ughh… if I had known I shouldve not done hair color 2 months before this rebond… So anyways I did not got angry at her since she’s practically family to me.. But I do have this great treatment (Im not promoting and I seldom write comments on websites btw), Im thinking I will wash my hair tonight with that hair treatment (bought from a supplier the same brand of treatment she used on my hair).. Its called argan hair butter oil.. Im hoping it can soften my hair and minimized damaged. She suggested I should cut my hair at least 1.5 inches – 7 days after shampooing.Ill try to minimize the use of shampoo for 1 week and use only conditioner. I hope I can stand another day with this sticky and lifeless hair of mine. Cross fingers.

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  8. Can I wash my hair after one day from rebonding? I super dont like how it looks. It’s too straight and too shiny i hate it. Will washing my hair after a day lessen the straightness? Pls help.

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    1. No it won’t. You will remove the chemical relaxer from your hair and your hair won’t remain straight. After you wash your hair in over 3 days, your hair will look less straighten and it won’t be as shiny like the day you got your hair rebonded.

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  9. i recently got my hair straightening done on 16th of march 2016 it was not properly done & we did it again in half portion of my hair on 18th of march 2016….but still i have not got desired results….what should i do now

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  10. My hair was rebonded last year and it has a bad result. I follow the steps like not washing my hair for 3 days. And 3 days after I’d been rebonded my hair I’d cut my hair to shorten it a bit. After that day I lose so many hair strands and it leaves a bald section of my scalp. My dad and mom are so worried and now I planned to rebond my hair again. And my curly and freezy hair came back after a week. ?My questions are : What is the problem that I’d lose so much hair strands? , and It is adviceable to rebond my hair again after that bad experience?

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  11. Hi! Is it okay if my hair gets wet on a waterfall like after a week from the rebond? And also can I skip my shampoo and only use my conditioner to rinse my hair after 4 days? Thanks!

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  12. Hi its been 1 week has pass when i rebonded my hair but i’ve notice that its dry.. i always use conditioner and i think its the reason that my hair is dry.. is it okay if i can shampoo my hair? Thanks 🙂

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  13. Hi this is anu.i wann more about hsir rebounding.actually i m totally confuzed to take rebonding.bcuz of next 6 month i become marriage.so i warried about my hair.so please suggest me wht i do…

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  14. Hi, i just wanna ask about rebonding with brazilian treatment. Brazilian treatment makes hair healthier and mpre blooming everyday. My stylist suggested this brazilian treatment because my hair was so damaged. This is or these are my question/s: Do you know about this brazilian treatment? Just a treatment after applying rebonding formula to my hair. My stylist told me that with this treatment, i can wash my hair after one day. She told me that that’s the difference between normal rebonding vs rebond with brazilian treatment. Please, give me some advice especially to some veterans? Answer please.

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    1. 1. Brazilian hair treatment (commonly called Brazilian blowout in some locations) is, you probably guessed right, a treatment which infuses your hair with keratin and proteins thru heat (blowdrying – hence the blowout part, and sometimes, the ironing process [which is more akin to a keratin smoothing treatment]). It works quite well on chemically treated hair and improve its condition; reducing frizz and making it smooth and sleek. It can be used immediately after a color or highlighting treatment, and I received one immediately after a rebonding session.

      2. Hm. A friend of mine runs a salon and attests that you can wash your hair immediately and use clips after a Brazilian blowout, but ONLY if it’s the sole treatment you received; mine had a rebond prior to the blowout, hence, the 72-hour water lockdown still applied (since I follow the stylist’s words religiously; now I’m on my second day, wee). Did a strand test by washing a small part of my tresses – will be comparing it to the ‘time-cured’ locks later.

      3. Normal rebonding is okay, but it leaves your hair a bit on the fragile side. It’s quite great to combine the two treatments, though it can be quite expensive.

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  15. Hi i rebonded my hair 25 july they recomend to me loreal yellow wala shampoo & conditioner i didn’t urchase sp can i use any shampoo conditner of loreal or nt???????
    Plzzz i whn’t reply???????

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  16. I washed my hair with conditioner three days after my rebond treatment. So for like three days, i wash it with conditioner. on the fourth day, i used shampoo. does it have any significant effect on my rebond treatment? pls reply. thanks!

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  17. I just got my hair smothening on sunday i waited till today so its 3days already so can i wash my hair now at home ?I have been given hair staright shampoo and conditioner so can i wash my hair with the same today please reply me at the earliest.

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  18. I rebonded my hair which was semi curl earlier.. it’s been 3 months nd now i m really not liking my hair it has turned to disaster ..is it possible to get back my old hair missing it a lots

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  19. Hi, brazilian + rebond with my hair. What will happen if i dont use conditioner? I dont fell like using it because my hair is too flat. My problem now is that its too flat ? can i use some of voluminizing shampoo without conditioner? Does it damage my hair?

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  20. Hi there! I’ve had my hair rebonded last December 26, and I know that I should wash it after three days, but my hair is so oily and my scalp is so itchy already. Can I wash it now? Or do I still need to wait for that three days? Hope you reply. Thank you!

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  21. I applied rebonding agents on my hair and after few days my hair was lost, I can’t help it from falling, I think my hair becomes brittle because every time I will touch my hair it will easily cut.

    How will I cure my hair? I’m so worried about it. I’m so worried that I will become hairless.

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  22. i got rebonded…after 3 days i already take a shower…then when its dry my hair becomes wavy….but before that day my hair is still straight…why???….how can i solve this?

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