Question: does anyone use a T shirt to absorb your hairs moisture after washing and does it make a difference with your curls?

Question: does anyone use a T shirt to absorb your hairs moisture after washing and does it make a difference with your curls?

Sandra Stewart Brown: I use a t-shirt. Not sure if it helps or not

Claudia Smith: I use a t-shirt…..towels seem to dry my hair out

Sandra Stewart Brown: Yep

Sharlesha D. Owens: Towels make your hair frizzy

Jai Robles: Yes I do … towels take to much water … drys my hair out

Sandra Boykin: Wow, did not know this. Thanks

Lisa Leslie – Yacubu: Interesting. I start using a T-shirt

Gray Amber: It helps hair is shiner and curls less frizzy.

Berlyn Hayes-Garner: I’ve never used a t shirt. I use a microfiber towel. I learned this from youtube videos.

Sheryl Renee Mailey: I use a t shirt only because the material is not rough and I like my hair to be soaked when I’m twisting it

Princess Stephanie: I don’t but I’m will now…good looking out?

Renee Spruill Walker: I use a cotton t shirt. It is definitely better for my hair.

Joy Canada Carey: Yes, I use a t shirt ! It help control my frizz

Tenacka Goodwin-Montgomery: I use that T-Shirt thing they have at Walmart for your hair

Dianna Conyers: Yes, I use a t-shirt. Hair isn’t frizzy

Cassandra Armster: I use a t-shirt, better for my hair.

Natasha Boswell: I’ve never used a towel…only a t-shirt.

Natasha Brown Williams: Never knew this! Will definitely try it!

Chelsea Shy’Niece Norwood: Yes I use a t-shirt all the time since I been natural, its way better than a towel.

Eureka Martin: I never knew this… Going to try it tho

Chelsea Shy’Niece Norwood: Yap more moisture and water is left in your hair when using a t-shirt, the towels causes breakage and split ends.

Eureka Martin: Chelsea Shy’Niece Norwood I also saw where someone said their hair shine and not look dull

Chelsea Shy’Niece Norwood: Yes just try it when you wash you hair again and see do you notice a difference from using a towel.

Constance Bend Thorpe: Interesting

Edy Clark: I read about using a T-shirt is better for your hair. I was thinking about going to the fabric store and buying a couple of yards of material.

Olivia Harris: Wow! Good information

Althea Wright: Yes i do…it keeps your hair frm being frizzy and it seems to keep it from getting super dry

Tammy Treci Thomas: Thx ladies. I washed my hair today and currently have a t shirt on my head. I’ve done to 2 strand twist and I’m concerned it wont dry. #workintheam

Edy Clark: Your hair may be a little damp in the morning. When were you going to take it down Tammy Treci Thomas?

Tammy Treci Thomas: Edy Clark around 9am. I don’t normally use heat but i may have to. If i take it down damp I’ll end up with a soft puffy fro lol

Angel Randle: Ok I’m confused…still new to being natural. Are you guys saying after washing your hair you use a t-shirt to dampen the moisture? I usually put the oil and leave-in conditioner while wet in the shower. I put creme Brulee and HD gel when I get out. I never used anything. Am I doing something wrong?

Edy Clark: No. If that works for you than do it.

Tammy Treci Thomas: Angel Randle im learning too! After washing and applying product (i twist) then wrap a t shirt on my head to absorb and maintain moisture. At least that’s what i think I’m doing lol Ladies!

Chelsea Shy’Niece Norwood: After I was and conditions my hair I get the t-shirt to absorb the remaining water, the t-shirt is lighter than a towel that way it won’t take so much of the water out and leave it with a dry feeling and then I oil it and use what ever leave in and any other products I’m doing

Edy Clark: Go on YouTube and look up drying hair with a t-shirt.

Angel Randle: Thanks Ladies!!

Kimberly Carter: Yes and yes.

Sharon Funes: I use a t-shirt that I got a long time ago that shrunk and now it’s been repurposed for my hair.

Nina Cutler: I purchased a T-shirt towel from amazon and it does not absorb well or work for me ?. Maybe I’ll try a T-shirt out of my drawer next….

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