Question: Is a gelatin mask considered a wash?

Question: Is a gelatin mask considered a wash?

I see that egg is a wash but it doesn’t really say that for the gelatin. I wanted to use gelatin mask to add protein.

Amy Lukens: Not for everyone, but most of the time yes. Especially when used as a mask.

Sonia Gardner Rudisill: I’m thinking of just trying it as a 5 minute thing in the shower, but when I read everything online it says to rinse out then wash your hair as you normally would. So I’m trying to figure out if I will need to do my clay wash afterwards. Amy Lukens

Amy Lukens: Probably not. Most online sources with masks aren’t no poo and will tell you to wash things out. I’ve seen instructions that say to shampoo egg out before. Gelatin will be a wash for most people. I’d try it on it’s own first. If it doesn’t wash your hair, you can always do a wash.

Sonia Gardner Rudisill: Thank you!!

Zen Jen: I have to say I’ve had great results with gelatin masks on my fine hair. Adds body and shine. Although I mostly take it internally which also benefits hair.

Nicola Mclaren: I used it with spoon of ACV. Dried hair under hair dryer then just rinsed with water. Great results and acted as a wash.

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