What are the best chemical free shampoo for curly hair?

What are the best chemical free shampoo for curly hair?

Ok what are the best chemical free (must be chemical free due to extreme allergy) shampoo for curly hair? The shampoo I have now makes my hair so freaking frizzy and going all over the place. I just need to be able to get my hair under control. I pretty much never use any sort of heat on my hair. I just need to be able to control this crazy hair of mine.

Ricardo Briggs: I have tried doing that before but only worked when I had my pixie cut. Now that my hair is getting long it is oily so fast. I only was my hair every 3-4 days

Ricardo Briggs: I have tried it but my hair and scalp don’t like it. I have such thin hair and it being so blonde the tiniest bit of oil causes it to look terrible. I also have to wash my hair at least once a week due to I do have to use a medicated shampoo for psoriasis.

Mark Burgess: Pureology is a great product for your hair they have a like for curls, aged hair, and reconstructing

Ricardo Briggs: Does it have chemicals in it though? Or sulphites, sulphates, phosphates, phosphites? Or anything related to those? I have a deathly allergy to them.

Abraham Mccarthy: Everything has chemicals in it. It is impossible to go chemical free on anything. What you need to do is figure out what exactly you are allergic to. Often times those things that are “naturally based” have more known allergens. Like latex if you use chemical latex (example paint) no latex allergy. How ever use a naturally based latex adhesive if you are like my son… Epi-pen and hospital.

Mark Burgess: I’ll double check for you in the morning. It’s generally low allergen, vegan and oil based

Ricardo Briggs: Alright thank you

Louis Hunter: Do you have a latex allergy? Very little is as pure as a plant, people have been using soapnuts for centuries to wash their hair. If you were to use the powder (called Reetha or Aretha) all you have to do is mix 1 tbs in with 1 C hot water stir until it gets foamy then let it cool. It is good in hard water too. I use Shikakai instead of soapnuts because it is more of a gentle wash, but it does darken light hair. Soapnuts does not.

Ricardo Briggs: I do have a latex allergy yes

Arthur Walker: What chemicals are you referring too? Most shampoo is soly chemicals unless its vegan and even then there are many chemicals in that.

Hattie Rose: Original sprout

Rosalie Sanders: veraciouscurls.com

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