What’s everyone’s favourite shampoo and conditioner?

What’s everyone’s favourite shampoo and conditioner?

Helena Bowman: Bosley pro. It’s for fine and thinning hair. Helped to grow my hairline back.

Delaney Bush: One N Only Argan oil from Sally’s

Esmeralda Simpson: I kind of got pressured into using the semi permanent in this line by someone who works there. the color is fine but I feel like it left my hair really dry, which I’ve never experienced with a dye like that before.

Delaney Bush: Yeah the dye is really drying but the shampoo and conditioner are good

Lexi Armstrong: reviving red from pureology

Ximena Waters: Kenra, biolage, joico, moroccan, bed head.. I like to change it up every now and then lol

Evie Floyd: Which Kenra products do you use I am currently using the volume shampoo but feel like I can’t use daily thought about trying catwalk your highness

Evie Floyd: Maybe I can alternate them

Ximena Waters: I also use silkening gloss or revive oil for a heat protectant and I’ll also use the Kenra nourishing mask a couple times a week or so.

Evie Floyd: Thanks so much

Ximena Waters: No problem. I also sometimes put the revive oil in my shampoo.

Evie Floyd: One more question I just started straightening my hair but it is really thin will this oil weigh it down I already use volume products in my hair

Ximena Waters: I don’t think it would. It’s real thin. Kinda watery. I just put 2-3 pumps in my shampoo.

Finn Harrington: Right now I’m loving matrix brass off and redken all soft. I also like Kenra moisturizing

Brantley King: Brass off? So good for fake blondes like me?

Finn Harrington: Brantley King: yep. My natural color is brown and I i have blonde balayage and it makes a huge difference at least for me

Brantley King: Lauren thank you!!

Riley Cole: Caviar

Evie Floyd: Which caviar tried the volume one my hair started feeling nasty

Riley Cole: Evie Floyd: instant recovery

Brayden Stewart: Renew/ Monat

Lane Yates: oribe signature line. kevin murphy hydrate me line.

Danielle Castro: Monat!

Kassidy Neal: Pureology, Living Proof, and Oribe

Galilea Duncan: Joico

Catherine Hart: J&J Baby Shampoo and ion color defense intense moisture conditioner with Chromaxtend.

Kameron Russell: Pantene for the longest lol! Dove is nice too.

Sophie Montgomery: IR Shampoo, Revive Conditioner from Monat. Have a hypothyroid and my hair was coming out in chunks! #notanymore ??

Frances Caldwell: Pureology!!!

Kaitlyn Waters: Monat!!!

Juliana Thomas: Eryaba The nutra line

Lincoln Lane: Living Proof and Aquage

Evie Floyd: Which living proof products do you use

Juniper Alvarez: I favorite shampoo is it’s a 10 miracle moisture, but I haven’t found a favorite conditioner yet

Isaiah Brady: Currently using this

Charlee Castro: Davines

Finn Harrington: My salon uses this, their line smells SOOO good

Charlee Castro: I have very fine and oily hair and when I wash with this I can wait 2 to 3 days so the price is worth it!

Dallas Hopkins: I just got a Brazilian so i am using their stuff- smells GREAT! My 14 yr old daughter has crazy-thick hair and she uses the mask

Finley Carlson: redken all soft conditioner

Trinity Tucker: My all time favorite❣ it leaves the my hair smelling wonderful. I’ve had so many compliments on how good my hair smells and it helps my blonde in the summer.

Trinity Tucker: This is my second favorite especially in the winter very moisturizing and smells wonderful too❣

Evie Floyd: I really thought about trying the catwalk your highness have you tried it

Trinity Tucker: Evie Floyd: I didn’t like that one it left my hair feeling a bit sticky honestly. I have dirty blonde hair fine but lots of it and we’ll past mid back now so I’m trying to keep it as healthy as possible and the two I’ve posted really are t…See more

Isaiah Brady: Always loved the smell of that

Peyton Lindsey: Loma

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