What is a good clarifying shampoo?

What is a good clarifying shampoo?

Paisley Barton: Malibu undoo goo. PH balanced and smells good

Jace James: That actually has a pH of 9 and if you aren’t using something acidic to close your cuticle down you can damage the hair. Just saying ??‍♀️

Paisley Barton: Well that would be what a good conditioner would be for…..

Charles Holloway: Baking soda!

Virginia Mckinney: Oh really??

Kamila Adams: Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo 2 or shampoo 3 if you need to remove chlorine etc

Virginia Mckinney: Well I am getting a color correction next Friday but was advised to use a clarifying shampoo ahead of time. I have some green Pravana in my hair that’s really faded. So I guess that’s what it’s up against haha

Kamila Adams: Shampoo 3 then it’s really intense

Virginia Mckinney: Is that something I can get at a regular store? Thanks for your advice!

Kamila Adams: If there’s A Paul Mitchell school or salo you can buy it there, but they only sell to professionals so if its in a regular store its either expired or watered down

Paisley Barton: Get it from a chain store like smart style or cost cutters. It will only be like 10 or so bucks

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