If I use a copper shampoo on my blonde hair will it give it a tint?

If I use a copper shampoo on my blonde hair will it give it a tint?

Or does the shampoo only work only on already dyed copper hair?

Nathan Santiago: Natural or coloured blonde hair?

Maddison Conner: Coloured

Nathan Santiago: Condition of the hair and the current products you are using can affect the finished result. Could result in patchy colour.

Maddison Conner: I see… thanksss I’ll try and see ?

Janelle Horton: Depends if it is colour depositing, if it is then I would expect it to tint blonde hair.

Zara Hernandez: What shampoo is it?

Zara Hernandez: Colour shampoos are made to refresh colour. So WILL deposit colour.

Maddison Conner: Yes it did slightly tint my hair ?

Zara Hernandez: I love copper tones, I’m sure it looks okay ?

Parker Knight: It really depends. what kind is it?? Some deposit better than others.

Parker Knight: The pink in my hair is just a shampoo put over bleach blonde. But its a really high quality intense pigment shampoo

Parker Knight: and my hair was also a clean level 10 (toned as well)

Zara Hernandez: I love the delorenzo colour shampoos, the rose gold would look lovely on your hair ? It’s not as intense how ever ? best on a clean 10

Parker Knight: I use Tressa Watercolors, they’re a pro brand that’s a local female owned company. They are releasing a rose gold soon! I love rose gold and that’s probably my next color I’m going to 🙂

Zara Hernandez: I’ll check them out! ? I love rose gold too ?

Bristol Hampton: I use the Tressa copper fire and it makes my hair the perfect rose gold, and honestly has more pink in it and then copper

Maddison Conner: Sounds lovely!!

Maddison Conner: I had pretty intense copper hair but bleached it and now I’m blonde but I was thinking of going with that colour again

Parker Knight: Yess. I love the watercolors shades. They were innovators with colored shampoo

Maddison Conner: Maybe even go for a nice peachy colour , not too intense

Parker Knight: It will more than likely go gold, but I think it will definitely deposit. lol

Bristol Hampton: I use Tressa copper on my blonde hair and it picks up in certain spots rose gold, it is so pretty. No copper really though… I say try it, it comes out in a few shampoos anyways

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